Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pint-Size Reivew: Dark Star by Bethany Frenette (#1)

Dark Star by Bethany Frenette (#1)
Pages:  368
Release Date:  October 23rd, 2012
Date Read:  2012, August 29th-31st
Received:  ARC (borrowed)
Rating:  4/5 stars
Recommended to:  13+

Audrey lives a life that many dream they could have.  here mom's the superhero Morning Star, and Audrey has a few tricks up her sleeve herself.  She has the Knowing gift, a psychic-like sense that comes in handy very often.  When danger falls, and Harrowers escape from the Beneath, Audrey discovers that she and her mom - and her mom's trusty sidekick Leon - are not what she's always believed.  She is one of the Kin, and she may be more capable than she ever dreamed.  Now, with Harrowers lurking on ever dark corner, killing left and right to find something powerful, Audrey must gather all her courage to become who she was meant to be.

What a totally fun, engrossing, novel this was!  I had a blast reading it - I mean, superheroes and sidekicks and bad guys from Beneath, and an adorable best friend PLUS a radical love interest?  ALL these things are right down my alley.  (And the best friend and love interest?  Two totally different guys, thank you very much!)

Now, I think this book...lacks in some areas.  The characters are good but a bit underdeveloped or cliched. The story line was good but felt a bit rushed.  I liked the writing but it wasn't my favorite.  All those reasons make me think, I should have rated it 3 stars.  But NO!  It was too much fun to ignore, and for that it gets extra points!!

One of my biggest things...I wanted more Leon.  Things between Audrey and Leon were progressing at a good pace, but it felt like it was a bit rushed at the end.  Still...two superheroes who are attracted to each other, having cake batter fights in the kitchen while mom's gone?  Totally romantic!  Leon was SUCH a great character!!

Audrey herself was good but a bit too unrelatable for me.  Her mom, Lucy, was a really neat lady who I enjoyed reading about - and I loved Lucy and Audrey's relationship!  The cousins, the grandmother...all good characters, but not striking in any way.

So, pretty much - Leon wins best character!! :D  I adored him!  Second in line is Gideon, the best friend, who made me smile often.  He was wonderful!

So, overall good, totally fantabulously fun, and I think you should give it a go - I hope you enjoy it like I did!

This book reminds me of...
Watching a Marvel movie (not quite as brilliant, though...)
Romantic food fights (really, that was my favorite scene!!)
Awkward and hilarious and swoony first kisses
Red John - look it up
Sneaky hidden identities
Superfun :)

For the Parents -
A kiss; some brief language.  Some HS kids go to a club on Friday nights, where they serve non-alcoholic beverages and things stay under control/appropriate.  Recommended 14+

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  1. Aww, that is totally cute, Sierra! I can't wait to read this one, it sounds so fabulous! And a CAKE BATTER FIGHT. I will read this book, if just solely for that reason! EEEE! I love romance, and what's better than a romance between two super heroes? *swoon*

    I might be a bit upset by the underdeveloped characters, though. :( Fab review, Sierra! <3