Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Buys 6/15-22/12 - the Tower of Books

Since I'm totally magical like that, I emptied my wallet and my pockets this week when I found some extraordinary deals too good to pass up.

Seriously.  This week was the glory of all book-buying weeks.

So, my friend has been begging me for two whole years to read these Wheel of Time books...I bought the first one a long time ago but haven't read it.  I'm assuming that now that I own the first six, I'll be getting to the first one soon.  Yes?  I bought these 5 books for a grand total of $2.50...and they're practically brand new.

A Love to Last Forever by Tracie Peterson - $3
This looks so good!  I'm looking forward to reading Peterson in the near future! :D

Wings by Aprilynne Pike - $1
Yeah, another hardcover without a jacket, and a book I've been wanting to read!! :D  I think someone had a bunch of books they just dropped off at the Friends Bookstore and they all just happen to be practically brand new and books I want to read! :D
Oh!  And I'm going to a signing and Pike is going to be there - perfect timing, right?! :D

The Book of Blood and Shadow by Robin Wasserman - $4
Brand spankin' new, gorgeous UK cover (WAYYYY better than the US cover...)...  What's not to love?

Inside Out and Outside In by Maria V. Snyder - $2 total
Good condition paperbacks, Snyder - I mean, I could never pass this up!

Shadow Spinner by Susan Fletcher - $.50
Excellent book, I read it a few years ago, and now I can't wait to read it again! :D

The Idiot by Dostoevsky - $2
Already read this book, has been in my top 5 favorite books of all time for almost 5 years...not much can top it.  This copy?  I'm going to cover my wall with its pages.  Literally. ;)

Mary, Bloody Mary by Carolyn Meyer - $.25
Having read The Bad Queen, another Young Royals book, I'm totally ecstatic to read this book!  Meyer is a fantastic writer!

See??  I wasn't joking when I said "Tower of Books".  So much fun, right?!  This is not including the $2 copy of Delirium that I sent to my bestie and the $1 copy of I Am Number Four that I'm going to give to another reader friend.
Calculations conclude that I spent $19 on 15 books.  I'd say that's flipping amaaaaazing! :D


  1. Wowie zowie, that really is a stack of books!! I love that cover for Book of Blood and Shadow too -- it's SO much prettier than the strange castle-in-her-eyes US cover x)  I've read Wings before and thought it was pretty sweet and original, so I hope that you have fun at the book signing! I've heard those things are so much fun, and that the authors are really nice! :)

    You always make me wish I had some sort of bargain store near my house -- I mean, $2 for 2 books? I would be in heaven LOL! I hope you enjoy them all, Sierra, and have an ah-MAZING weekend! :) <3

  2. Whooohooo!!  Right?  It's intense!!  And then after I posted this I found a package on my front porch containing a finished copy of Dark Companion from Tor!  GAH!!  I'll add it into my next FB, but I'm soooo excited to read it! :D

    I know, Mimi, you really need to find one.  I'm sure if you used Yelp some would pop up and then you'd be addicted...all you need to do is come visit me in San Diego, though.  We'd have a blast, for one, and second, you would get BOOKS!! :D


  3. Whoa, those are some amazing deals, Sierra! I'm jealous! Haha, I never see awesome prices like that in my bookstores. Seriously--one dollar for a hardcover of Wings? That's crazy! And perfect timing for you. :) <3 And the Inside Out series for two dollars? Gah--too cool. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your stack of books, Sierra! <3 Happy reading! :)

  4. I too want to read the 
    Wheel of Time series, so little time and all that! I own Wings too  but I have yet to read it, good comfort to know that I'm not the only one.

    Carolyn Meyer is a new to me author but by the sound of it she is one to look out for :)

  5. Hahaha well...I do do a lot of research on where bookstores are...probably too much research. LOL but it's so much fun to bargain shop for books - so rewarding! :D

    Yes, I'm so excited for the Inside Out series! :D


  6. I know, it will take so much time to read that I haven't started it yet.  I can't wait though!

    Yes, you should really read Meyer - she's amazing!

    Thanks for the comment Mari! :D

  7. Wow, you have some awesome books! Yay for all the cheap finds too.

    Lauren from

  8. Thanks Lauren! :D  I'm excited to read them!  I'm pretty sure I'm going to start Wings this weekend... ;)

    Thanks for the comment!

  9. OMG, this post was like reliving my childhood! I totally forgot about Shadow Spinner; that was such a good book! I used to be obsessed with the Young Royals series as well. Mary, Bloody Mary was the first one I read and I always loved her hehe, my history teachers were so confused. What an amazing, CHEAP haul! Hope you enjoy them. :)

  10. Ditto on the Wheel of Time series — I'd read the first years ago and liked it, but put off reading the rest of the series until it was finished.  The last one (#14, I think) is due out in January, so I can't put it off any longer!

  11. My friend keeps telling me how excited she is for the last one to come out...and how bittersweet it is...MAN!  I need to read these soon! :D

  12. Oh yay!!  I love when I read a post or a book that brings back memories ;)  I'm so excited about reading Mary Bloody Mary, as well as all the other Young Royals. ;) Hahaha I'm sure I'll love Mary by the end of the book, too.  I like it when an author takes a misunderstood character in history and turns the tables...really neat!
    Thanks for the comment, Lauren! :D

  13. Wow! I have the Tracie Peterson trilogy and it is good. I've read some of the other ones as well, but some I haven't. Such a great find! :)

  14. I'm so excited to read Tracie Peterson! :)  Thanks for the comment, Tressa!

  15. Ohmygod, I'm going to a signing with Aprilynne there too! Which one?

  16. I THINK WE ARE!!!  OMGOMGOMG!! :D  I'm so excited I can barely hold it in!! :DDD