Friday, October 5, 2012

The Assassin's Curse (Quotes)

And then I heard this low creaking groan, and I knew they were shifting the boat so we could run with the wind to safety.  Under normal circumstances, it ain't nothing I can't handle.  But with the wind and the hurt in my body it was too much.  The movement knocked me loose.  I managed to hang on with one hand, swinging out over the deck.  What with the seawater and the sunlight, everything down there was covered in rainbows. 
Then I lost my grip, and I fell. 
- 190 of ARC (final text is subject to change!) 

Isn't that just magnificent, everyone??  I just love it to pieces...that and every other thing about this book.

Review and interview coming on Monday/Tuesday!!  Definitely come back - you won't want to miss it! :D

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