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Top Ten Tuesday: Authors That I'd Put On My Auto-Buy List

This amazing meme is brought to you by The Broke and the Bookish. ;)

Whoohoo!  Best theme ever!!
(These are in no particular order...)

N. D. Wilson
This man.  He's kind of brilliant on every level, without fail.  I put all his books on automatic 5-star forever favorites and preorder them AT LEAST six months before the release.  He never fails to deliver and BLOW MY MIND.

Jennifer E. Smith
The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight won my heart forever and I can't imagine a life in which Hadley and Oliver didn't exist.  So yeah, this woman will always have my money.

Catherine Fisher
Because Incarceron and Sapphique are in my top 5 favorite books EVER.  Because of the meaning in her stories and the way her writing inspires me.  I can't begin to tell you how deep my love is.

Veronica Roth
Duh.  Word. ^^^

Brodi Ashton
JACK CAPUTO!  The woman capable of creating a man as loveliful as Jack must be put on auto-buy.

Jeanette Rallison
Clean, hilarious, totally romantic, well-written and with a great message...how can you go wrong?  And did I mention how romantic and hilarious she is??  For reals, guys.

Colleen Houck
GASP!  Just like Brodi creating Jack...  Any woman capable of coming up with the idea of REN in her brilliant mind, and also giving us a heroine worth fighting for and believing in is automatically on auto-buy.

Rick Riordan
Percy Jackson, my lovely hero who I will always cherish forever - he came from the mind of this man.  Mr. Riordan...I trust him with my sanity, even if it is ruined.

Lauren Oliver
This woman.  I am always ALSO trusting her with my sanity, with my heart, with my life, and she always destroys it.  Yet I come back for more.  I always will.  Because she never fails to deliver, despite the brokenness I feel after reading her books.  A brokenness that's somehow satisfying.  How does she do it?!

J. K. Rowling
HA!  I'd be a prat if I didn't add her and THEN use one of my favorite British terms (implemented by the Weasley twins).  And I wouldn't be able to appreciate the full awesomeness of David Tennant using the term "snogging" in The Girl in the Fireplace if I hadn't read these books first.  These are just TWO of the 39,205,793,487,203,958,023,528,946,739,408,622,385,792,520,934 reasons why she will always be on my auto-buy list.

And a shout out to the classics!
Rafael Sabatini, Charles Dickens, Charlotte Bronte, and, my personal favorite: Fyodor Dostoevsky.
Because of Andre-Louis, who stole my heart with his pride and skill (Scaramouche).  Because Sydney Carton, the drunk who, in the end, took my breath away; and because Dickens made me fall in love with the French Revolution (A Tale of Two Cities).  Because of the perfect romance of Jane and Edward (Jane Eyre).  And because of Prince Myshkin, whose innocence reflected something so deeply spiritual and God-glorifying and humbled me to the core (The Idiot).

Monday, February 25, 2013

Review: Eve and Adam by Grant & Applegate (#1)

Eve and Adam by Grant & Applegate (#1)
Pages:  291
Release Date:  October 2nd, 2012
Date Read:  January 3rd-5th, 2013
Received:  ARC via Shelf Awareness
Rating:  4/5 stars
Recommended to:  15+

Evening has never known any kind of living besides that of her wealthy, protected lifestyle.  Her mother is a scientist - and a billionaire.  She's cold and distant, and Eve's father is dead.  But when an impossible accident occurs and Eve recovers faster than anyone expected, questions are raised.  Who is this guy Solo, seemingly a friend of her mother's, and what does he know?  Why has her mother set her on this project to create the "perfect man"?  It's just on the computer, right?  Eve and Solo must uncover the ugly truth before they, too, become victims of a deadly secret lurking just beneath the surface.

What a great book!  I was not expecting to enjoy Eve and Adam like I did, but it surprised me more than once!  I'm quite happy to say I loved it and can't wait to read Adam and Eve, book 2!

My sister read Grant's other book, Gone, book 1 in a series. She didn't like the story, but I never thought to ask about his writing.  Both Grant and Applegate have awesome writing talents!  I loved the 2 different voices and how easy they were to read and distinguish.  Just beautiful - and so real.  It made the characters so relatable and human.

You know...when it comes down to it, I really really liked Eve Spiker!  She was totally hilarious and witty and smart, but also a bit shallow.  I love that she had flaws.  And those flaws were very in-tune to her lifestyle.  Teen whose mom is crazy filthy rich and also brilliant - yep!  I think "shallow" would be on the list.  Basically, I loved Eve and reading her narration was a treat!

