Saturday, May 30, 2015

5th Blogoversary + New Blog Design = GIVEAWAY!

Huzzah, my friends!! Yearning to Read is FIVE YEARS OLD on June 10th. What?! Where did the time go?! This blog has seen its ups and downs, but I am so happy to still be blogging, despite the insanity of Life.

And my new blog design! I got an update from Imagination Blog Designs.... So fun!!  I've been wanting to do this for a while, to kind of clean the air, and I just love how it looks.

You can grab my new blog button - look to your right.

Yearning to Read

SO.  Here's the giveaway.  It runs from today through July 1st.  It's INTERNATIONAL!  Yay!!  So depending where you live, you get a B&N giftcard or a credit to The Book Depository.  Only requirements?  Be 13 or older, and follow Yearning to Read somehow.

Here is the Rafflecopter!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Waiting on Wednesday (#2)

This is hosted by Breaking the Spine, who you should totally check out.

This week's post is for....

Jessica Alcott

I feel like this isn't a book I'd normally be interested in...BUT IT LOOKS SO GOOD. I must have it. I mean, how can any of this end good?? I'm hoping for tragic and feels-y but time can only tell.

What are YOU waiting for this Wednesday?


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Category 20: A Book With Non-Human Characters

I don't plan to do a review for this book so let me just say - sooooo much fun. Great story/characters.... Can't wait for the next one (it's sitting on my desk, waiting impatiently).

(Because I normally review YA/MG, I feel obligated to alert the younger audience that this book is deeeefffffinitely for an older audience. Heck, my sister is 18 and I wouldn't give it to her for another couple of years. Fair warning...)

Anyway - fae! Fae are my non-human characters. And they. Were. Terrifying. *gasp*

Also, as far as the challenge looks like I'm 1-2 books behind. I feel like I shoot ahead and then fall behind, 2-ish books either way. Haha but I'm trying  to stay caught up. Aside from that, I'm 8 books ahead on my Goodreads challenge... I've read 38/75 books. 51% down - but I'll probably amp it again in a month or so. Reading soooo much this year. I'm so thankful for the motivation and desire again.


Category 19: A Book Set Somewhere You've Always Wanted to Visit

That place would be: Portland, Maine


And this book is lovely and amazing and sad and cruel and wonderful. The end.


Category 18: A Book Set In Your Hometown

San Diego, baby!

I finished this book (over 400 pages) in two days - and this was my 2nd time! If you haven't read it, but like's a must read!! One of my all time favorites!!


Monday, May 11, 2015

Category 17: A Book By A Female Author

You know it. Who else would I pick for my female author? (Except for Maggie, of course, and I've already read 5 of her books this year.)

Anyway, back to ACOTAR. I'm basically crying because this book is basically perfect - and I'm only 5 pages in.


(Also, I promise - some book reviews are coming sooooon!)


Thursday, May 7, 2015


This week is almost over....and oh my goodness I am ready for it. I have had kind of a crazy last few weeks but I am so excited to post some reviews now that things are slowing down. Get ready for some Maggie Stiefvater and Kristi Cook and Lauren Oliver...etc. 

Also some of this...

...when I get to read it. I've just been snuggling it the last two days, and speeding through my current reads so I can devour this one.

But you know...I'm a Maas junkie and #unashamed. Soooo.

Till Sunday! ❤️❤️❤️