Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Review: Dualed by Elsie Chapman (#1)

Dualed by Elsie Chapman (#1)
Pages: 304
Release Date:  February 26th, 2013
Date Read:  2012, December 6th-12th
Received:  ARC via NetGalley
Rating:  4/5 stars
Recommended to:  13+

West isn't sure when her Alt will be activated.  No one knows.  And after a terrible accident - yet another in a long line of accidents in her family - West isn't sure of her abilities anymore.  When her Alt is finally activated, so shortly after the accident, West finds herself running from the Alternate version of herself.  Who is better, really?  Which West really deserves the right to live?  And which will gain the victory in the end?

I must say I genuinely enjoyed this book!  No, it's not the best I've ever read, but it satisfied, and I do recommend it.  I wasn't totally sold on the writing, or West's narration, but I liked it enough to keep reading, and the story line kept me going.  It's an intriguing idea and it definitely got me thinking - and questioning all I believe about death and the right to live.  I kept putting myself in West's situation.  I can't imagine going through that!  As you all know, I enjoy thought-provoking books.

West, West, West...  I don't know what to say about her.  I feel like there isn't much.  She's a bit boring, honestly.  And really confusing.  I never knew from moment to moment what she'd be feeling.  Moody, I think, is an appropriate word for her.  She liked to say one thing and then do the exact opposite.  I think this is all a part of her character and what makes her human...but wow it was frustrating sometimes!

Chord is quite possibly my favorite character (there weren't that many, to be honest).  At first I thought he was going to be the moody, brooding, dark and mysterious love interest.  But he turned out to be so much more, and a very original character, at that!  I thought he added so much to the story and made me want to keep reading.  I always wanted to get to another Chord scene!

There are a few others, but I won't say much about them because I think they should be a surprise to the reader.  But they were well-built and interesting!

Wow - talk about an adrenaline rush!  I was so glued to my phone as I read it (I read my NetGalleys on Bluefire).  I honestly could not put it down and stayed up so late to finish it.  The story was really well-developed, and I feel like that is Chapman's strong point.  She really makes it worth the reader's while.

I also liked the world-building.  Could have been more in-depth, but what I got was pretty amazing.  I would like to see a bit more of West's world in the next book!  I also really really liked the unusual names.  Chord and West are just two of them.  I remember being really intrigued by the names, something that doesn't happen often.  I'm a name geek.

I won't say much else - don't want to be a spoilsport!  But really - if you have your doubts about the writing/characters/anything else/etc., don't doubt.  Keep reading!  The climax will be worth it, promise!

Worth reading!  It may have its faults, but this book is seriously intense.  Give it a go!

For the Parents -
A kiss or two.  Maybe some minor cussing.  I didn't write anything down while reading and that means it was really clean!  Recommended 13+


  1. Wow, great review! It sounds mind blowing and exciting so I'm glad to know it's clean!

  2. Thanks so much Kathryn! I hope you love it! :)