Solo...  Oh, Solo.  I liked his narration less than Eve's, but loved his character just as much.  He's strong and alive and just plain wonderful.  He was mysterious without being cliche - and he's perfect for Eve.  Oh, so perfect.

Aislin fascinated me.  I wanted to smack her and hug her simultaneously.  She makes crappy decisions and sucks at staying out of trouble - plus, she likes to talk dirty - but she knows what it means to care for a best friend.

Now, who would I be if I didn't mention Adam?!  WOW.  That was a twist.  A biiiiig shocker.  I knew what would happen to that part of the story, but not how or when.

I needed a fast-paced book - and this delivered more than well!  I was flying through the pages, soaking it all in, loving it all!

At first, I had no idea where everything was going.  With Eve's accident, Solo's appearance, Eve's project she named "Adam"...  I wasn't even sure I needed all that, but by the end I was thankful for the setup.  (Plus, needed or not, it was still amazingly interesting.  It hardly felt like a setup - I was hooked the whole time!)  My ARC was pretty short, and everything happened so fast, sometimes I wished things happened slower, or that there was more depth and detail.  BUT.  That's practically my only complaint, so who cares, really? ;)

The romance could have been insta-lovey...but WOW!  Those few days Solo and Evie knew each other were plenty enough.  It felt so real and exactly how it should be.  The attraction between them was palpable and gave me butterflies!

I love sci-fi...give me anything with aliens, planets - sound like Doctor Who yet? - superpowers, and in this case, really cool science experiments, and I'm sure to devour it.  Basically I LOVED the experiment, evil-scientist, superhuman feel of this book.  It was well-told and made me feel smart as I read it - haha!

A science fiction delight!  But it's not just for sci-fi nerds like me...  I think, if you like to read, you should give it a shot!

For the Parents -
Whew!  One of the reasons I knocked it to 4 stars was the content - it distracted from the plot some of the time.  There are lots of b**ch sprinkled throughout, mostly calling people that.  A few other cuss words.  Plus, Aislin, Eve's friend, makes quite a few adult themed jokes about the sexy guys around her, especially when Eve has to create Adam's "boy parts".  Eve and Solo are put in a few awkward, would-be sexual situations, made awkward by the fact that they are attracted to each other.  Some passionate kissing.  A lot of this is humorous, but still older themes. Recommended 16+

Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Buys - The Writing Edition

I finally splurged on a writing book...or two...or three.  I'm really excited about them!  I needed the extra push.  I'm really loving having these basics around!

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath
I can't wait to read this!  My friends and I are doing a little read-along and I can't even wait!

Eon by Alison Goodman
I was really craving a thick YA fantasy.  I almost bought one full price at B&N.  Then I found this for $1 at the used bookstore.  SCORE!

The Prey by Andrew Fukuda
I'm dying to read this NOW because The Hunt ended like soooo Lauren Oliver-ish it's not even funny.  I've waited almost a year so I'm hoping to get to this ASAP.

Thesaurus and Synonym/Antonym books
I seriously need these so badly.

The Emotion Thesaurus by Ackerman & Puglisi
THIS BOOK.  I read some reviews on Amazon and decided it's what I need.  I've used it EVERY TIME I've written since I got it.  Which is every day.  This book is priceless, people.  Go buy it if you're a writer!  It's only $10 on Amazon!

Ordinary Magic by Caitlin Rubino-Bradway
So guys, I kinda love this book. A lot. Caitlin makes my world go 'round.  Read her book, yo.
And if you can't decide if you want to, you could always read my incredibly persuasive review HERE.

The Spindlers by Lauren Oliver
Obviously, since she's my favorite.
And Obviously, since I'm meeting her in about 2 weeks.
You know, no biggie.

Tiger's Quest by Colleen Houck
I love these books.  So, so much.  Oh, happy day!

Tiger's Voyage by Colleen Houck
LOOK!!  ANOTHER ONE!!  This one, I think, is my favorite of the series.  I'm dying over it.  The dragons are magnificent. TRUE LOVE.

(They're so ordinary they're extraordinary.)
(Ignore my weak attempt at mentioning Ordinary Magic again.)

