Monday, February 25, 2013

Review: Eve and Adam by Grant & Applegate (#1)

Eve and Adam by Grant & Applegate (#1)
Pages:  291
Release Date:  October 2nd, 2012
Date Read:  January 3rd-5th, 2013
Received:  ARC via Shelf Awareness
Rating:  4/5 stars
Recommended to:  15+

Evening has never known any kind of living besides that of her wealthy, protected lifestyle.  Her mother is a scientist - and a billionaire.  She's cold and distant, and Eve's father is dead.  But when an impossible accident occurs and Eve recovers faster than anyone expected, questions are raised.  Who is this guy Solo, seemingly a friend of her mother's, and what does he know?  Why has her mother set her on this project to create the "perfect man"?  It's just on the computer, right?  Eve and Solo must uncover the ugly truth before they, too, become victims of a deadly secret lurking just beneath the surface.

What a great book!  I was not expecting to enjoy Eve and Adam like I did, but it surprised me more than once!  I'm quite happy to say I loved it and can't wait to read Adam and Eve, book 2!

My sister read Grant's other book, Gone, book 1 in a series. She didn't like the story, but I never thought to ask about his writing.  Both Grant and Applegate have awesome writing talents!  I loved the 2 different voices and how easy they were to read and distinguish.  Just beautiful - and so real.  It made the characters so relatable and human.

You know...when it comes down to it, I really really liked Eve Spiker!  She was totally hilarious and witty and smart, but also a bit shallow.  I love that she had flaws.  And those flaws were very in-tune to her lifestyle.  Teen whose mom is crazy filthy rich and also brilliant - yep!  I think "shallow" would be on the list.  Basically, I loved Eve and reading her narration was a treat!

Solo...  Oh, Solo.  I liked his narration less than Eve's, but loved his character just as much.  He's strong and alive and just plain wonderful.  He was mysterious without being cliche - and he's perfect for Eve.  Oh, so perfect.

Aislin fascinated me.  I wanted to smack her and hug her simultaneously.  She makes crappy decisions and sucks at staying out of trouble - plus, she likes to talk dirty - but she knows what it means to care for a best friend.

Now, who would I be if I didn't mention Adam?!  WOW.  That was a twist.  A biiiiig shocker.  I knew what would happen to that part of the story, but not how or when.

I needed a fast-paced book - and this delivered more than well!  I was flying through the pages, soaking it all in, loving it all!

At first, I had no idea where everything was going.  With Eve's accident, Solo's appearance, Eve's project she named "Adam"...  I wasn't even sure I needed all that, but by the end I was thankful for the setup.  (Plus, needed or not, it was still amazingly interesting.  It hardly felt like a setup - I was hooked the whole time!)  My ARC was pretty short, and everything happened so fast, sometimes I wished things happened slower, or that there was more depth and detail.  BUT.  That's practically my only complaint, so who cares, really? ;)

The romance could have been insta-lovey...but WOW!  Those few days Solo and Evie knew each other were plenty enough.  It felt so real and exactly how it should be.  The attraction between them was palpable and gave me butterflies!

I love sci-fi...give me anything with aliens, planets - sound like Doctor Who yet? - superpowers, and in this case, really cool science experiments, and I'm sure to devour it.  Basically I LOVED the experiment, evil-scientist, superhuman feel of this book.  It was well-told and made me feel smart as I read it - haha!

A science fiction delight!  But it's not just for sci-fi nerds like me...  I think, if you like to read, you should give it a shot!

For the Parents -
Whew!  One of the reasons I knocked it to 4 stars was the content - it distracted from the plot some of the time.  There are lots of b**ch sprinkled throughout, mostly calling people that.  A few other cuss words.  Plus, Aislin, Eve's friend, makes quite a few adult themed jokes about the sexy guys around her, especially when Eve has to create Adam's "boy parts".  Eve and Solo are put in a few awkward, would-be sexual situations, made awkward by the fact that they are attracted to each other.  Some passionate kissing.  A lot of this is humorous, but still older themes. Recommended 16+


  1. I'm reading this one right now and it's pretty cool. I have a feeling I'll definitely keep enjoying it...especially if there is passionate kissing! :P

  2. Hahaha oh yes definitely some of that!! ;) I can't wait to hear what you think in the end! It's such a cool twist :)

  3. hey! I was just wondering how you made the template at the top that has all the info? Like, the pages and received and everything? I'm trying to do one for my blog but can't quite figure it out ;) did you use photoshop or something?