Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Best Bookish Memories

This amazing meme is brought to you by The Broke and the Bookish. ;)

10.  Reading Little Women at 9-years-old.  We got this lovely copy from Barnes and Noble and it was sitting on the shelf and so I read it.  And, I'm proud to say, understood it.  It was the 2nd classic I'd ever read (the first being Black Beauty) and the 1st that I actually liked.  I have since re-read it and it's just beautiful!

9.  Running to the store the VERY second Barnes and Noble opened to buy Everneath on its release date.  I even predicted this in my review of Everneath.  And it happened.  And to this day, it's a favorite memory.

8.  Any time I give a book as a gift.  I'm seriously SUCH a ridiculous gift giver.  I just am always looking for things to buy people, and bookish gifts are, obviously, my absolute favorites.  Two of my favorite books to give to people are The City of Ember and 100 Cupboards.

7.  Speaking of The City of Ember - one of my BEST bookish memories is when my dad would read The City of Ember out loud to us girls every night.  We were so addicted - and since then I've read the book three times on my own.  It never gets old.

6.  Also a great bookish memory - when my sister Ember discovered 100 Cupboards in Borders.  She kept telling me about the quirky characters, and how she was going to save all her money to buy the hardcover.  She read it and raved and raved, and I just didn't believe her.  That is, until I read it.  Now the entire series has been fought over by me and my sister, until I broke down and bought my own copies of the trilogy.  We always do this now: every time N. D. Wilson comes out with a new book, we preorder 2 copies six months before they come out.  It works. ;)

5.  Discovering the blogging industry...and with that, meeting other bloggers and amazing authors.  It has been such a journey having this blog for 2.5 years.  An incredible journey.  I've learned so much about the publishing industry, the authors writing the books, and all the processes.  I've learned about my own writing and it has been so encouraging to me as an aspiring author.  The bookish friends I've made include Laura @ A Work of Fiction, Small @ Small Review, Ashley @ Ashley Loves Books, Anna @ Sparkles and Lightning, and plenty of others!  Also, the authors I have met include Brodi Ashton, Bree Despain, Veronica Roth, Sarah J. Maas, Carrie Arcos, Jennifer Bosworth, etc. etc. ;)  These ladies are so amazing and I just love this industry so much!

(This image relates to the following 3 best bookish memories.  Why me crying my eyes out are some of my very very favorites, I do not know.  Don't ask.)

4.  Finishing Harry Potter for the first time in my life.  On December 12th, 2012, I sat in my room for four hours and read the last half of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  Godric's Hollow and on.  I cried the whole time.

3.  Reading the end of Delirium.  Back when I thought it would be ok.  Back when I was sure Lauren Oliver wouldn't break my heart into a bazillion tiny little pieces.  But she did.  I cried for 30 minutes straight, thank you very much.  I even ran and hugged my mom and choked out the story to her.  It was pathetic, but entirely logical.

2.  Reading the end of Inkspell.  Umm. Basically, my sister, who was sitting across the room from me, was laughing at how hard I was crying.  Poopy on her.

*Meet the love of my life*

1.  Reading Inkheart for the first time on Easter Sunday, nearly 7 years ago.  This is the ultimate bookish memory for me.  I hadn't read Inkheart yet (translation: I hadn't met the love of my life, Dustfinger).  We were having friends over after church but I practically ignored them all day.  I kept Inkheart under my leg during lunch, looking down every so often to read a page or stroke the cover.  It was totally obsessive.  And yet, again, totally logical.  After lunch, I ran upstairs, ignoring dessert, and hid in my room for SIX HOURS.  Just reading.  I flopped around so many times, finding the strangest places to get comfortable when my back started to hurt or my fingers were tired or my neck and eyes were strained.  I didn't come back out until it was late.  It was the best day.

So there it is.  These memories are my favorites.  What are yours??


  1. Your sister's name is Ember? That's a great name! And I ALSO cried when I finished Delirium. I was depressed for like, 3 days. I couldn't handle life for a little while. That's why I've yet to read Pandemonium. I'm nervous Oliver is going to rip my heart out again! Also - I love any and all characters played by Paul Bettany. Seriously. I think I've seen all his movies and have crushes on all his characters. Even the creepy one in the Da Vinci Code movie. Seriously, I'm THAT dedicated. Thanks for sharing your top bookish moments! :)

  2. Yes it is! My dad is a firefighter and he got to choose that name. We love it!
    Oh my gosh, seriously though - I might be paralyzed for a few weeks after Requiem. hahaha ;)
    I looooove Paul Bettany SO MUCH! I've seen as many as I can, though not as many as I want to. inkheart, A Knight's Tale, Priest, The Iron Man movies, The Young Victoria, The Tourist...love him so much! He always pulls off such a great acting job! :)