Anyways.  Happy reading to all!! ;)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Review: Dualed by Elsie Chapman (#1)

Dualed by Elsie Chapman (#1)
Pages: 304
Release Date:  February 26th, 2013
Date Read:  2012, December 6th-12th
Received:  ARC via NetGalley
Rating:  4/5 stars
Recommended to:  13+

West isn't sure when her Alt will be activated.  No one knows.  And after a terrible accident - yet another in a long line of accidents in her family - West isn't sure of her abilities anymore.  When her Alt is finally activated, so shortly after the accident, West finds herself running from the Alternate version of herself.  Who is better, really?  Which West really deserves the right to live?  And which will gain the victory in the end?

I must say I genuinely enjoyed this book!  No, it's not the best I've ever read, but it satisfied, and I do recommend it.  I wasn't totally sold on the writing, or West's narration, but I liked it enough to keep reading, and the story line kept me going.  It's an intriguing idea and it definitely got me thinking - and questioning all I believe about death and the right to live.  I kept putting myself in West's situation.  I can't imagine going through that!  As you all know, I enjoy thought-provoking books.

West, West, West...  I don't know what to say about her.  I feel like there isn't much.  She's a bit boring, honestly.  And really confusing.  I never knew from moment to moment what she'd be feeling.  Moody, I think, is an appropriate word for her.  She liked to say one thing and then do the exact opposite.  I think this is all a part of her character and what makes her human...but wow it was frustrating sometimes!

Chord is quite possibly my favorite character (there weren't that many, to be honest).  At first I thought he was going to be the moody, brooding, dark and mysterious love interest.  But he turned out to be so much more, and a very original character, at that!  I thought he added so much to the story and made me want to keep reading.  I always wanted to get to another Chord scene!

There are a few others, but I won't say much about them because I think they should be a surprise to the reader.  But they were well-built and interesting!

Wow - talk about an adrenaline rush!  I was so glued to my phone as I read it (I read my NetGalleys on Bluefire).  I honestly could not put it down and stayed up so late to finish it.  The story was really well-developed, and I feel like that is Chapman's strong point.  She really makes it worth the reader's while.

I also liked the world-building.  Could have been more in-depth, but what I got was pretty amazing.  I would like to see a bit more of West's world in the next book!  I also really really liked the unusual names.  Chord and West are just two of them.  I remember being really intrigued by the names, something that doesn't happen often.  I'm a name geek.

I won't say much else - don't want to be a spoilsport!  But really - if you have your doubts about the writing/characters/anything else/etc., don't doubt.  Keep reading!  The climax will be worth it, promise!

Worth reading!  It may have its faults, but this book is seriously intense.  Give it a go!

For the Parents -
A kiss or two.  Maybe some minor cussing.  I didn't write anything down while reading and that means it was really clean!  Recommended 13+

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Characters in the Fantasy Genre

This amazing meme is brought to you by The Broke and the Bookish. ;)

I picked Fantasy because I think a lot of FANTASTIC characters are in them and they should be celebrated where all can see.  (There may be a few subgenres mixed in...)  Enjoy!  And link me up in the comments! :)

10.  Ella from Just Ella - An absolute favorite childhood read.  Still, to this day, magnificent.  And I just LOVE Ella.  And all her spunk.  She's also slightly cynical...which I love.

9.  Mo from Inkheart/spell/death - He's amazing.  Like, really truly amazing.  He's a wower.  The things he does...the person he becomes...I have so much respect for his character.

8.  Holly Claus from The Legend of Holly Claus - I just adore Holly from the bottom of my heart.  She's so sweet and kind and loving and brave.

7.  Tansy Miller from My Unfair Godmother - She's so adorable!  She makes me laugh so hard...not even just her, but the situations she gets herself into.  And all she is when she's with Hudson.  It's the greatest. :)

6.  Roran Stronghammer from Brisingr/Inheritance - I love this man.  And I love his love for his wife, and also his cousin, and also his people.

5.  100 Cupboards trilogy - I wanted to say ALL THE CHARACTERS.  I also wanted to narrow it down to 3.  Not happening.  So.  ALL THE CHARACTERS.

4.  Kelsey Hayes from Tiger's Saga - I love this chica!  She rocks my socks with her awesomeness and I kind of want to be her best friend.  No really.  And not just to drool over her husband, which would be totally awkward and highly inappropriate.

3.  Percy Jackson - You beautiful boy, you.  He's in the Heroes of Olympus and Percy Jackson and the Olympians and basically, he stole my heart.  Forever and always.

