Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Bookshelf Dilemma: Episode 2

Here it is again, the second episode.  This time, I'm covering my extensive Favorites Shelf.  This includes Forever Favorites and Books of Incredible, in case you're wondering what correlates to my Goodreads shelves.

To start, we have my Heartland collection.  Yes, it is a collection, full of first editions and well-read much-loved copies that I will ALWAYS have FOREVER and EVER.  I know it isn't the most popular series ever, but holy gracious I love it so much and want to re-read them, even though I know they're not well-written or relevant to my age...I just adore them too much. :D

Harry Potter and Percy Jackson take the stage!  These books are amazing.  Period.  End of story.  They deserve to be here.  Forever and ever and ever and ever.

This is kind of a random collection of 2-book series' and stand-alone favorites.  I mean, Jeanette Rallison?  She'll always be there.  Airman...brilliant.  Aurelia and Exile don't deserve to be anywhere else.

This is my trilogies section.  All these belong in a trilogy (except for Before I Fall but I couldn't put it anywhere else...oh, and Incarceron, but that had to go there as well).  I love these books so much it's ridiculous!

N. D. Wilson.
Because he's so cool.  He gets his own little spot.
(Since I've changed my bookshelves, he's had to go with everyone else.  It's almost painful.  I just love him too much to put him with "everyone else".)

More series and trilogies.

These are more books from my childhood that ended up being favorites.  I will always love these books.  They represent the amazing literature that, in its own way, inspired me to start this blog.  I owe them many thanks.

 Here they are!  They're no longer like this...this shelf has changed twice since I took these pictures.  But I will show you one step at a time with my massive self-control... *snickers*  You get the point.

In any case...  What do you think?  What do you think I've done with them now?  How would YOU organize them?  Comment comment comment! :D
Happy Reading! :D


  1. Most of the books from your 'childhood fav's' are books that I posted about when I started blogging! I am so glad that you like The Last of the Really Great Whandoodles! That was one of my favorite books of all time a few years ago! :) hmmm I think that I would endure the same  book-shelf dilemma just so I could have all those wonderful books!!!! :)
    You are sooo right about N.D.Wilson deserving his own section! You need to get the Drowned Vault (Ashtown Buriels #2)!!!! I am hoping to get it and read it super soon!!!

    Keep up the cycle! =Buying, Reading, Posting, Accumulating Great Books.

  2. Yay for The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles!  It's seriously one of the best books ever!  I've always wanted to create a world as fantastical as Andrews'!! ;)

    And yes!!  My sister and I both pre-ordered copies of The Drowned Vault - and we discovered today that it has 119 days before its release!!! GASP!  I don't know if I can wait that long but golly goodness I can't WAIT for it to come out!! :D  eeeeeekk!!

    Thanks for the comment Farrah dear! :D <3

  3. HOLY WOW, SIERRA! I can't believe that's only a portion of your shelf -- I can't even imagine how massive your whole shelf must look like then! O.O LOL I wish I could have as many books as you, but the only reason my mom lifted my book buying ban was so I could buy only a few books that I really, really want -- the rest I get from the library or publishers! x)

    I still need to read the Heartland, Percy Jackson, and Harry Potter series -- if they're buy-worthy, then that means they're Mimi-must-read worthy! ;) I beamed when I saw THG, Everneath, and Lauren Oliver's books in your pile. Matched & Crossed too, even though not many people like that series as much as I do haha!

    Your shelf is so much more organized than mine, Sierra LOL but I love seeing what it looks like! <3 :)

  4. This is a really funny post! But you're so good at organizing your books! I'm terrible.  My books just end up getting put on the shelves where ever and hang out there til I decide to move them.  Oh well, I just don't have the kind of room I would like or the money to have all hardbacks.  Great post :)

    Crystal @ Elegantly Bound Books

  5. Ahahahaha isn't it insane?!  It's kind of bad...I neeeeed to stop buying books, like, NOW.  But I can't.  It's just way too fun!! LOL  Good for you (and your mom), though, for having self control that I definitely do not possess. hahaha

    OH MY GOSH!  MIMI!!!  You haven't read Percy Jackson or Harry Potter?!?  Holy crud.  You HAVE to read them NOW.  Like, get your hands on the entire series and read read read read read!!! :D  We need to have a book chat when you've finished them. ;)

    Oh, I'm so glad we agree on Crossed and Matched!  They're SUCH beautiful books!! (I think our convo about Crossed on Goodreads was what brought me around to your blog, actually!)

    LOL I'm glad it looks organized...cuz I'm so weird about my books being organized.  I think they are buuuut....it's good to know someone else thinks that. ;)

    Thanks for the comment!

  6. Hi Sierra :)

    Thanks for stopping by my WoW post last week :) I've been on a wee trip to Denmark so I haven't been able to visit back until now. I LOVED this post and I'm ashamed to admit that there is quite a few of your favorites that I have yet to read. Percy Jackson and Harry Potter series to name a few :O It's outrageous right?

    My shelves is sorted alphabetically by the authors last name, that's how boring I am ;)

    Mari from Escape In A Book(http://escapeinabook.blogspot.com/)
    I have to write it as I never know which account Disqus says I'm commenting from :)

  7. I'm ALWAYS in a dilemma on how to organize my books!  I cannot make a decision for the life of me.  I want my special books to go on a special shelf but yet I want them to go with other books by the same author and with books the same size, etc.  I end up moving my books around every few months but it's never easy to figure out how to put them. 
    I gotta say, even though I have most of those books they sure are pretty in those pictures!

  8. I think every reader has a maaaajor dilemma with this!  And I totally agree - there are so many ways to organize so it's hard to decide how!

    And, I know...every time I see pictures of books, whether I own them or not or love them or hate them, I just can't help but say, "ooooh how pretty!" lol  BOOK NERD! ;)

    Thanks for the comment, Candace! :D

  9. Thanks for the comment!!  Oh wow, how fun!  How was Denmark? :)

    Oh man oh man you NEED to read those two series!!  They are wonnnnderful! :D

    No that's not boring at all!  I'm sure they all look lovely!
    Thanks for the comment dear! :D

  10. Haha thanks! :D  LOL I have way to much Book OCD to let my books be anything but perfect.  My sisters make fun of me - but I'm not like that in any other way so...I justify it.  Lamely. ;)

    Thanks for the comment Crystal! :D

  11. Gosh, I'm so behind on replying. Denmark was sunny, but windy as well :)

  12. esthetic appeal is important, it should take a backseat to the construction of the leaning bookshelf, as no shelf will look good crumpled in a heap on the floor. Some shelves feature rubber feet that will keep the shelf solidly in place, while others simply feature strategically placed legs and feet.