Monday, June 24, 2013

Inkheart Read-Along: Discussion Questions for Week 3

Join us for the 3rd round of questions for Ems and my Ink-world Read-Along!

This is for Chapters 27-43.

1.  Why, after all the horror she's been through in the last week or so, do you think Meggie wants to be able to read things out of stories?  Would you want have that gift?

2.  If Pippo hadn't told Basta and the others where Meggie and Mo were hiding, do you think Basta would have found them anyway?

3.  As a writer, I cannot imagine the pleasure I would experience meeting one of my characters...even the villains!  How would you feel if you were meeting the characters you created?  What advantages do you think it would give you in a sticky situation with your villain?

4.  Do you think Farid and Dustfinger are good friends to each other?  Why or why not do you think they need each other?  Do they compliment each other?  Why do you think Farid take to Dustfinger so easily?

5.  When Farid mentions that Resa looks like Meggie, what were your thoughts?  Why doesn't Dustfinger want to tell Resa that Mo is there, or even what he looks like?

6.  And, as a general question:  How are you liking the book so far?? :)

Have fun answering!  Leave your answers in the comments ooooor you can make your own post and link us up in the comments.  XOXO

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