Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Buys 4/20-27/12

I'm really trying to be good and not buy books...  These were a dollar or two each and I'm very happy with the purchases! :D


Death in Venice and Seven Other Stories by Thomas Mann  -  $.25
No, I don't know who Thomas Mann is.  I've never heard of him or his stories.  But golly goodness this is the coolest vintage paperback I've ever seen!  I've been collecting them and this one was too good (and cheap!) to pass up!

Kiss by Ted Dekker and Erin Healy -  $2.00
Almost in perfect condition hardcover.  Excited to read this one!

The Ambassadors by Henry James - $.25
Again, gorgeous vintage paperback, brilliant price.  I'm down with that!

Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray - $1.00
This is one of my all-time favorite vintage classics that I've bought.  OH. MY GOSH.  It's sooooooo beautiful!!  It's in decent condition for it's age (126 years old), with the spine loose, the cover on the spine coming off a bit, and some of the pages loose.  But holy gracious it's too gorgeous to be true.



I found this picture on the Words on Paper book blog at THIS LINK.  The cover is subject to change, as it is an ARC edition.

SO.  What did YOU get this week?  Leave me a link in the comments so I can check out your stash! :D
Happy reading!


  1. Eek, Thomas Mann...not that he's a bad author, it's just he's long-winded and, if "Lotte in Weimar" is a good example, way too full of dialogue. I enjoyed "Lotte" AFTER I finished reading it and could stop focusing on how bored I was the rest of the time.

    Where do you find such nice paperbacks and old books for so little?!

  2. Aaaaahh thanks for the warning.   I don't know if I'll ever read these vintage paperbacks, but if I do, I'll know what to expect. :D
    I find them at the local library bookstores (they're usually attached or in a room inside...sometimes you have to ask where they are).  And also at half price bookstores.  It's amazing what you can find!  I go to about three different stores a week...a habit I need to break because I spend so much money!  haha

  3. You buy a lot of books, that true, but it seems like you pay pretty good prices for them. you should be pleased:) and there are a ton, a whole heaping ton, of books coming out in May that (for me anyways) are going to drain my book funds! Hope you ejoy them!

  4. Oh my gosh, Sierra, your mailbox looks so VINTAGE -- I love it!!! <3 x) LOL even though you're trying not to buy as many books (which I'm trying to do do, but it isn't really working very well considering how many awesome ones are coming out haha), you can never resist an awesome deal to get a book! If I had a book from 1886, I'm pretty sure I would wrap it in plastic and be scared to break it because super-old books are almost as important as not denting super-new books :P

    And Glitch! Eeeeee, that book looks so cool! The cover reminds me a little bit of the second one of Glow by Amy Kathleen Ryan, but it's probably bound to change like you said ;)

    Awesome mailbox this week, Sierrra!!!! <3 I hope you enjoy all of your awesome vintage and futuristic books (which kind of makes me smile because of the contrast)! ;)

  5. Thanks Haley!  I am pleased with my purchases...I never feeling like I'm losing money, but gaining something much more valuable - stories! ;)  I know, SO many books are coming out soon (or just came out in April)!  I wish I had a job... haha!

    Thanks for the comment!

  6. Isn't it just wonderful?!  It's not a big mailbox, but boy does it make me grin from ear to ear! :D  I know, I need to get some plastic wrapping for old books because I have a few from 1870 and even one from 1830!!  They're in tissue paper right now but...yeah...they need to last forever so I can be 80 years old and have a 250 year old book. hahaha
    I KNOW!  Glitch looks fantastical!!  Yes, it TOTALLY does, I thought the same thing. :)

    Thanks!  Hahahaha that made me laugh!  It's so true! ;)