Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pint-size Review: The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter (#1)

The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter (#1)
Pages: 293
Release Date:  April 19th, 2011
Date Read:  2012, April 21st-24th
Received:  Own
Rating:  3/5 stars
Recommended to:  15+

Kate Winters doesn't want to be here.  Seeing Eden Manor, living in a house in the town her mom grew up...  All to send her mother off.  To let her mother die of cancer that's eating away at her.  Now she has to make friends at school, because her mom wants her to move on, be happy.  There's James, the sweet guy, who seems to care a lot about her.  And then there's not-so-friendly Ava and her boyfriend Dylan.  But when a terrible accident occurs and a young life is lost, a mysterious man appears, offering to give the life back if only Kate will live with him through fall and winter, every year - forever.  Pulled into a series of tests she must pass - or die - Kate must rethink everything she thought was possible to take on her promise.

This book didn't shock me, wow me, or present anything new - but, oh, did I enjoy it!  I was a bit surprised at some things toward the end, but other than that it was the same old, same old.   So why did I enjoy this book so much?  Kate.  Ok, so, she was a little whiny at times (I thought), but I respect her more than most YA heroines.  She has strong morals and a very selfless outlook, and keeps her promises.  She was what wowed me.

I also really enjoyed the chemistry between Kate and Henry.  The romance is pretty slow moving - hey! 6 months is a long time for YA lit - and at the end it isn't all happily ever after.  This I appreciate.

The plot itself was interesting, but definitely not chock-full of obvious, life endangering tests like you'd think.  One reason I kept pushing through was to see what the tests would be revealed as.  They were interesting, but not like I'd hoped.

I liked the way Ava was incorporated into this story...  And I also did not guess who was killing off all the girls until right before Kate did. That mystery did keep me involved.

Last thing - Henry.  He was just...ok.  Understandably sad, dejected, and ready to "fade", but sometimes, it seemed too much.  Dude, you're allowed to smile every once in a while, okay?

All in all, this was a fun read!

This book reminds me of...
Mansions I'd want to get lost in
A heroine worth rooting for
Lovely gardens
Stained glass
Intrigue!! ;)

For the Parents -
Language scattered throughout; after some passionate but nondescript kissing, it is stated Kate and Henry have sex, but the act is not described in any way. Mention of Ava sleeping around, being a whore, etc. ( All this has a reason!!)  Recommended 15+


  1. Gina/Scot CallawayMay 23, 2012 at 1:16 PM

    I thought the second one was even better than the first.  I hope you keep reading.  Happy to hear you enjoyed it.  I like the nice little mini review.  It hit the important stuff.

  2. Sometimes it's like you read my mind, Sierra! I felt the EXACT same way about this book! It wasn't a wow-worthy kind of book, but it was such an enjoyable read and I really adored the romance! My favourite thing is when you said that six months is a long time for YA -- because it totally is! x) And I was actually last minute in figuring out the killer too!

    Amaaaaaazing review, Sierra! Henry really did bring a new definition to the word "broody," didn't he? LOL! ;) <3

  3. Haha! :D  That's awesome we agree so well on this book!  LOL I know, 6 months is really really really stretching it for YA - hey, I'll admit it!  I'm guilty of the 8 day romance in my own stories!  So I applaud Carter! ;)

    Broody...YUP!  That's Henry!  Lol thanks for the glorious comment, my dear!

  4. My review for the second book will be up hopefully next week!  I really enjoyed the second one, definitely more than the first!  Thanks for commenting!  I'll be doing these pint-size reviews more often, since my life is getting busy busy busy! ;)

  5. Thanks for your honest review! I wasn't the biggest fan of The Goddess Test and was really disappointed in Goddess Interrupted... I didn't get Kate or Henry or their so called relationship. In book 2 they really started to annoy me :(

  6. Nice review. I'm glad you enjoyed this one, despite it not being that surprising or anything. and I like a YA romance that feels more real and doesn't occur over night. That's awesome. :)

    Lauren from

  7. Bummer!  I actually enjoyed "Goddess Interrupted" more than the first one, because I loved the tension between Henry and Kate....  BUT, I see where that could be annoying.  Do you think  you'll read the third book?

    Thanks for the comment! :D

  8. My teen daughter just finished reading (and really enjoyed!) an eBook called Hear by Jacqueline Abelson. Great plot, interesting characters and a real message of self– empowerment. Here’s the link:

  9. At the moment I'm not planning to read the 3rd, but I'll just have to see when it comes out next year. Maybe if it's for free, but I don't want to spend any money on this series...

  10. Good idea!  Some books just aren't worth it.  Totally understood ;)

  11. Yes!  I really loved that the romance took longer than normal.  Thanks for your comment Lauren! :D

  12. The book sounds decent, especially as I'm a huge Greek mythology fan! :) I'll have to try this some time.

  13. I liked this book but it wasn't my favourite. I must read the next book.

  14. Definitely try it out! Not the best mythology I've read (this more draws me in cuz of the romance) but I do enjoy those aspects of it as well!

  15. Definitely try the next one!

  16. I have heard some good things about this book and I look forward to reading it and meeting Kate. I also look forward to the possibility of me not being able to figure out the mystery!

  17. Ooh! I can't wait to read this! It sounds freaking fabulous-- and it's sitting on my shelf right now, all lonely and cold, LOL. It's going to be read soon, I promise! (After I finish my review copy readathon!)

    But I am a bit worried about say he never smiles? Eek!

    Megan@The Book Babe