Tuesday, November 27, 2012


What happens when Picasa tells you that you've run out of space and you CAN'T POST ANY MORE PICTURES UNTIL YOU UPGRADE?!?!?!

You go into panic mode, that's what.

I was at first very disoriented and confused and frustrated and like, "OMG AM I GOING TO LOSE MY PRECIOUS BLOGGY-WOGGY?!"

Now I'm just resigned.  FINE I'll pay $2.50 a month for 25x the space I already had.

It's actually not that bad.

I feel better now.

And soon, you will see more posts and awesomeness and reviews and Friday Buys and VS posts and Bookshelf Dilemmas and all the things you've been missing for the last week or so.

So hold tight.  Be patient.  And stare at your screen, waiting so impatiently for me to hurry up so your life, which consists of reading my blog posts, can resume.

You're welcome.

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