Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: New-To-Me Authors I Read In 2013

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This is a super fun topic!!  I've never really thought about these authors as being "new to me".  Even though they are.  So let's celebrate the awesome finds of this year (and maybe boo a few, 'cause I'm rude).

1.  THIS IS MY FAVORITE DISCOVERY EVER.  Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner.  They have DESTROYED ME with their glorious work of art, These Broken Stars.  Review coming soon.  It looks mostly like this:  a;dlskfja;skldjfaklsdjf;kaldsjf;lkasdjf;al!!!!!! a;sdlkfja;sldkfjkla;sj!!! a;dslfjASD;FAW;EIOGHAIW;LJF!

2.  Markus Zusak.  He also destroyed me.  In a much different way than the two women above and probably more long-standing.  Anyone who has read The Book Thief will know what I mean.  It is, without doubt, one of the greatest pieces of literature the world has seen, or ever will see.

3.  *hangs head in shame* John Green.  I know, you're all throwing tomatoes and eggs and cabbages at my head.  I deserve it.  It is true.  I had never read John Green before this year.  Before like, September.  Now, however, I'm definitely officially a Nerdfighter and I don't forget to be awesome, thank you very much.

4.  Melissa Jensen.  I just ADORE her book The Fine Art of Truth or Dare.  It really struck a chord with me, as I was able to connect with Ella perfectly.  The story tugged at my heart and made me cry and laugh and all the wonderful things of the world are wrapped up inside it's pages.  I definitely want to read all her books now!

5.  Kelly Creagh.  *glares hatred and fiery darts and evil poison arrows and all sorts of other killing objects*  This woman writes with a style I have never read before, steals my heart away like a thief in the night, and then CRUSHES IT.  And still I love her...aside from wanting to strangle her for that ending in Enshadowed.  All in all, she is freaking brilliant.

6.  Leigh Bardugo.  I love this woman.  I met her at a signing right after Shadow and Bone came out, but I didn't read it until this year...and then proceeded to snatch up Siege and Storm without a moment of hesitation.  She is brilliant and her world of the Grisha has inspired me unlike any other.

7.  Kimberley Freeman.  She writes adult fiction, which I seldom read except for book club.  And wowowowowow I was BLOWN AWAY.  I cannot even handle this woman's excellence in story-telling.  I read Wildflower Hill and will be purchasing it to read again, ASAP.  And the rest of her books, since I'm addicted.

8.  Sylvia Plath.  Oh man oh man this gal is crazzzy.  Ummm, no pun intended?  I loved The Bell Jar and really cannot wait to read more of her work.

9.  *whispers* Michelle Hodkin.  Oh GOSH how can I not mention her.  I devoured both books, Unbecoming and Evolution in about 4 days.  And now.  I'm dying.  For Retribution.  Can someone give it to me NOW?!?!!?!

10.  Sarah Ockler.  This woman creates such a beautiful story with her words!  Bittersweet was my introduction and I cannot wait to read more!  I am utterly fascinated by Ockler's stories! :)

All righty...there's my list!  What about you all?  Who have you discovered this fine year? :)



  1. Eek! I'm so happy to hear that you liked These Broken Stars so much! I've been dying to read it! It looks SO good! I've also been dying to read The Fine Art of Truth or Dare! Another book I'm glad to hear you enjoyed! Amazing list!

    My TTT

  2. I keep hearing that THESE BROKEN STARS is amazon. I will have to pick it up when I'm in the mood for sci-fi! Ahhh, I have owned two Zusak books for a couple of years now...and THE BOOK THIEF has been sitting right next to me since Oct. for my "next free book"...which hasn't happened! I started John Green b/c of TFIOS, too. Well, I had been planning before that. But TFIOS pushed me. Still reading him! I love, love, LOVE Leigh Bardugo. Can't wait for her finale in 2014!!! You won't have to wait as long as us for the final Mara Dyer book. Lucky! lol Sara Ockler is also on my Read SOON list! Eep!

  3. Oh my GOSH it is incredible!! Like seriously amazing!! Read it as soon as you can because wowowowowow it will knock your socks off!

    And yes - same thing - I wanted to read John Green before, but I just couldn't wait to read TFIOS. I read it in like 5 hours straight. Completely incredible.

    Ahhhh Mara Dyer is just...asdklfja;slkdjf AMAAAAZING. I CANNOT EVEN. :O

    Thanks for the comment! :) <3

  4. Seriously you HAVE to read TBS SOOOON. Because it was magical. I haven't read such a romantic book in a long long lonnnng time. I was blown away and captivated and wow. Just superb story telling.

    And yes The Fine Art of Truth or Dare was such a beautiful book! Hope you enjoy both these reads! xoxo

  5. So many of these authors (and these particular books) are on my list - I clearly need to hurry up and read them!

  6. I have to be in the mood for sci-fi, though, or I don't enjoy it. But I will be! Can't wait!

    I wanted to read John Green in reverse-best order last year! I read Will Grayson (Which he co-wrote), then was going to do PAPER TOWNS, then the Printz Honor, then the Printz Winner, then TFIOS...and I had time for WGWG and TFIOS >.< Still getting to the rest of his boks!!!

    I have to say, I didn't fall in love with TFIOS like everyone else. I shut myself off and didn't let myself. It hit too close to home and reminded me too much of a friend I lost last year. It was too fresh. Someday, I'll re-read it. Someday when I have the ability to love it!

    Mara Dyer!! I liked the first book better than the second, but am still so eager to see where this is going!

  7. I can't wait to read These Broken Stars! I'm so glad to hear how amazing it is.

  8. Ahhh yes TFIOS is a really hard one to get into, especially if you recently had someone suffer from that. My dad had cancer almost 10 years ago, so it's not as fresh for me. I hope someday you'll love it!

    Ahhhh I just cannot wait to find out what happens to everyone in Mara Dyer! I'm in love with the characters. <3

  9. It's just incredible. I want to read it again and again and again. <3 Hope you love it! :)

  10. YAY!! I hope you love them all. They really are fabulous stories! <3

  11. It wasn't cancer, it was scleroderma. She was in a coma for a while in May, so I put the book off then, and then she was better over the summer, and then in the hospital again/passed away in September...I waited until the end of December to read this knowing I *had* to read a Best of Year, but it was too hard for me and it changed how I read and enjoyed the book.

    I hope so, too! Time does heal! Maybe the movie will be easier for me since it will be about 1.5 years by then? And not as immediate as a novel.

    Ahhh, yes! I want to see what direction it goes in! With the first book, it was like, Is it PN? Is it not? And then the second book had stuff I didn't see coming. So what's next!?