Monday, February 8, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: ALL THE OTPs

Today, in honor of Valentine's Day, I'm here to talk to you about the top ten couples I've shipped while reading some of my favorite romances.  Get ready - lots of feels ahead!  These are not in a particular order, except the bottom three are my favorites.

Me right now thinking about all the people I'm going to mention in this post.  HERE GOES.

(Click on the couples' names to go to their Goodreads pages.)

~ Jemma and Ryder ~
These two soooo surprised me.  I was really sure I would love their wonderful amazing book, but I wasn't sure how in love with them I'd fall.  BUT I HAD NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT BECAUSE THEY LITERALLY BLEW MY MIND WITH THEIR CHEMISTRY.

KILL ME NOW.  These two ruined me for eternity.  Their love was so mighty amidst INSANITY and I just....they give me all the feels.  Tarrrrveeeerrrrrrrr.

Didn't think you'd get away from me yelling about these two, did you?  THEY ARE SO FREAKING AMAZING.

HHHNNNNGGG THESE TWO.  Their romance is epic and steamy and angsty and passionate and makes me weak in the knees.  I am actually overdue for a trilogy reread.  Anyone want to join me before The Shaw Confessions start coming out next year?

ACK OKAY. NO ONE TOLD ME IT WOULD BE LIKE THIS.  I hated Warner so so so so freakin' much until Ignite Me, and then suddenly he and Juliette were the world to me.  Read the series.  You won't regret it.

If you know anything about me, it's that I LOVE THE TIGER SAGA.  Colleen Houck made me forget everything except her series existed.  The romance was the stuff of legends.  THE DRAGONS!  THE STARS!  THE CASTLES!  EVERYTHING!  but the romance oh gosh my heart my poor mini muffin heart. HALP!

Is it Throwback Thursday?  Because we're going way way back with these two.  They are still one of my favorite literary couples to date.  Alex still blows my mind, and Lena's growth as a character still makes me so so emotional.  AND THE ENDING OF DELIRIUM.  I still read this book every year.  I've read it 5 times now.  No regrets.  Their romance is exceptional and perfect.

I'm going to say two things here.
1. Lola is 100% me in almost every way possible.
2. Cricket is the conglomeration of everything I find attractive in a man.
Basically Stephanie Perkins wrote me into a romance with my dream man in my favorite city, and so, basically, just, yes. SO MUCH YES.

THE INFERNAL DEVICES trilogy ruins me daily.  Like, it melts me into a puddle of mush and goo every time I so much as think about it, or the books happen to cross my vision as I pass by my bookshelf.  TESSA AND WILL'S RELATIONSHIP IS SO SO SO SO SO SO EMOTIONAL AND WONDERFUL.  They gave me every feel imaginable.  The only couple so far that's been able to top them is.....

And all I've got to say about them is #nope.  I will be ruined forever, come April.  There is no hope for me.  I'm planning my funeral and making sure all my loved ones can make it.  They're going to have a special book burning afterward, too: Everyone brings a copy of all 4 books of The Raven Cycle and throws them into the burning abyss.  (Yes, this is how my favorite OTP makes me feel.  No, I totally don't need therapy.  No, you shouldn't be worried for your safety.  Yes, you should probably warn Maggie that I am coming for her.)
Also these are my favorite books in the world, so if you haven't read them yet and for some strange reason you want to make me happy, read them.  Read them now.

That's it this week!  What OTPs are you guys shipping right now?  Link me up or leave a comment!


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