Monday, June 11, 2012

2 year Blogoversary!!!

Oh, how the years fly by.  It's kind of crazy, actually.  Looking back, I seriously sometimes cannot believe that it was two years ago that I decided I was going to sit down and create my blog.  I spent quite some time mulling over the right name, the right look, the right font...

And now, I'm doing author interviews, writing two different kinds of reviews (full-size and pint-size), hosting giveaways, and am fully engrossed in the blogging community.  It's crazy, it's busy, sometimes it sucks me in WAY too much, but oh my gosh it's worth every single darn second.


So what can I say?  Well, a lot of things.  But that would mainly just bore you to pieces.  So.  Instead, I'll say thank you.  First to my readers - you guys are fantastical!  48 email subscribers and 248 (whooohooo so close to 250!!) GFC followers - and some lovely commenters who make my day!!  You guys really really are the best!

And then there are those bloggers...the ones who make you laugh and love the books and want to read them RIGHT NOW or NEVER EVER and who inspire you to write better reviews with every book you read.  There are also those bloggers who are your friends, who you get to know and wish you could hang out with every single flipping day even though they live all the way in Australia... (NOT KIDDING!)

So, here's to a few wonderful bloggers:

So, Laura, you know this could get really really long, 'cause, you know, you're my bff, so I'll just keep it simple and say: THANK YOU!!  For inspiring me, for making me laugh, for being super witty and suspiciously Wonder-Woman-like.  For being the bestest friend ever and for living in Australia so I have a place to stay when I come visit (mwahahaha!), even though I really want you to live next door.  You write the greatest reviews that are so perfectly perfect.  Don't ever stop, my dear. :D

Small Review

Small...Oh Small...thanks for being super duper awesome.  Not only are your reviews amazing, but so are your memes, your interviews, and your giveaways.  And your blog?  Cutest blog on the block!  But I must say - you were the first "big blogger" (translation in my new blogger mind: blogger with many many followers) to take interest in Yearning to Read and comment and link me on your blog.  It was also on your blog that I started exploring other blogs!  So really, you were the start of it all.

Mimi Valentine

I know you all follow and love Mimi, and comment on her every post because she's super duper cool and is the best reply commenter EVER!  Mimi, you write faaaaantastic reviews that make me smile and just DIE to get my hands on the books you review RIGHT THAT VERY SECOND!  I love your fangirliness, and how nice you are even when you don't particularly like a book. ;)  You are a generous commenter and read through every one of my posts like a champ, making me feel like the greatest blogger ever.  So thanks for your confidence booster - you are fantastic! :D

These awesome ladies are just three of the amaaaazing bloggers who I follow and read every day and love and adore and am TOTALLY inspired by!!  It's such an amazing community to be a part of, don't you agree?  I'm definitely super duper blessed to be able to have a blog and to readdddd!!!  I thank God for this every day and cannot wait for more years in the future. :D

So, you're probably thinking, "Erm, 2 years, celebration, you know...giveaway?"  Yep, you're thinking correctly.  I just have to sort out my finances when it comes to my new job (WHOOHOO!  I'm a preschool teacher - so insanely amazing, right?!), and I will have one sorted out VERY soon!!  I promise, really.  Because didn't I promise one for you all back in April, but never hosted one?  I'm so sorry - my bad - won't happen again!  But trust me, what I'm hoping I can afford will make up for my lack of April giveaway! :D

So anyways...thanks again for being so fantastical!  I'm so so so so blessed!! :D

Happy reading!! :D


  1. Happy Blogoversary, Sierra :D here's to many more!

  2. Aaaaaaah, SIERRA! <3 Oh my goodness, I kind of (REALLY) adore you, you know that? The only reason I'm an awesome commenter is because you give me such awesome posts to comment ON! I love supporting you and I love fangirling with you, so it's not problem at all on my part ;) And I love what you said about your awesome Aussie friend -- making international book blogger friends really does give you around-the-world refuge! x)

    Happy 2 year blogoversary, Sierra! Here's to the many more years to come :) <3

  3. YEAH SIERRA!!! Congrats on 2 years of blogging, that's amazing. And you highlighted some fantastic bloggers, ones who I love and follow as well. I've only recently discovered your blog, but I love visiting and look forward to following for hopefully another 2 years!

  4. Congrats on two years!! That's fantastic. And you're right, I DO follow Mimi and love her. she's a great comment-backer, and I'm doing my best to be the SAME. But enough about her, back to you!! I'm glad you're a part of the blog world and it's been nice "getting to know you" and I hope you continue to do it for a long and love it, even when it's crazy! LOL

    Lauren from

  5. CONGRATS!!! Wow, 2 years is a lot! Also holla for Mimi love, she's SO SWEET and encouraging! <3 her. 

  6. Oh. My. God. TWO YEARS?!? Where did that GO?? That has literally FLOWN by! WOW, WOW, WOW! Congratulations, my darling! Two years is a huge achievement and in that time you have wrote - and continue to write - some of the best content in this glorious community. We are so lucky to have you. You blessed my life the day I met you (For the Classics was so much FUN! One of the best things I've ever done) and you inspire and encourage me every single day. I have never met someone as kind, passionate and talented as you. You are one of a kind and that shows in all of your incredible reviews. Thank you for every cherished moment of our friendship. You ARE the BEST!
    Here's to two years and many, many, many more! Woohoo!

  7. 2 years already! Wow, time really does fly by when you're having fun :) Congrats on all you have accomplished! Your blog is invaluable and always a pleasure to read (even though I don't end up commenting nearly as much as I want to!) I'm so humbled by all the kind things you said about me. And as for you not holding a giveaway now? No need. YOU are all the prize needed. Just keep on keeping on with your fantastic blog :)

  8. Aaaawww Small!  Thanks for the sweet comment! :D  *blushes* Well, you definitely have made my "career" as a blogger way more amazing than it would have been, so thank you thank you thank you! :D

  9. Just wanted to say congrats!!!

  10. Congratulations on this awesome milestone :) May you have many more years of joy an giggles!

  11. WOW!! 2 years. Congrats on reaching such a huge milestone. I hope that thee are more to come and that you continue to have fun:D