2.  JARED from Incarceron/Sapphique - I always capitalize his name.  Always.  He means so much to me.  He's one of the most beautiful characters ever created.

1.  Dustfinger from Inkheart/spell/death - I just KNOW you weren't expecting this one, riiiiiight????  Well, since it was probably OBVIOUS he would be the first, I guess I don't have to say much, do I?  Except I wish my name was Roxanne and that I would have his children.  But maybe that's too much?  Ok, shutting up now.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Buys - The Noah Shaw Edition

Yup.  You heard me.


Look upon the great beauty.

 Struck by Jennifer Bosworth
I've NEVER entered a Twitter giveaway.  Ever.  But I decided to, just once, when I saw one from @fiercereads .  And, guess what?  I WON.  So weird, right?  But so awesome!! :)
And it's SIGNED!  I've met Jenn before, and I think she's a witty dear and I can't wait to read Struck!

Obsidian Mirror by Catherine Fisher
I love Catherine Fisher so much I could marry her.  Ok, not really, but close enough.  Her books, anyways.
And I won this ARC through Librarything.

Academy 7 by Anne Osterlund
I love this lady a lot.  Read my review of this book HERE.
It's a charmer! :)

The Evolution of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin
I'M DYING.  I NEED TO START IT!  But I don't have time these days!  ACH!  I will, next week though.  Maybe this weekend.  Not sure.  BUT SOON!

The Hidden Coronet by Catherine Fisher
This is kind of a Fisher week!  Which I am TOTALLY okay with.  Fisher is my best friend.
Can't wait to get deeper into this series!! :D  Bless my soul, so far they've been wondrous.

So pretty and Noah-Shaw-Ish and Fisher-Ish.  All good things. :)

What about you all?  Link me up to your posts!! :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Romances

This amazing meme is brought to you by The Broke and the Bookish. ;)

10.  Jack/Nikki - Everneath/Everbound
This couple rocks my socks.  Their mad love for each other is what drives the story so much.  It rocks my world how much they love each other so much.  While reading Everbound I was like, I want my future husband and I to love each other like Jack and Nikki do.  It's so powerful.

9.  Naji/Ananna - The Assassin's Curse
INTENSE.  They haven't even kissed yet and it's, like, the craziest emotions all swirling around inside my heavily pounding heart!!!!!!  JUST FREAKING KISS ALREADY!  Beautiful.  Just beautiful.

8.  Katniss/Peeta - The Hunger Games/Catching Fire/Mockingjay
Because of Peeta's love for Katniss.  Honestly, that was what drove the 1st book so much for me.  It would have been good without that, but Peeta made it great.  His dedication is something every relationship needs.  It wowed me.

7.  Percy/Annabeth - Percy Jackson/Heros of Olympus
Oh, the fangirling giggles you wouldn't BELIEVE!  I can't even describe...Percy...the underwater kiss, the END OF THE MARK OF ATHENA.  Just.  Believe me when I say that I love their love story so much that it hurts.  My heart actually hurts, guys.  FEELS.

6.  Cassia/Ky - Matched/Crossed/Reached
So much suffering.  So much separation and finding and loving and fighting and breaking and loving some more and being put back together again.  It's precious, really, how deeply they loved, even when things were the hardest they'd ever seen them.  These books bring me to tears.  Quite literally.

5.  Hadley/Oliver - The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight
I'm just so in love with this book it's not even funny.  I couldn't even believe how perfect it was when I finished it and was crying my eyes out for the last two hours I read it and was like, "What am I even going to do with my life now that this is over?!"  The love story.  It just...wow.  So powerful and real and magnificent, and all in a day's work.  I mean, really, one day.  Just...yes.  Yes yes yes yes yes.

4.  Kelsey/Ren - Tiger's Saga
I can't even get over how much I love this romance.  It melts my heart so much (or, makes it pound untamedly - even though that's not a word - deal with it) that I'm always going on and on and on about how it's one of the best love stories I've ever read.  It really is.

3.  Jane/Edward - Jane Eyre
There's no way I would leave out one of my favorite classic romances.  The passion, the intrigue, the intensity, the depth!  I just couldn't get over it!  "Reader, I married him." is one of the best lines in all of literature, ever.  In all of history.

