Monday, July 8, 2013

Inkspell Read-Along: My Answers for Week 1

Okey Dokey!  Here are my answers to the Inkspell Read-Along, Week 1 Discussion Questions! :)

1.  Why do you think Dustfinger tries to push away his feelings for Farid when the boy is left behind in the other world?  Would you have done the same?  I think Dustfinger is tired...tired of running, tired of always having to find new friends (or not having any at all)...  So finding that Farid was left behind, I'm sure it was his automatic response to push the thought away and soldier on.  As for my would probably be the same.  There was nothing he could do to go get Farid, anyway.  I would have been sad buuuut I'd just have to learn to let it go.

2.  Is Mo being unreasonable in his worry of Meggie's love for *the* notebooks?  I see both sides.  Meggie is utterly fascinated, maybe a bit obsessed, and she is so excited about words and imagination.  I get that.  And Mo - he lost his wife and nearly lost his daughter because of the Inkworld...I can see EXACTLY where he would be worried for their safety.  He knows and understands the danger, and is such a practical man.  I say he's being completely reasonable.

3.  What is one thing you'd want to be able to do with fire in the Inkworld?  OMG.  The fire in Inkworld is unbelievably amazing.  I would like to be able to make the flowers like Dustfinger does, and also breathe the fire, also like Dustfinger.  Maybe I should just BE Dustfinger.

4.  Dustfinger returns to his old home to discover one of his daughters is dead and the other lives in the castle.  He also finds that his wife remarried after his disappearance.  Do you think there is a chance for Dustfinger and Roxanne to find happiness together again?  I've already read it - but when I was first reading the book, I was SO enthralled by their "romance" and I always swooned over the possibility of them getting back together.  So I say, YES!  THERE IS HOPE!

5.  What is the first thing you would do if you found yourself in your own story like the writer Fenoglio?  If you don't have your own story, you can answer:  What would you most like to do if you found yourself in the Inkworld?  Oh my GOSH.  Considering my current story has lots of pretty dresses, 3 good queens and 1 bad one, 2 very swoon-worthy men, some crazy mutated villains, and 4 very different and equally amazing Realms...I'd say....can I go everywhere and see everything??  HA!  Ok, being realistic, I'd probably want to go to one of the parties.  These queens throw SPECTACULAR parties.  I would go for the 2 men, but fortunately for them they're already taken - otherwise they wouldn't stand a CHANCE against my charm!  LOL

There you go!  Hope you enjoyed this week's set of questions! :)

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  1. 1. I feel like Dustfinger is kind of trying to spare himself somehow, by distancing himself from not only his feelings, but also those near him. I think there are times when it's just *too much* and he needs to step back from everything.

    2. Nope, not at all unreasonable. Like you said, he's nearly lost everything to the Inkworld, so going a little beyond cautious is perfectly understandable.

    3. I'd like to create a fire-dragon that could actually DO things. Maybe it could be my familiar and inbue me with all sorts of magic powers. :D

    4. I sure hope so. I love happy endings and I sincerely hope that Dustfinger gets his.

    5. Oh wow. First, I'd have to pick which story I'd want to be in. The one that I'd want to end up in the most has lots of time in Paris (yay!), lots of HOT Greek gods (YAY!), and lots of kissing. Yes, that's where I'd want to end the kissing parts.