Sunday, August 5, 2012

A short break!

Hello friends, I hope I find everyone well...  I'm writing this little post as a small "See you later!"  I'm going camping this week and have a crazy work the week after...soooo I shall be taking a two week break.  BUT.  The bookish happenings never end!  I promise!  I am currently running Part 2 of my Blogoversary giveaway, so that should keep you all busy for a while, and when I get back from my break I'm hoping to have another one!

Annnnnd on the 11th of August, I will be sitting in a Mysterious Galaxy, listening to a wonderful debut author tell me all her secrets.  Ok, well, maybe not secrets.  But, you know... :D  Here's me all geeked out about my wonderful hardcover copy of her book!! :D

Anywho...  I will be back, like I said, in two weeks, with reviews, pictures, and memes!  I'm going to miss this, I can promise you that!!

If you want to enter my AWESOME GIVEAWAY:

No, seriously, you want to enter.  It's radical on every level. :D

Love you alllll!


  1. We'll all miss you! Have fun camping!!!

  2. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I will miss you! Just as I'm (kinda) coming back! But camping sounds like so much fun! I love camping. Though, I could totally do without the bugs and I still haven't found a bathroom solution I love yet. But, camping is otherwise awesome and I hope you have a blast. Where are you camping? Pictures? :)

    I LOVED Throne of Glass!!! I hope you love it. Lucky you getting to meet her. She seems like such a fun person. I hope there's lots of squeeing :)

  3. have fun camping! hope you enjoy Throne of glass. :) I'm a new gfc follower.