Contact/Review Policy

Hello and welcome to my blog!  Thanks for taking the time to visit and look around!

I absolutely love receiving books for review - ARC's and published books alike!  I accept hard copies only (no eBooks, eGalleys, or PDF).  Upon receiving published copies, I will read it and have the review up within two months; with ARC's, I will read and review no earlier than a month before the release date.

If I receive an ARC within a month of the release date, do not expect me to have my review published before the release date.  While I hope to review all books received, I reserve the right to not review a book.  I will, however, feature it in a Friday Buys post whether I review it or not, just to be fair!

If you wish for me to read a book in a series that is not the first, and I have not read the previous books, I would like to ask that you supply the previous books for me to read as well;  otherwise, I will most likely decline, as requesting at my library takes a while.

I promise to give a completely honest review, but this does not mean positive.  If a book doesn't quite sit well with me, I will say so on my blog as my completely honest opinion.

I post my reviews on my blog (of course), Amazon, and Goodreads.  I also link the review to Facebook as soon as it is posted.

I also love author interviews, guest posts and giveaways, so if this interests you please let me know!

I only receive books in the Young Adult and Middle Grade levels.  Please keep language/sexual content on the clean side, especially if the story revolves around a romance!  I also accept Christian Fiction!  I reserve the right to decline your offer of a review copy and will only accept books that I am fairly certain I will enjoy.

What I love to read:
Science Fiction
Dystopian Lit
Historical Fiction
Fairy Tale Retellings
Contemporary (if the book interests me)
I'm beginning to get into Apocalyptic books, so I'll accept those if they interest me
I do love a good Romance, but again, make sure it is clean - and preferably mixed in with another genre

What I do not love to read:
Paranormal/Paranormal Romance

Here is my list of reviews since I began blogging.  The reviews with stars next to them are those that I enjoyed most.  (Favorite authors include:  N. D. Wilson, Cornelia Funke, Catherine Fisher, Lauren Oliver, Janette Rallison, Heather Dixon, Kenneth Oppel, Eoin Colfer, and Tim Binding.)

Below is an example of the layout of my reviews and what my review of your book will look like:

Picture (of final cover art, if it is available) 
Title; page count; release date; date read; received; rating; recommended to; links to Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.
Summary (my own summary) -

My Thoughts -
Character notes -
Story notes -
Summing it up - 
For the parents -

What I need from you (fill out the form below):

  1. Your name and the book you wrote and/or are promoting.
  2. Your email.
  3. Author website/blog and/or Publishing House Website.
  4. All info on the book - summary, release date, etc.
  5. An email address to send my review to when it is published.

My address will be provided upon accepting your review copy.  Thank you so much for considering Yearning to Read to review your book!!

(This is also the form to use if you just have a question about a book/review.  I love questions and I love discussing book, so please, shoot me an email through this form and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!)