Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Update: A New Kind of Review

In the crazy hectic business that is my life, I have found very little time for blogging.  The main reason:  it overwhelms me.  The reviews I used to write were loooonnnnggg.  Well, not long in the sense of "boring" least I hope not.  I always thought they had a lot of good stuff in them, interesting to read - but they took soooo much time to write.  And now that I'm writing/working full time, writing one more looonnngggg time-consuming thing is, to say the least, DAUNTING.

That's why this poor little bloggy woggy has been so neglected.

That's why I haven't been advertising and reaching 500 followers like I wanted to.

That's why I didn't have a giveaway for my 3rd blogoversary (June 10th).

That's why - I'm changing my style of review.

They'll all be short.  They'll all be to the point.  They'll all include the "The Book Reminds Me Of..." that was in my "Pint-Size Reviews" before.  And another thing:  You'll never know what day you're getting a review.  Before I'd always post a review on Monday or Tuesday, but this gives me leverage to post whenever and wherever and however.

Freedom, apparently, is what I need.
Blogging should be fun.
And I have a feeling that with my new life, this new change to my blog WILL be fun.  I CAN'T WAIT! :)

Reviews to start next week!  Also, belated giveaway coming soon!  LOVE YOU ALL!!!!



  1. I actually only say or schedule a review not linked to a tour if I already have it done. Otherwise, it gets posted whenever I've finished the book and have had time to do it. There is definitely less pressure that way. :) I used to always schedule them for a specific day, but then things got busy and I decided I want to keep blogging fun and not stressful. My next change is to sign up for less book tours. I'm still trying to grow my blog though, so those help with that. I like short reviews - so I'll be reading yours. :)

  2. Making things work for YOU is the best way to keep going, I've discovered. Stick to what works best for your schedule and doesn't make you feel burned out. Good luck!

  3. Oh thank you!! I'm glad you'll be back. I really enjoy reading and writing long reviews...but I don't have time for either anymore. Well, sometimes I make time to read long reviews on my favorite blogs BUT most of the time I skim. I feel terrible. I want to have more time for this because I love it!
    Thanks for the comment - I can't wait to start these reviews! <3

  4. Thank you, Ems, darling! :) I definitely need to do what's best for me. I hope everything works out this way...I want so badly to keep the blog up and running!

  5. The reason I hate book tours - commitment. LOL.

  6. Freedom is good! I could never pick an exact day to post a review. That would be really, really hard. Glad you figured out something that will help you in the long-run so you can keep blogging (Becca @ Nawanda Files)