Wednesday, April 11, 2012

DNF Review: Sisters of Glass by Stephanie Hemphill

Sisters of Glass by Stephanie Hemphill
Pages: 160
Release Date:  March 27th, 2012
DNF date:  2012, January 17th
Received:  ARC via NetGalley

(From Goodreads)
Maria is the younger daughter of an esteemed family on the island of Murano, the traditional home for Venetian glassmakers. Though she longs to be a glassblower herself, glassblowing is not for daughters—that is her brother's work. Maria has only one duty to perform for her family: before her father died, he insisted that she be married into the nobility, even though her older sister, Giovanna, should rightfully have that role. Not only is Giovanna older, she's prettier, more graceful, and everyone loves her. 

Maria would like nothing more than to allow her beautiful sister, who is far more able and willing to attract a noble husband, to take over this role for her. But they cannot circumvent their father's wishes. And when a new young glassblower arrives to help the family business and Maria finds herself drawn to him, the web of conflicting emotions grows even more tangled.

I was very, very excited about this book when I first heard about it.  Italy?  Romance?  Glass blowers?  Magical, right?


I wishwishwish I'd been able to get into this book.  From page, say, 5?  I was lost.  Where is this going?  Why can't I get into it?  Why do I not care?  Why?!

It was a frustrating experience.

Here are my reasons for DNF-ing this book:

1.  The verses themselves.  They felt very complicated, too complicated.  Almost like they didn't hit the right description or conversations, just flailed around uselessly.

2.  Characters.  Ummm...who?  Who is this book about?  Seriously.  So flat, so unrealistic.  So...not even there...

3.  The romance. Or lack thereof.  I skimmed ahead some when I got bored out of my mind and saw that the romance didn't come around this much too late in the book...well, to catch my interest.  I was looking for some awesome love story, based on the description and what I'd read about it, but Sisters of Glass did not deliver.

So, while this could have been a great book, it was more of a chore than anything. I hope others find it fascinating, but I cannot say I recommend it.

*This ARC copy was provided by NetGalley (thanks a million!!) in return for an honest review. I was in no way compensated; all thoughts and feelings expressed are my own.* 

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  1. This sounds very disappointing. Thanks for the heads-up! I always hate it when I can't get into a book, though to be honest, if the first page doesn't glue me I probably won't like it.