Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Top Ten Tuesdays: Series I Haven't Finished...for whatever reason

A fantastic meme created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish!

Well, this week's theme makes me feel guilty...cuz there are a lot of series out there I just haven't given the time of day recently, even though I really really should, and maybe even want to.  Oh well.  Here goes.

1.  Wings, Spells, Illusions, Destined - Aprilynne Pike.  So, I feel bad.  I don't really want to read Spells.  I really enjoyed Wings, and yah, sure, I want to know what happens...but...eventually.  Not yet.  I'm just not in the mood, if you know what I mean, which bums me out, because I want to.  I met Pike at a book signing and absolutely adored her.  So, what am I waiting for?  Sheesh!

2.  Young Royals series - Carolyn Meyer.  Dang... The Bad Queen is one of my favorite books ever.  It took me back and sucked me in and I didn't ever want to put it down.  I even own some of the other books in the series.  I need to make time for them!

3.  River of Time series - Lisa T. Bergren.  GUYS!  THIS IS BAD!  I own Bourne and Tribituary but I haven't even freaking started them yet!!  It's a major sin and I will repent!!

4.  Relic Master series - Catherine Fisher.  She's an all-time favorite, people.  There's got to be something wrong with me if I haven't finished the incredible new series that came out.  But, you know, I haven't, so yah. I must be demented.  I love the first two books I read in this series, so I don't know what's my problem!

5.  The Iron Fey series - Julie Kagawa.  These are the quickest reads of the centuries.  So...yah.  I have Summer's Crossing and The Iron Knight to read, but I just haven't gotten around to them.  Weirdness.

6.  Gallagher Girls series - Ally Carter.  I've read the first two, and OMG they were so much fun!  I just need to break down and get them all from the library and go on a reading spree and just LOVE THEM.  Because, really, they are fantabulous.

7.  The Keepers series - Lian Tanner.  I really enjoyed the first book in this series.  It really had an interesting idea and I want more from the author!  I own the first one in hardcover, however, and that means I have to buy the 2nd book in hardcover, which is bad because I just haven't made it a priority to buy it yet.  But I will.  Promise.

8.  Num8ers series - Rachel Ward.  The first book, Num8ers, ripped my heart out.  So, naturally, I'm ready to go back for more death to all happiness.  But, the question remains:  when?

9.  William Monk series - Anne Perry.  Let's just get this out there:  I don't do mysteries.  They're one of the  only genres that I just can't get into....except for a few exceptions.  One of them, being Anne Perry's mysteries, because she's brilliant beyond reason and I love her guts and her books more than almost anything.  I've read 3 and need to read the 4th - and the other 14 of them - AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

10.  Austenland series - Shannon Hale.  I'm madly in love with Austenland, the first book.  I own Midnight in Austenland.  I shall read it soon, I promisepromisepromise!!!  (And is anyone else excited about the Keri Russels movie adaptation of the book?!!?!?! :DDDD)

Ok, so, I wanna see all your lists!!  Link me up! :D


  1. The Iron Knight is SO good... and it's in Ash's POV. I hope you like it once you read it. (:

    My Top Ten

  2. FINISH THE IRON FEY SERIES!! :D AND THE GALLAGHER GIRL SERIES. I love both of them very much (if you couldn't tell by my excessive caps use). ;) Please find time for 'em, Sierra!

  3. I couldn't finish the Wings series either. I was bored out of my mind with them.

    Definitely read the River of Time...they're among my top favorite books EVER. LOVE them! Also, Midnight in Austenland. *swoon* Also enjoyed the Iron Fey series, but they were a little slower than I'd expected.

    Good luck!

  4. Thanks Ems! :) I look forward to reading Midnight in Austenland after that "swoon" ;))) And yes...River of Time...it's so freaking amazing!! :D

    Thanks for the comment!

  5. Ahahahaha Sophia you made me laugh!! :D I will definitely make time for them as soon as I can! :D

  6. Midnight in Austenland improved on the first one, imo. Hope you get to read it soon!