Friday, December 19, 2014


Okay, I have no idea for how long.  But you'll never guess what I'm doing this year.....

That's right - a reading challenge!

Now, if you know me, you know I have a hard time with reading challenges.  I often feel like they make it hard for me to read spontaneously.  Buuuuut.  I'm doing this one with my nearest and dearest friend, and a few other people have decided to join, and I'm just really excited!

The fun starts on January 1st.  I have to read 52 books next year to complete this, and I have faith I can do it.  I actually am hoping to read around 80, but that might be kind of a stretch, what with writing and all.  (I'm writing the 2nd book in my series and about to query for the 1st. EEEP!)

Anyway.  I will try to devote 30 minutes of blogging time a week, so basically one book review.  It will be simple and fun and my signature silly fangirly-ness.  Ans I hope you'll all join me for some of this fun madness - I'd love to discuss!!  I might even start blogging about writing on here...we shall see.

I will be back hopefully right after Christmas to talk my picks for each thing on the list and gush some more about how happy I am to be back.

Love you all!! Xoxo


  1. welcome back! Some of those challenge topics are really easy and will give you a lot of flexibility. Others, yikes! I'm looking forward to seeing the books you select.

  2. Glad to see you back, Sierra!!

  3. Thanks Haley!! It's good to be back. I miss this. :) <3

  4. Haha! Yes! I thought the same thing. Most I've picked pretty easy-looking YA books for, but there are others that I really want to actually challenge myself on. Of course, this year I read under 50 books so I need to be careful and actually focus next year... :)