Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Buys 8/31 - 9/21/12

Well this was a super duper fun three weeks! :D  Looky looky what I got!! :D

Splintered by A. G. Howard - ARC from Publisher (plus Key necklace!)
Isn't it stunningly beautiful??  I can't even waaaaiiiit to devour it! :D

Tiger's Destiny by Colleen Houck - bought
Already devoured this like 2 was so utterly magical!!  Review to come!!

Bourne & Tribituary by Lisa T. Bergren - bought
OMG I can't even wait for this!! I mean, a book with Greco's face on it has GOT to be good inside! ;)  Ok, Luca too. ;)  And, for obvious reasons: that it's LISA.  I mean, come on.  It's guaranteed!

Something Dangerous by Penny Vincenzi - bought $2
Almost brand new copy for $2 - what a steal!  And it looks the gorgeous cover! :D

Journals - gift from my Mommy ;)
Aren't they adorable??  The first, because I'm a writer.  The second, because I might be traveling a lot next year.  Isn't my Mommy so adorable to think of this?

Liesl & Po by Lauren Oliver - bought
Because. I'm addicted to Lauren's books. Ok? Ok.

Unraveling by Elizabeth Norris - bought

The Drowned Vault by N. D. Wilson - bought...erm, preordered in February.
So you know, he's my all-time favorite.  This came in and I definitely chewed, swallowed, and digested it.  Because what else would I do with Wilson's stories?  That's what there here for, because they are the most magnificent of the magnificents.

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher - bought $.50
Cuz, you know, I'm cool like that.  And people keep telling me to read this.  So. There.

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And my pretties.  My vintage wonderlands.

Vie de impeccable French...from 1879.
Yah.  It's freaking gorgeous.

These next two (The Haunted Hotel and The Works of Shakespeare) will be made into bookmarks using their spines.  Gorgeous, right?  I mean, who doesn't want to open a book and find these waiting for them inside? ;)


Anywho.  What have you all been buying/borrowing/receiving/gifting/etc.?  I want to know, so link me up! :D

Happpppy reading! <3 p="p">


  1. Briana @ Bree's BooksSeptember 21, 2012 at 5:27 PM

    Super jealous of Splintered! I'm reeeally looking forward to that one. And I totally get the Lauren Oliver love - she's great. I've read 13 Reasons Why and I thought it was good, but I don't get the crazy hype for it.

    Anyway, hope you enjoy! :)

    (Those are really cute journals, btw! And major score with those vintage books - pretty indeed!)

  2. Tons of great books you have there. I'm totally salivating over Splintered. Hope its as good as its sounds. I've read and enjoyed Liesl and Po. It was adorable.

  3. What a fantastic haul, Sierra! That ARC of Splintered looks super awesome. I hope you love it! And yes--the key necklace is very gorgeous. :) I hope you love all your books! Happy reading.

  4. Jenny @ Supernatural SnarkSeptember 23, 2012 at 7:12 AM

    Wow Sierra, what a fabulous stack of books you got this week! I absolutely adored Unraveling as well, SO GOOD! I need book 2 asap after that ending. *dies a little inside* The cover for Splintered is ridiculously stunning, I'm completely in love with it. I hope the story is as good as the cover is beautiful!

  5. Oh I know, right? It's going to be amazing, I have this feeling. ;) And yes, LO, she's amazing. Ok, I'll keep that in mind for "13 Reasons Why".

    Thanks so much for the comment Bree! :)

  6. Thanks so much for the comment! I hope I love these books!

  7. I hope I love them all too! :D Thanks for the comment :)

  8. Thanks so much, Jenny! :) Oh, I know, Unraveling breaks my heart EVERY TIME I think about it! :OOO And yes, Splintered is just lovely! I know, I hope so too! I picked it up and read a few pages and I was hooked...too bad I have so much else to read right now!

    Thanks for commenting! :)

  9. Awesome haul this week!! I got Splintered too. That cover is too gorgeous for words :) Can't wait to hear what you think of it. Happy reading!

  10. Oh, I know right?? So beautiful...wistful, almost ;)
    Thanks so much, Krista!

  11. Splintered has the most amazing cover! You got the Bourne/Tributary combo!! I'm jealous.
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