Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pint-Size Review: Tuesdays at the Castle by Jessica Day George

Tuesdays at the Castle by Jessica Day George
Pages:  254
Release Date:  October 25th, 2011
Date Read:  2012, February 2nd-7th
Received:  Library
Rating:  4/5 stars
Recommended to:  9+

Princess Celie loves Tuesdays.  That is the day the Castle, Castle Glower, grows a new room.  Celie prides herself in knowing the Castle almost backward and forward.  She's even working on a map of Castle Glower - something that has never been done before.  All is well for the royal family - except that her parents have gone off to her brother Bran's graduation without her. But when the King and Queen's carriage arrives back at the castle, covered in arrows and empty except for a royal guard, Celie's parents are presumed dead.  Nothing can stop Celie, however, from believing they are alive.  But what shall be done about the schemers, liars, and murderers in court?  It is up to Celie and the castle to protect the throne and find the King and Queen, before it's too late!

Jessica Day George is just wonderful.  I love her books...  They're so satisfying and undeniably adorable, and Tuesdays is no different.

The story starts off on the slower side, but that doesn't mean it's boring.  Celie is adorable and the Castle is mind-bogglingly fantastic, so you can do without the action.  But when the action does start up, there's no putting the book down!  Celie's adventures and smart thinking are so fun to read about!

I love books and movies where kids outsmart the bad guys or trick them into a trap.  Like Home Alone type stuff.  There is plenty of tricking and trapping in Tuesdays - enough to make me laugh out loud a few times!

Celie's bravery, hope and endurance really shines in this book, but the others are just as important.  Lilah, Rolf, and Pogue (sigh...) worked and planned and tricked right alongside Celie to get the baddies away and save the kingdom!

Before I close - Castle Glower itself was amazing.  I think it's a brilliant idea and I seriously am ecstatic to see what else JDG does with it - because just sitting here I've thought of, like, five different stories she could write with the castle alone!  Celie's relationship with the Casle was so sweet and personal and I'm looking forward to more of that!

And Pogue - can we please have some more Pogue? PLEASE??!

This book reminds me of...
Lots of colors
Pointy-nosed, funny-accented villains
Pranking the enemy
Strong family ties

For the Parents -
Nothing!  Recommended 9+


  1. I have always wanted to read something of Jessica's but I don't think I ever got around to it. Pogue is a very interesting name!!! Lol had to say that. This looks interesting, as well. Thanks for the review.


    1. Definitely read JDG's books! She's amazing! :D

  2. I loved this book!  It was so adorable.  I loved Celie.  And I'm right there with you about Pogue. ;)

    I'm actually at the same publishing house as Day George, and I sort of kept going on and ON about how much I loved her Princess books and the Dragon Slippers trilogy that they gave me a heads-up that this was coming out.  I was literally marking down the days on the calendar.  Which I may or may not be doing for her next Princess book.

  3. I loved this book as well. It was so perfect and one that I will absolutely use in my classroom. I think my students will love it too!

  4. Great review! I added this to my TBR awhile back, but hadn't read any reviews on it. A CASTLE that *grows* rooms? Count me in! :) Gotta love MG fiction! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks Randi!  Yes, you have GOT to read this!  I love MG, it's so great. ;)  Thanks for reading!

  6. Oh how fun!  What grade do you teach?  I just got a job as a preschool teacher and I'm loveloveloving it!

  7. Ahahahaha Caitlen - your comments ALWAYS make me laugh!!  I love that - and I would totally be doing the same thing!  That's so cool you're at the same publishing house... *jealous* ;)

  8. Hopefully 5th or 6th! still looking for a permanent position. :) 

    So awesome that you're in preschool and loving it! Hurrah for teachers!

  9. Lol, I must confess, I may or may not have kept stressing how much I wanted to be at Bloomsbury to my agent (who is also my boss) because "they represented Dragon Slippers!"  

  10. Ahahahaha well, someday, I'm sure I'll do exactly that.  My poor future agent. ;)

  11. Oh how FUN! :)  Such a great age!  I know - hurrah for teachers!  (And their awesome B&N discounts! LOL)

  12. I love Jess' books, and even though this one is younger than what I normally read chances are I'll pick it up at some point anyway. It just sounds like so much fun, and so cute! Lovely review, darling!

  13. You should totally pick it up!  So fun! :D

  14. YES more Pogue please now! :D

    I <3 JDG books so much. They make me want to hug them. 

  15. Seriously!!  I HAVE hugged them... :D

  16. Love your review! I love JDG, but haven't read this one. I'll be reading it soon!

  17. This book looks amazing!  What an original idea to have the Castle grow an extra room every week!  I love a brave herione and Celie sounds perfect!  Thanks for this great info!

  18. This sounds like such a sweet book! I never normally read middle-grade books but I think it would be a great shame to miss this one. This will also be my first book by Jessica. :)