Monday, February 11, 2013

Review: Nobody But Us by Kristin Halbrook

Nobody But Us by Kristin Halbrook
Pages: 272
Release Date:  January 29th, 2013
Date Read:  2013, January 5th-7th
Received:  ARC via publisher
Rating:  4/5 stars
Recommended to:  16+

Will and Zoe are in love.
They are running away together.
They're telling no one of their plans.
When they make it to Vegas and blend into the crowd, they'll go to school and work hard to build a life together.
They'll get married and have a house and careers.
That is...if they make it there.

The firs thing that pops into my head is that I love Kristin Halbrook's writing.  She's a debut, and is absolutely fantastic at what she does!  She is definitely a God-gifted word-weaver!

I've been wanting an ARC of this book ever since I heard about it.  The premise is amazing - and I love stories that are "based" off of or "related to" other stories.

Well, did it live up to the hype I gave it?  Not like I was hoping.  But it was definitely worth my time, for other reasons.
Through the whole book, there are mostly only 2 characters: Zoe and Will.  Just them.  Traveling.
Honestly, that could have been excessively boring.  But it wasn't, because their relationship is so dynamic, so real and gritty and beautiful and strange.  They were fast to get out of their old lives together, and they were so in love and happy to be together.

I honestly can't write much about how they were when they were apart, or didn't know each other, etc.  There wasn't much to it.  Zoe was pushed, shoved, beat, and forced to watch a horrible thing happen to her mother.  Will was abandoned and passed between foster homes.  He wants differently for Zoe.  He wants change.

But that's about it.  And I learned most of this within a few chapters; sure, things popped up later on that were surprising.  But not about character - about story.  So together, Zoe and Will were a well-developed couple and really fascinating and dimensional.  Apart, not as much as I'd hoped.  Still, very enjoyable to read about.

The story here is unusual, beautiful, and full of suspense and danger.  However, I did have an issue with it, based on what the blurb said.  "Bonnie and Clyde meets If I Stay"...  Well, if I know anything about Bonnie and Clyde, it's that they were criminals together.  They lived out the lives of ill-fated criminals.  I was seriously excited to get some of that action...but it fell flat for me.  There was some stealing...of tampons...  Sorry, that's no Bonnie and Clyde.

Besides that, this ride flew by me.  I felt engaged and I just knew that was going to happen at the end. :(  The end was a bit too quick for my tastes, but with some incredible force that made up for it.  It's about sacrifice and love - which is not always easy.  In this case, it's HUGE.  And totally the perfect way to end this story.  While it was sad, it held a lot of promise for the future, and that's what really counts.

I am, however, really surprised that I didn't cry.  I thought I would, but apparently I wasn't that invested.  Still, I'm sure this story has prompted many tears in others.

Saddening.  A stunningly-written debut for Kristin!  Definitely add Nobody But Us to your book list!

For the Parents -
Lots of kissing.  Passionate, details, with some removing of clothes.  Will is once naked in front of he tickles her.  They don't have sex; Zoe wants to wait.  A lot of F-bombs and other swear words, often used very negatively.  Recommended 16+


  1. Wonderful review. I love these sort of books where there is more involved than just the romance. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I will be diving into this book very soon!

    Ange @ Moonlight

  2. Thanks so much, Ange! :) I think you should definitely give this one a go! :)