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Review: Insurgent by Veronica Roth (#2)

Insurgent by Veronica Roth (#2)
Pages: 525
Release Date:  May 1st, 2012
Date Read:  2012, June 18th-21st
Received:  OWN
Rating:  5/5 stars, Forever Favorite
Recommended to:  14+

Some spoilers for Divergent!  Read my review HERE.

Tris has lost everything - everything except for her brother, Caleb, and her boyfriend, Four.  They are on the run, running from something they don't yet understand, hiding the heartache inside as they fight for survival.  There is a war, building inside the factions, threatening to burst.  Tris and her friends must choose sides and create balance in their lives, before their world tips over.

As stunning as Divergent was, I had NO FLIPPING IDEA that Veronica would do it again.  I had hope for the best, but expected the worst, because who knows?  These days, I find I can never get my hopes up.  But what was I even thinking?  Insurgent blew Divergent out of the water.  I thought, no!  It can't be!  But it was.  Insurgent rocked my world.

Tris is radical.  I sometimes get infuriated with other readers for hating on her change in Insurgent.  What she does and how she acts is only rational!  She lost family members, killed a dear friend out of self-defense, and has lost a home she loved very much.  She's struggling.  And if our heroes aren't even allowed to struggle, to war within themselves, then what's the point?  How can we relate to them?  I found I related to Tris more in Insurgent than in Divergent.

So, yeah, I love her to pieces.  I kind of want to be like her.  She kicks butt and is smart and, on a more shallow note, she has the world's best boyfriend.  I mean, come on!

And while Tris was amazing, I have to say, the world's best boyfriend is still my favorite.  Ever.  In the entire world.  He's so beyond epic, it hurts my face.  How can he be so superhuman and yet so imperfect and still stay so lovable???  I just don't know.  But he's just delicious.

I could go on and on about these two, and the side cast, but I have to NOT overwhelm the review.  So, basically, everyone had a SUPER neat role to paly.  No one fell by the wayside.  All the family dynamics and friendship strengths/issues added about 50 dimensions to the story.  It was so real, so smooth and life-like and raw, it was like I was living it.

I could say the same about the story.
Packed full to the freaking brim with action, passion, discovery, mystery, and SO MUCH HEARTACHE it was impossible (no exaggeration!) to set this book down.  I read nearly 200 pages a day, more than my usual amount!  The length of this book, 525 pages, is totally easy to get through because you never once notice it.  And you'll want it to keep going on because of that DARN END!

Stupid cliffhangers that are a mind-explosion.  SO. NOT. FAIR.

Another thing that a lot of people didn't like was the direction Tris and Four's relationship went.  HOW?!  How can you not like that??  It was perfect in the story.  Once Tris and Four got to settle down for a bit, relax, be regular teens for once, just be together, there were other issues than just not being able to be together.  That's life, hate to break it to ya.  They didn't always agree, they fought, they kept secrets, did dumb things - everyone does.  But what matters most is that even when they disagreed, they always loved selflessly.  They put the other's life before their own and that was the most beautiful thing I've seen in YA since the end of Delirium back in 2-11.  In any case, the relationship dynamics were perfect.  Totally real and what many teens and even adults can relate to.  And - hint, hint! - it doesn't end badly.  Guaranteed!

A journey for everyone -and one of my Forever Favorite books.  It was an excellence beyond excellent.  It's in its own class.  You'll be doing yourself a favor by reading these books. :)

For the Parents -
Violence, but not gory, throughout.  Maybe a cuss word?  The romance is passionate and deep and the characters often kiss passionately, with some detail.  These scenes are intense, I'm not going to lie.  They never have sex but once they kiss in bed they're tempted to when they get lost in each other, but they stop and just share a hug.  Recommended 14+


  1. I loved this book too! Such an amazing series. Great review!
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    Clean Adult Fiction

  2. Jenny @ Supernatural SnarkOctober 2, 2012 at 7:20 AM

    I'm so nervous about the cliffhanger Sierra! I think I need to wait to pick this one up until book 3 is out, I'm not sure I can handle the mind explosion without having the next leg of the journey at my fingertips:) So excited to finally get to this one though, I'm so glad to know you loved it!

  3. Great great great fantastic amazing review!!! I am so impressed ;) I am do happy that this book did it for you! I'm waiting till the third gets a little closer then I will pick up the next two becuase and you said this, I love Tris and Fouris totally amazing!!! No cliff hangers for me ;)

  4. Hahaha sooo many people are saying that they want to wait for book 3!! I can understand...but man I want everyone to read it right now!! haha ;)
    Thanks for the comment Jenny! :D

  5. Thanks Kathryn! :D

  6. This book rocked my face off too. Loved your review!

  7. So, I decided to comment on this one, bc I just watched the movie last night and it brought back ALL THE FEELS.... ERMAGOSH!!!!!!! So freaking good.