Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Well hello there...

Well hello there, lovely but extremely neglected blog.

I still love you.  I really really realllly love you.

But as you can see I'm on a break.  I just need one.  Really badly.  Personal things.

(What I'm not trying to say is that I haven't had time for you...because that would be mean, right?)

I love you, YtR.  You're too cool for school, you know that?  And that's exactly why I haven't been able to approach you.

But soon school's over.  And then fun starts.

I promise I'll be back soon.  I have lots of surprises coming, for you and for my readers.

And also some big announcements.  Some maybes and what ifs.  Personal things, like I said.

For now... just know that Ems @ In Which Ems Reviews Books and I have some loooovely things in store for you this summer! Just lovely! :) <3 p="">
Until Monday...

Sierra :D

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  1. Late April & May are the best months to do nothing but work your ass off for college.
    & nothing more. u.u"