2.  Lena/Alex - Delirium
Good gosh.  'Cause it made me cry like nothing else.  Because it was somehow delicate and frail and strong and perfect all at once.  Because of how it changed both of them in so many great ways without altering who they were.  I can't say I'd want to live this romance, but...it's one of the most beautiful.  That's why it's here, in my top three, because it always will be.

1.  Dustfinger/Roxanne - Inkheart/Inkspell/Inkdeath
My all-time favorite.  They're not teens, they don't have teen drama or wonder if they're right for each other and all that.  They're married, they're even older, like in their thirties, and they're so madly in love and so painfully tragic and beautiful, that I can't help but want to be Roxanne.  Always.  Forever.  Roxanne.  To see my name painted on the walls in Dustfinger's flames - now that would be perfection.

There you go!  The hopeless romantic in me came out big time in this post.  I'm actually quite fond of my hopeless romantic-ness.  ;)
What are some of YOUR favorite romances???

Happy reading!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Review: Nobody But Us by Kristin Halbrook

Nobody But Us by Kristin Halbrook
Pages: 272
Release Date:  January 29th, 2013
Date Read:  2013, January 5th-7th
Received:  ARC via publisher
Rating:  4/5 stars
Recommended to:  16+

Will and Zoe are in love.
They are running away together.
They're telling no one of their plans.
When they make it to Vegas and blend into the crowd, they'll go to school and work hard to build a life together.
They'll get married and have a house and careers.
That is...if they make it there.

The firs thing that pops into my head is that I love Kristin Halbrook's writing.  She's a debut, and is absolutely fantastic at what she does!  She is definitely a God-gifted word-weaver!

I've been wanting an ARC of this book ever since I heard about it.  The premise is amazing - and I love stories that are "based" off of or "related to" other stories.

Well, did it live up to the hype I gave it?  Not like I was hoping.  But it was definitely worth my time, for other reasons.
Through the whole book, there are mostly only 2 characters: Zoe and Will.  Just them.  Traveling.
Honestly, that could have been excessively boring.  But it wasn't, because their relationship is so dynamic, so real and gritty and beautiful and strange.  They were fast to get out of their old lives together, and they were so in love and happy to be together.

I honestly can't write much about how they were when they were apart, or didn't know each other, etc.  There wasn't much to it.  Zoe was pushed, shoved, beat, and forced to watch a horrible thing happen to her mother.  Will was abandoned and passed between foster homes.  He wants differently for Zoe.  He wants change.

But that's about it.  And I learned most of this within a few chapters; sure, things popped up later on that were surprising.  But not about character - about story.  So together, Zoe and Will were a well-developed couple and really fascinating and dimensional.  Apart, not as much as I'd hoped.  Still, very enjoyable to read about.

The story here is unusual, beautiful, and full of suspense and danger.  However, I did have an issue with it, based on what the blurb said.  "Bonnie and Clyde meets If I Stay"...  Well, if I know anything about Bonnie and Clyde, it's that they were criminals together.  They lived out the lives of ill-fated criminals.  I was seriously excited to get some of that action...but it fell flat for me.  There was some stealing...of tampons...  Sorry, that's no Bonnie and Clyde.

Besides that, this ride flew by me.  I felt engaged and I just knew that was going to happen at the end. :(  The end was a bit too quick for my tastes, but with some incredible force that made up for it.  It's about sacrifice and love - which is not always easy.  In this case, it's HUGE.  And totally the perfect way to end this story.  While it was sad, it held a lot of promise for the future, and that's what really counts.

I am, however, really surprised that I didn't cry.  I thought I would, but apparently I wasn't that invested.  Still, I'm sure this story has prompted many tears in others.

Saddening.  A stunningly-written debut for Kristin!  Definitely add Nobody But Us to your book list!

For the Parents -
Lots of kissing.  Passionate, details, with some removing of clothes.  Will is once naked in front of Zoe...as he tickles her.  They don't have sex; Zoe wants to wait.  A lot of F-bombs and other swear words, often used very negatively.  Recommended 16+

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Best Bookish Memories

This amazing meme is brought to you by The Broke and the Bookish. ;)

10.  Reading Little Women at 9-years-old.  We got this lovely copy from Barnes and Noble and it was sitting on the shelf and so I read it.  And, I'm proud to say, understood it.  It was the 2nd classic I'd ever read (the first being Black Beauty) and the 1st that I actually liked.  I have since re-read it and it's just beautiful!

9.  Running to the store the VERY second Barnes and Noble opened to buy Everneath on its release date.  I even predicted this in my review of Everneath.  And it happened.  And to this day, it's a favorite memory.

