Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pint-Size Review: Glamorous Illusions by Lisa T. Bergren (#1)

Glamorous Illusions by Lisa T. Bergren (#1)
Pages:  416
Release Date:  June 1st, 2012
Date Read:  2012, May 8th-13th
Received:  ARC via NetGalley
Rating:  4/5 stars
Recommended to:  13+

Cora's life may not be grand or full of wealth, but there's one thing she's sure of: who she is.  Even when tragedy strikes her father's farm and her education to be a teacher is in jeopardy, Cora works hard to do what needs to be done.
But when her true parentage is revealed, everything falls apart.  She is whisked away into a fantasy world where she is not yet accepted.  Her new siblings, her new cousins, the long trip - the Grand Tour - she is to take with them...  It seems everything has fallen apart.  Her growing friendship - and possibly something more - with the tour guide's nephew, Will, and her desire to discover who she keeps Cora busy...and who are the people who might be following them?  In the end, it might come down to Cora to put her bravery to the test.

Lisa Bergren recently became one of my favorite authors when I read this book and this book and this book.  I'm madly in love with those books, lemme tell you.  And apparently there are more books that are coming out to ease my desire for more.

But for now, I am happy happy happy with Glamorous Illusions.  OMG.  I seriously adore this book!  Maybe not as much as the River of Time, but by golly it was a riot!  I love Cora's character, for one.  She's a strong-willed, clear-headed girl who loves God and wants to do what's right.  I loved her journey of faith and how even though she wasn't quite sure who she was, she always knew she was a child of God.  She's such a feisty girl, too!  She made me laugh more than once.

And, erm...I have a weakness for boys/men named Will.  First, it's the little boy I've babysat for nearly 7 years, ever since he was 1 year old.  He loves me, I love him...  He tells me stories and we play video games together...and he tells me that if I don't let him climb that tree he'll never love me again and I tell him to get down from that tree or else and he climbs right on down and gives me the biggest hug ever.  Other than that Will, there's my magical love for Will Turner...I'm a Pirates junkie.  So yeah.  I have good associations with the name Will.  And this Will - he is NO exception.  He's amaaaazing!!  I seriously adore him so so so much.  His growing love for Cora (even though he's certain they can never be together) is soooo sweet and adorable and innocent...and still passionate at the same time.

Come on now, don't tell me you don't want to read this book.  Not only do you have awesome characters such as Cora and Will, but you also have fancy dresses, romantic boat rides (more than one!), castles and masked balls, a (possibly) dangerous game in a large maze, and more!  Seriously, though, the first boat ride and the maze scene were my favorite scenes in the book!  Ca-ra-zy!  CRAZY!

My only drawback - the end seemed a liiiittle bit fast.  Rushed, kind of.  Not terrible, and totally fascinating and lovable, but just, given the length of the book, a little too quick for my liking.  Oh, and the alternating POV's were a bit disappointing.  I wanted it to be all from Cora's perspective, but there was some from Will's and some from Cora's real father.  Not bad, just me wishing it was all Cora!

All in all, this was a great book with an awesome story and a promise for more and greater adventures!  And we have yet to get to Italy, where Lisa works her magic!  Eeeep!  So excited!

This book reminds me of...
Downton Abbey (the time period and the dresses - the story was completely original)
The trip to France I'm someday going to take
Traveling to exotic places
Evil stepsisters
Roguish gentlemen (oxymoron, I know)
Castles I want to see
Adorable, slow-moving romances (that I wish would move faster!!!)

For the Parents -
A bit of adventure, a few flirtatious characters, but nothing improper!  Great for ages 13+


  1. Mackenzie BarhamMay 30, 2012 at 10:00 AM

    XD YAY!!!! I got this through Netgalley and am so psyched to get to it! I loved the first book in her River of Time series (I've gotta get my rear in gear and read the others!) and absolutely loved it :) And I'm happy for a slow burn romance. It's refreshing after all this "insta-love" Great review!

    All the best ♥

  2. I CAN'T DO IT. I can't tell you that I don't want to read this book now because totally do!! I still haven't read her River of Time series although I'm trying to get on it ASAP, but I think I might have to start with this one instead because it sounds just like a Mimi book! Awesome heroine? Awesome story? Awesome boy named Will?? (I have a weakness for that name too! That one, and Alex LOL) Yes please!!

    Amazing review, Sierra! You Lisa T. Bergren fangirliness is SO contagious! x) <3

  3. Yay!! :D  So glad you liked the review and are going to read this! :D  And omgomgomg you HAVE to read the rest of the River of Time series because BY GOLLY  you'll LOVE IT!

  4. MIMIMIMIMI!!!!!  You HAVEN'T read the River of Time series?!?!?!?!  WHAT?!  Ok.  You must read them NOW.  Ok?  Ok.  The hype - it's totally right.  When does that ever happen?

    And yes yes yes!  Will and Alex... mmmmmm Delirium, anyone? :D <3

    So glad you're going to read this book!  I think you'll adore it, Mimi! :D

  5. Aw, sounds like an adorable read!! I'm glad you liked the characters. I love how you list the things it reminded you of. So fun!!

    Lauren from

  6. I have to say Sierra, I have a soft spot for boys named Will too. Especially of the pirate variety ;-) I adore Lisa's River of Time Series so I'm glad to know you enjoyed this one as well, I hope to get my hands on it soon!

  7. I completely understand your love for boys named Will. After all, I am a big Will Herondale fan girl! I haven't read Lisa's River of Time series, but I've heard many fabulous things about it. I'm so glad you're liking this new book, too! Sounds like Lisa is a fabulous author. And this book sounds great. I'll have to add it to my tbr! Awesome review, Sierra. :)

  8. Thanks Lauren! :D

  9. Ohhhh yay!!  Another pirate lover! ;)  I'm so glad you like River of Time - aren't they just pure awesomeness?  Hope you like this one just as much!

  10. So glad everyone is understanding my love for the name Will!!  I feel so normal now..hahaha ;)
    You deffffinitely need to read the River of Time series as SOON as you can get your hands on it!  It's so wonderful, really!  Glad you liked the review! :D

  11. Oh, I had no idea that Lisa had a new series! I totally want to check it out; I love historical fiction! Glamorous Illusions sounds fantastic. Great review! :) 

  12. Yes! Isn't it wonderful news?!  And it came out today!  Hurrah! :D

    Thanks for the comment!

  13. Aw. This sounds really good. And your review made me want to really read it. I am going to check out my library and see if I can find it. Thanks for the great review!