Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Review: The Faerie Ring by Kiki Hamilton

The Faerie Ring by Kiki Hamilton (#1)
Pages:  352
Release Date:  September 27th, 2011
Date Read:  2012, January 22nd-28th
Received:  Library
Rating:  4/5 stars
Recommended to:  12+

Tiki is an orphan living in the slums of London.  She takes care of the others - Toots, Shamus, Clara, Fiona; they're her family.  When Tiki winds up in Buckingham Palace - and unknowingly steals a ring that belongs to the Queen - things get a little strange.  Rieker, a very talented thief, pays Tiki more attention than is strictly necessary; Tiki begins to see people no one else sees; and on top of that, little Clara has become very sick, and they need money to buy medicine.  Things are not as they seem; stories from Tiki's childhood are about to come true, and she must put everything, including her life, ont he line to stop a war that could very likely destroy them all.

Kiki Hamilton - you have written something extraordinary.  Seriously, people, you all need to rush out a purchase this book.  Now.  I'm telling you - so much fun and adventure and heartfelt emotion is wrapped in this book like the perfect present.  I'm still thinking about when I can re-read it - and buy it!!  Such a shelf-worthy book!!

Kiki Hamilton has a way with words that gripped me.  The story and characters did a good job at that as well, but great writing is a gem.  Tiki was a great third person narrative and her voice and Kiki's style blended smoothly!

I had a blast reading about Tiki.  She's fun, smart, caring, and has her priorities straight.  Even in some extremely dangerous situations, I found her to be quite level-headed.  She's a 3D character who leaped into my world and brought all her adventures with her, immersing me in her world.

Shamus, Toots, Fiona and Clara are all well-developed and realistic.  They made me want to care for them myself!  All are selfless children who love each other.  Leo and Arthur, the princes, were a crack up!  They had great roles -especially Leo, who shared some of the story from his third person perspective alongside Tiki.  I very much enjoyed his contribution!

The bad guys, the faeries, were...OMG.  They made this book SO intense and added a darker tone to the plot.  I'm fascinated to see what's in store for them just as much as the rest!

And Rieker...saving best for last!  He's by far my favorite...  Man, I sure would like to be his girl... ;)  I can't WAIT for more of him in The Torn Wing!  Gimme gimme!

This story takes about 50-60 pages to really get going.  I loved those first pages anyway, because Kiki is talented-writer-extraordinaire, but after that things took off on a wild ride of pure awesomeness!

What begins with a simple act of theft ends in a striking end that seriously has me still gaping!  The climax was fantastic and totally had me dying to know what would happen next!
The story moves along very smoothly except for a few places where I wish things had been drawn out more.    But the pace is quick and even, and everything is properly explained.

And, I mean, come on...  The time period?  Amazing!  Masked balls?  Who doesn't want to read about those?  The slums of London contrasted with Buckingham palace?  Brilliant!  And I swear, that masked ball scene is the best scene in the book AND the best masked ball scene in any book I've read AND probably one of my favorite scenes I've ever read.  Yes, I'm being totally serious.  It was just much too beautiful to set aside as any old scene.

And I seriously cannot wait for more!  What will happen with the school?  What about the truce and the queen's health?  As much as I want the answers NOW, I am content to know that there are three more adventures with Tiki planned, and for that I am grateful.  They will be worth the wait, I just know it!

Immensely adorable, beautifully crafted, and a total whirlwind!  The Torn Wing is guaranteed to be awesome.  Start this series - only then will you understand how great it really is!

For the Parents -
Some intense scenes, some blood.  Nothing gory.  Some very innocent kissing.  Recommended 12+

Read my interview with Kiki Hamilton to learn more about this awesome book and its awesome author! :)


  1. Oh my gosh!!! I am so lucky that I already own this book because as soon as you said that this was a must buy, I was wondering where I put my copy!! x) Why was this book sitting on my shelf for so long without being read?? With that gorgeous cover and the promise of a FUN-tastic cast, this sounds exactly like the kind of book I'm dying to pick up! (Be prepared to have to share Rieker with me as soon as I finish though -- I'm serious! Sweet thief boys? Colour me in looooove! :P)

    Absolutely AMAZING review, Sierra! Because I was to understand how great this is, this book was officially bumped up my TBR pile! ;) <3

  2. Aaaaahh Mimi read it soon, for me, please?!  I know you'll just adore it.
    Ooooh I don't know if I can share Rieker....he's just too much wonderful to share!  Actually, I take that back, he's SO much wonderful that he has enough to share with everyone!  (Even if I don't want to...)
    So glad my review bumped it up your TBR!

  3. Great review! I have this book waiting for me, I just haven't found the time to read it yet! :( I think I'll need to start it soon! I want to know who this Rieker is... ;) Sounds like an amazing book! 

  4. Definitely start it soon!  It's really wonderful! :D
    Thanks for the comment! :D

  5. I chose to comment on this review because I have read the book but have not written my review. I, also, loved The Faerie Ring but found it slow to start, as you mentioned.

    I really loved the characters and felt an emotional to all of them!

  6. Another book that I want to read. Unfortunately, I live in Romania and I don't think that this book will be published here.

  7. I loved this book. It is a favorite of mine. I am so excited about book 2 I can hardly stand it. Thanks for the lovely review!