Thursday, May 2, 2013

ANNOUNCEMENT! Amazing Summer Read-Along sign ups!


Because...HERE IT IS!!  The big news you've all been waiting for...
Yearning to Read is co-hosting a Read-Along for the first time ever!!
And can I get a shout out to the AWESOME Ems @ In Which Ems Reviews Books who is helping me plan and host??  She's a rockstar, which we all know.  Or, even better, a superhero. :)

Caption: Ems being super awesome.  Shhh!  Don't tell her I spilled the beans about her identity! ;)

"What are we reading?" you're probably asking...  Well, basically, we're reading my favorite books ever, Inkheart, Inkspell, and Inkdeath, and the read-along lasts all summer!!  We realize these books are long, so we're making it easy and spending four weeks on each one.  We've set them up for you so you know when to start and what chapters to read per week and all that.

Here are the details:

 June 1st-7th: Chapters 1-15 @ Yearning to Read
June 8th-14th: Chapters 16-26 @ Ems Reviews Books
June 15th-21st: Chapters 27-43 @ YTR
June 22nd-30th: Chapters 44-59 @ Ems

July 1st-7th: Chapters 1-17 @ YTR
July 8th-14th: 
Chapters 18-35 @ Ems
July 15th-21st: 
Chapters 36-57 @ YTR
July 22nd-30th: 
Chapters 58-77 @ Ems

August 1st-7th: Chapters 1-18 @ YTR
August 8th-14th: Chapters 19-40 @ Ems

August 15th-21st: Chapters 41-58 @ YTR

August 22nd-30th: Chapters 59-81 @ Ems

RECAP with both Ems and Sierra takes place on both blogs on Monday, September 2nd!

Every week either Ems or I will post a quick recap and approximately 5 questions for you to answer and discuss.  If you would like to be reminded that the posts are up, you can sign up (use the form that is linked below) and include your email so we can notify you!
If you're wondering who can sign up, if you have to have a blog or Goodreads - don't worry, you don't have to have either!  You just have to be 12 years or older.  Also, there will be a giveaway for the people who sign up and participate in the discussion, opening on June 1st and ending September 1st! :)


Also, if you plan to participate, feel free to grab the button!  We'd be SO honored if you put our blog button on your sidebar, or posted the picture to Facebook, or anything that will spread the news.  We want as many people to be involved in this awesome summer project as we can! :)

Ems and I can't WAIT to get started!!  We look forward to hearing from (hopefully) all of you and discussing this AWESOME trilogy with you! :) XOXO


  1. Wah, awesome choice of books! Loved the Inkheart series and would love to join the read-along...but I don't have copies of the books right now.

  2. Aww glad you like the choice! I wonder - would your local library have the copies? :) I'd love for you to join! Also, it doesn't start for a month, so you would have plenty of time to get them. :)

  3. Saw the movie first, then decided to read the books. I didn't expect to get that invested in the characters. *sniff*

    (That's my problem - poor library selection and currently no one to borrow the books from.)

    I'll try to find a copy since it's still a few weeks away :)

  4. I'm excited about this! It'll be a great way to spend the summer!

  5. I absolutely LOVE these books! I've read them twice already! I'm so glad you chose them! :D

  6. Caitlen Rubino-BradwayMay 9, 2013 at 5:38 AM

    Let's get Inked!

  7. I'm glad you're joining, Emily! :)

  8. YAY! Caitlen! I was so hoping you'd join! :)

  9. Crossing my fingers you can join! And I know - I get SO invested in these characters. Dustfinger is my favorite character of all time.

  10. The Drifting BookwormMay 10, 2013 at 8:57 AM

    Me, me! Can i sign up even though my blog is a travel blog now??? :)

  11. Oh my GOSH of COURSE you can, Julia! Seriously - I was hoping you would! You don't even have to have a blog... Seriously, I'm so excited you're joining! :)

  12. This is pretty awesome! I've been wanting to read the Inkheart Trilogy. It took some time, but I finally have the copies... This is a great way to read it so I wouldn't drift off. :) It is alright to join for first time readers right?

  13. OF COURSE you can join!! First time readers are encouraged - we want to spread the love of this amazing series to as many people as we can! I hope you join us! :)