Monday, July 29, 2013

Mini Monday: Vortex by Julie Cross (#2)

Vortex by Julie Cross
Book 2 in a trilogy
5/5 stars
My review for:  Tempest

I want to marry Jackson.  I'm serious, you guys, I want to marry him. NOW.
Despite the fact that I sound absolutely crazy, and before you leave and call the police on me, let me say a few things.
Jackson is magnificent.  He's kind and caring and goofy and totally adorable and just sooooo gorgeous.  My favorite thing about him?  How much he loves Holly.  It's epic, pushing the boundaries of love, and ohmygoodness I just swoon every time.  His love for her is one of my very very favorites.  Ever.
But then we have the good ole sci-fi elements of this story.  TIME TRAVEL GALORE!  I'm a huge time travel junkie, and Cross writes such a great time travel story.  There's so much to learn in the next book - things got so twisted and crazy and I was left hanging and HURRY UP.
Besides that?  I just love Cross's writing.  And her side characters.  And the journal entries.  And, well, everything.

This book reminds me of...
Really amazing imperfect but totally realistic boys who you want to sweep you off your feet
The future
Crazy tech
Different times
Learning about yourself
Complicated feelings

(Spoilers for the first book!)
Julie Cross's Vortex is the thrilling second installment of the Tempest series, in which the world hangs in the balance as a lovelorn Jackson must choose who to save.Jackson Meyer has thrown himself into his role as an agent for Tempest, the shadowy division of the CIA that handles all time-travel-related threats. Despite his heartbreak at losing the love of his life, Jackson has proved himself to be an excellent agent. However, after an accidental run in with Holly—the girl he altered history to save—Jackson is once again reminded of what he's lost. And when Eyewall, an opposing division of the CIA, emerges, Jackson and his fellow agents not only find themselves under attack, but Jackson begins to discover that the world around him has changed and someone knows about his erased relationship with Holly, putting both their lives at risk all over again.


  1. Gina @ My PreciousAugust 9, 2013 at 10:40 AM

    I read Tempest. I've been seeing Vortex around the blogosphere but I hadn't figured out until JUST now that it was book two of the series. Its sounds like you enjoyed it plenty. I'm also a big Jackson fan. What is most curious to me though is who was that red-headed girl at the end of book one. I sort of thought it might be his daughter? Curious to see where this book goes. Amped up that he and Holly might have a second chance. Nicely reviewed!

  2. Oh I hope you love this book like I did! It was fabulous! I have more questions now than ever, but I have faith that the 3rd book with deliver all the answers. It's kind of set up that way, anyway... And Cross's writing is beautiful and YAY for Jackson/Holly! :)