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An Interview With Bethany Frenette

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Why she's here:

Hey Bethany, thanks for joining us today at Yearning to Read!  To start off, can you give us five fun facts about yourself?
1) I celebrated the sale of my first book by going skydiving with my friend Dave.  It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done.  I have no problem with heights, but I’m not a fan of airplanes, and the idea of falling out of one caused me no end of worry—but I told myself that now that I’d achieved my childhood dream, I could do anything, so I should just go ahead and be brave.  So I did it!
2) My best friend and I met in kindergarten.  We both wore the same Land Before Time dress to school one day, which was a clear indication that we were meant to be friends for life.  She doesn’t remember the dress thing, but trust me, it happened.  (Full disclosure:  I moved after third grade, and we lost touch until high school, when I switched schools again.  But we still met in kindergarten!)
3)  When I was fourteen, I made up a country that existed in a five-foot radius around me.  I charged taxes.  (Not that anyone ever paid me, sadly.)
4)  I sing constantly.  I’m not even aware I’m doing it most of the time.  Usually it’s just nonsense songs to my cats, but it occasionally happens in public, horrifyingly enough.  Once, my sister and I were out shopping, and I didn’t realize I was singing until a woman in the aisle with us sang back to me.  (For the curious, our impromptu duet went like this:  “My feet hurt, my feet hurt.”  “Mine do too, mine do too!”)
5) This one isn’t really about me, but it’s about my family, and I like to tell it.  My grandfather proposed to my grandmother on the day they met.  She was engaged to someone else at the time, but she ran off with Grandpa anyway.  They were married ten days later, and stayed together until she died.   So if anyone asks whether or not I believe in love at first sight, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be around without it!

Oh my goodness - The Land Before Time!  Favorite EVER! :D  So cute :)
What are five books you think everyone should read?
I’m not sure about them being for everyone, but these books are some of my favorites, and they all had a pretty big impact on me—and on my writing.

1) Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones
2) A Ring of Endless Light by Madeleine L’Engle
3) The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle
4) Wicked by Gregory Maguire
5) Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt

Tuck Everlasting was so amazing - and I'm so looking forward to Howl's Moving Castle! :)
How has writing and being published affected your life?
I’ve been writing most of my life, and can’t really imagine ever not writing.  Even when I’m not actively working on a book, I’m usually making up stories in my head.  So being published is pretty much living the dream.  But it’s also been an adjustment—a good one!—and not just to my daily routine.  It was very surreal at first, hearing other people discuss my book and characters, instead of just my poor friends having to deal with my nonstop babble.  But the best part is probably that I’m able to spend more time actually writing now.

I agree!  What is life without writing? ;)
Who is your favorite character that you have created and why?
I’m not actually sure I have a favorite.  I tend to go in phases with characters—which one I love most can differ from week to week, depending on how I’m feeling or what I’m writing.  That said, there are definitely characters I have an easier time writing than others.  Audrey’s voice is very easy for me, so I’m particularly fond of her for that reason!

Audrey does have a very "easy" voice to read, so I think I know what you mean!
Who is your favorite superhero?  Who do you think has the best alter-ego?  (These don't have to be the same hero!)
I’d like to pretend my favorite is one of the more obscure superheroes, but I have to be typical and go with Batman.  How can you not love Batman?  When I was at Dragon*con this year, some guy in a Batman costume gave me a hug, and while I would normally find being hugged by a total stranger a bit unsettling, I didn’t even care.  I was just like, “Batman hugged me!”  Haha. 
I’m not sure about alter-ego.  I do love Clark Kent, in spite of the fact that his “disguise” is nothing approaching believable.

OMG WE'RE TWINS!!  Batman is my favorite - and so is Clark Kent! :)  Love this!!
If you could have one of the powers described or mentioned in Dark Star, which would it be?
Teleportation.  And I wouldn’t be responsible with it, the way Leon is.  I’m incredibly lazy, so I’d be teleporting my way to the grocery store, or even just across the room.  It would also make it much easier for me to visit my family—which is the real reason I’d choose it.

I definitely think teleportation would be so wonderful - practically and superheroically!
If you could wear a mask, cape, and/or suit, what would it/they look like?  (Color, style, etc.)
There is no way I could pull off a cape—or, really, any superhero outfit, for that matter!—but I’d probably go with a cat motif of some sort.  When I was a teenager, I was writing a different superhero story (more traditional, less urban fantasy), and the sidekick character in it was a girl who went by Cheshire (I had an Alice in Wonderland superhero theme going on—don’t ask).  So I think I’d probably copy that!

I want to see this costume produced and sold in Target! ;)
What's one thing about Audrey that you most strive to embody?
I don’t exactly strive for this, but I purposely made Audrey a lot more outgoing and assertive than I am.  She isn’t shy, and she doesn’t embarrass easily—two things I would very much like to have, myself! Otherwise, I’d say her desire to help the people she cares about; I value loyalty and family a great deal, and I hope that I’d be brave enough to step up if someone really needed me.

Loyalty always helps the reader respect the MC more - that's definitely one thing that stood out to me about Audrey!
Any hints about a sequel?? :))  (More specifically:  will we be seeing more adorable, swoon-worthy kisses??)
There is definitely more kissing!  The relationship between Audrey and Leon plays a larger role in the next book than it did in Dark Star—I had a lot of fun with them, so hopefully you will too!

Oh how exciting!! :D  I look forward to those kisses!!


Wasn't that awesome, guys?  Read on tomorrow - I'll be back with my 4-star review of Dark Star by this lovely lady, Ms. Frenette! :)

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