8.  Any time I give a book as a gift.  I'm seriously SUCH a ridiculous gift giver.  I just am always looking for things to buy people, and bookish gifts are, obviously, my absolute favorites.  Two of my favorite books to give to people are The City of Ember and 100 Cupboards.

7.  Speaking of The City of Ember - one of my BEST bookish memories is when my dad would read The City of Ember out loud to us girls every night.  We were so addicted - and since then I've read the book three times on my own.  It never gets old.

6.  Also a great bookish memory - when my sister Ember discovered 100 Cupboards in Borders.  She kept telling me about the quirky characters, and how she was going to save all her money to buy the hardcover.  She read it and raved and raved, and I just didn't believe her.  That is, until I read it.  Now the entire series has been fought over by me and my sister, until I broke down and bought my own copies of the trilogy.  We always do this now: every time N. D. Wilson comes out with a new book, we preorder 2 copies six months before they come out.  It works. ;)

5.  Discovering the blogging industry...and with that, meeting other bloggers and amazing authors.  It has been such a journey having this blog for 2.5 years.  An incredible journey.  I've learned so much about the publishing industry, the authors writing the books, and all the processes.  I've learned about my own writing and it has been so encouraging to me as an aspiring author.  The bookish friends I've made include Laura @ A Work of Fiction, Small @ Small Review, Ashley @ Ashley Loves Books, Anna @ Sparkles and Lightning, and plenty of others!  Also, the authors I have met include Brodi Ashton, Bree Despain, Veronica Roth, Sarah J. Maas, Carrie Arcos, Jennifer Bosworth, etc. etc. ;)  These ladies are so amazing and I just love this industry so much!

(This image relates to the following 3 best bookish memories.  Why me crying my eyes out are some of my very very favorites, I do not know.  Don't ask.)

4.  Finishing Harry Potter for the first time in my life.  On December 12th, 2012, I sat in my room for four hours and read the last half of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  Godric's Hollow and on.  I cried the whole time.

3.  Reading the end of Delirium.  Back when I thought it would be ok.  Back when I was sure Lauren Oliver wouldn't break my heart into a bazillion tiny little pieces.  But she did.  I cried for 30 minutes straight, thank you very much.  I even ran and hugged my mom and choked out the story to her.  It was pathetic, but entirely logical.

2.  Reading the end of Inkspell.  Umm. Basically, my sister, who was sitting across the room from me, was laughing at how hard I was crying.  Poopy on her.

*Meet the love of my life*

1.  Reading Inkheart for the first time on Easter Sunday, nearly 7 years ago.  This is the ultimate bookish memory for me.  I hadn't read Inkheart yet (translation: I hadn't met the love of my life, Dustfinger).  We were having friends over after church but I practically ignored them all day.  I kept Inkheart under my leg during lunch, looking down every so often to read a page or stroke the cover.  It was totally obsessive.  And yet, again, totally logical.  After lunch, I ran upstairs, ignoring dessert, and hid in my room for SIX HOURS.  Just reading.  I flopped around so many times, finding the strangest places to get comfortable when my back started to hurt or my fingers were tired or my neck and eyes were strained.  I didn't come back out until it was late.  It was the best day.

So there it is.  These memories are my favorites.  What are yours??

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sparkles and Lightning: Follower Appreciation Giveaway!

Enter this giveaway, guys!!  You so want to.  You know you do.  Lot's of great options to choose from - really really really! :)))

Sparkles and Lightning Follower Appreciation Giveaway

Sparkles and Lightning: Follower Appreciation Giveaway!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Buys - I Almost Cried Edition

You wanna know why I almost cried?

Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein - TBD
I ordered this.  And it came in.  And when it did I had to hold back tears.
Oh.  This book.

Glimmer by Phoebe Kitanidis - Trade
I can't wait for this one!  Besides the gorgeous cover, it sounds thoroughly intriguing.



If you don't know yet, I almost burst into tears when Code Name Verity came in, because I started thinking about its contents and how freaking beautifully sad they are.  Read it, and you'll know.  You'll be crying, too.  For Breaking Point it was kind of a shriek.  Ok, a really really long and loud shriek, accompanied by jumping and dancing and teasing my sister with it.  And Glimmer, I didn't jump and squeal and shriek and cry - yet.  I hope I do, though! ;)

So. Yeah.  It was a good week.
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