Monday, November 12, 2012

Review: Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas (#1)

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas (#1)
Pages: 404
Release Date:  August 2nd, 2012
Date Read:  2012, July 11th-13th
Received:  ARC via NetGalley (OWN)
Rating:  4/5 stars
Recommended to:  14+

Celaena Sardothien, feared assassin, trained to kill without hesitation.  Ruthless, sarcastic, strong.  By the prince's command, she has been captured by the captain of the Guard.  She has been offered freedom - if she wins a competition and works for the king for four years.  But what cost will Celaena pay?  The lives of every contestant is on the line, especially when the ruthless, disturbing killings begin.  And hard-hearted Celaena may have a reason to love again.  But nothing - nothing - must stand between her and freedom.

I really, really enjoyed this book!  The feel to it is awesome - I mean, female assassins are WAY cool.  The writing sometimes fell short, but then made up for it with some awesome fight scenes and descriptions.

I'll admit, for the first half of the book, there were some prominent things that really stood out to me, as annoying.  More on that later - but I was considering 3 stars.  Good thing it really really made up for it!  Besides, months after I've read it, I hardly remember those things and had to look at my notes.  They're not super important, but they are there.

One thing I didn't love was the shifting POVs.  So random, and often unneeded, I felt.  They would have seemed more vital if they had shown, rather than told.  They got better as the story progressed, but at first they irked me.

Celaena was....unstable.  Let's put it that way.  She was insane one moment, angelic the next.  A bit inconsistent, I felt, but only in the beginning.  Then, mid-book, she seemed more....crazy, like her year in the mines had sent her over the edge.  Then, after being around people and building friendships, her mind seemed to heal.  So while I had some issues with her, I still loved her character all around and felt that most of her actions were totally normal for a trained assassin trying to gain her freedom.  And her flaws made her all the more real to me!  She proved to be a very worthy MC in the end.

Crown Prince Dorian, one of the love interests, was...well, he grew on me.  I don't think he's the one for Celaena, not at all, and I felt sorry for the poor love-struck chap,  He kind of annoyed me at first, like he was too cheesy.  But then he got better.  Definitely friend material, but not strong enough or dedicated enough for me to adore him like I adore....

Chaol.  This guy is so wonderful I want to write an epic poem proclaiming my love for him - or something along those ridiculous but totally realistic lines... ;)  He's such a man - and that's just it!  He's responsible, strong, hard-working, terribly gorgeous, and just fantastically incredible on every level.  He is strong and steadfast, where Celaena is wild and unpredictable.  That is what makes him perfect for her, among other things.  The way he pushed, encouraged, stayed strong, was a rock for Celaena in a world where her next move could be her last....  I love him.  I love him.  I love him.  I love him.  I love him.  Etc, etc, etc.

I really loved Nehemia.  She's strange, forceful, like Celaena.  Their friendship was really a great dynamic for the story.

THE BAD GUYS. WERE. NASTY!  They scared me...seriously they were so radically EVIL.  I don't want to say names 'cause I feel like that would be a bit spoilery.  But for reals - assassins are crazy!  Twenty-three criminals competing for a title?  Crazy!

Reading the story about an assassin is new to me, but...I want more!  Now!  Like, when's the next book coming out?!  (And can the cover please feature Chaol, PLEASE?! *Sigh*)

So, the story starts - and never slows.  Not once.  Fast fast fast!  I loved that about it.  Always something happening, a new twist, a new development!

And welcome to the land of NO INSTA-LOVE!  Congratulations, Sarah!  You win the award of perfectly drawn out love story development, and two different kinds!  For Dorian, it started out as very physical, because he's been a bit of a womanizer (to say the least), and while I believe he loves her, in his own way, I think someone else's love (coughcough!) is deeper, greater...

Chaol's love develops not through physical attraction, but through time spent together, a connection through working hard together, through laughing together.  It was beautiful to see his progression of feelings from hatred to....WOW.  Very powerful emotions.  :D

I'm also so happy that Celaena didn't kiss both boys and act all confused about her feelings.  She was very level-headed in her feelings toward the boys.  But'm highly anticipating Celaena and Chaol's first kiss!  Like - hurry up already, Sarah! ;)

The book ended with a bang.  Stunning!  The last part of the climax - "Get up!" sent my heart pounding away.  My knuckles turned while.  My breathing paused.  Wow.

Starts good and ends really really great!  Sarah, please hurry up!  Your fans are dying in anticipation!  I bought Throne of Glass and had it signed by the lovely author and now I hope to do the same for Book 2! :D

For the Parents -
Some minor cussing; a few kisses with little detail.  Very violent - sometimes gory.  Reference to faces being ripped off, brains getting cut up, etc. Recommended 14+.


  1. Team Chaol all the way! Dorian grew on me, but he just can't beat Chaol. He is such an awesome guy. And yeah for no-insta-love!

    I love how flawed Celaena is. So different and refreshing! Her friendship with Nehemia was great indeed :)

    Great review! You reminded me of all the fun I had with this book and I can't wait for book 2!

  2. You know I loved this :D Even though I have to say I'm Team Dorian. Chaol was just…not enough for me. Oh well! Fabulous review in any case :) x

  3. Jenny @ Supernatural SnarkNovember 14, 2012 at 7:15 AM

    I think I might be the only person on the planet that didn't care for this book. I fail at life:) I just didn't find Celaena to be someone I could really relate to - she was this badass assassin but yet all she did was talk about being badass, I never really saw her be badass until the very end. I've heard from a variety of people that I should have read the novellas first and they would have given me a better feel for her, so maybe that was my mistake! I agree with you that by the end I was neck deep in the story, and I'm still looking forward to giving book 2 a try:)

  4. Aww what a bummer!! I agree with you, though - there were times when I was like, sheesh, girl! Quite talking and start kicking some ass! But then I did love the end and it kind of made up for it. Now I'm looking forward to more badass awesomeness in the next book! I hope we both love book 2 with a passion! ;)

  5. Ahahaha I'm just so glad we don't have to fight over the boys...we can each have our respective man and live happily ever after as neighbors. LOL ;)

    Thanks darling! And yes, I figured you would comment on this because you love it so much. Fingers crossed in anticipation for book 2! :D

  6. Thanks so much for the comment, Mel! :) YAY FOR TEAM CHAOL!! :D <3 I love him. And yes! Celaena's flaws made her all the more real to me!

    Let's attempt patience in this long wait for book 2 - I look forward to it! <3

  7. Ewww. Faces getting ripped off? Pretty heavy stuff.
    Great review!!

  8. YES to absolutely everything you said!! We're especially in total lockstep with our feelings for both of the guys. :) You describe it perfectly about the two different types of love she has with each of them and the depth of those loves.

  9. :DDDDD OHHH CHAOL!!! Hahahaha I just love the guy to pieces. I'm so glad we agree. It's very important to me that we agree on this. I hope we agree through the rest of the series - you know how things can change. Oh gosh Sarah Maas you BETTER NOT change anything!! ;) haha Anywho, I'm so glad we both loved this one...Ahhh so impatient for book 2! At least I just want a NAME! haha ;)

  10. Thanks! :) I know, right? It was kind of yuck, but not too much. ;)

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  12. You know how much I love this series, but I really like your points about the "annoying stuff" because I totally agree with all of them!

  13. Ahhh, and you know how much I love this series as well. The first one had me kind of....unsure about things. BUT NOW YOU KNOW I LOVE THESE BOOKS WITH MY HEART AND SOUL. *cries forever*

  14. It's a good thing we were so hooked we had to stay with it!