Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Bookshelf Dilemma: Episode 1

So here I am, introducing my newest meme!  I don't know how often I'll be posting, but I had a lot of fun taking these pictures and deciding which section of my "shelves" to post first.

Everyone has shelf problem, right?  Well, ok, every avid reader has a shelf problem.  Either you have too many books, you don't have enough, you don't have a place to put them, they're being trampled on (oh!  the horror!), you wish you could put them somewhere safe and sound, you already have them someplace safe and sound but something's just not right...  There's always something, right?

Well, your's truly has a problem.  I don't actually have bookshelves.  I've had to totally reconstruct my room based on how many books I have, where they go, what I want to be seen and what I don't want to be seen. How I want them organized, what makes them easiest to find when I want a specific book...  It took a long time, and lots of rearranging.  I'm still not fully happy with it (that's why it's a dilemma, of sorts).  I want to share it with my readers to see if there are any ideas out there that my family and I haven't thought of, and just to share the progress in general.  You will get a tour of my books, aka a tour of my room, since my books are my room.

Here goes...

So.  This is kind of an unusual shelf.  I'm not sure I've ever heard of anyone who has one of these.  (If you do, please let me know, so I can feel sane.)  It's my TBR shelf.  (I guess that doesn't actually sound crazy when I say it like that.)

You see these books?  They are constantly being switched out.  My library books I get go on the right, and the books I own that I want to read go on the left.  I have approximately 15 books up there at a time, displayed for me so I can decide which one I would like to read next.

I have these cute little decorations.  All book related, of course.  Well, the perfume is the present I received from our Spanish exchange student...which I love and wear allll the time.  It smells soooo good!  (And see the little silver rectangle poking out of the O?  That's my most prized possession, over anything else in the whole wide world.  It holds every last one of my stories/ideas.  Kind of important?  I think yes.)

Then I have my vintage paperbacks.

Behind the paperbacks and the decor are more vintage books.  They're newer, though, and not as stunning as my others.  Unfortunately, for now, they take the backseat.  Literally...

My vintage records also have to be shoved in the back.  At least it looks cool, right?!

This is even where I keep my dust jackets when I'm reading a hardcover!!

The pictures below are of my TBR that is soon-to-be-read-but-not-as-soon-as-the-front-books.  Mouthful, huh?  It's what pops into my head every time I see them.  Terrible piles, they are, piling up like growing monsters ready to devour me.  I do it to myself, of course.  But they get bigger and bigger.  Some are re-reads that need to happen soon. Some are books that I've had for years.  Some are new.  (Correction:  MOST are new.)  Massive brain explosion is going to happen if I don't STOP GETTING STUPID LIBRARY BOOKS and start plowing through my....extensive collection.
The words of a madwoman.

And so there it is.  The first episode of my ridiculous meme.  And there will be more.  Oh, beware!  There will be more!!

I love the comments - let me know what you think of this new meme and any ideas you have about it!  What can I do to my poor bookshelves?  How can I make this meme more interesting?  :)

Happy reading!


  1.  We are totally bookshelf twins. :) I have a TBR shelf, and a library books TBR pile cause I have noooo more room for shelves. And I'm definitely with you on needing to STOP checking out library books cause I probably have more books in my room than the YA section at the library! Loved your post, very fun. :)

  2. I love book shelves! And yours are so cute with some really good books. I don't have an actual TBR pile. I kind just grab books and read and if there's something I desperatly want I order it. Mostly I have an online TBR ;) I'll be interest to see what you think of Witchlanders! And Sarah Dessen's stuff.


  3. And Wolfskin!!!! Oh my goodness Juliet Marrilier is amazing ;) and the Book Thief...ah so many great books.

  4. "Everyone has shelf problem, right?" <-- Truest statement of life LOL! x) I still have nightmares about my books being trampled. Until last month, my shelf was about ten times too small so I had stacks and stacks of books lined up next to my bed and always had to watch out when I rolled out haha -- but now I have a brand new one and it is BEAUTIFUL. :') Your books and your decorations definitely beat out mine though.

    And are you kidding? I LOVE this meme, Sierra! x) It's such a great idea, and it's going to be so much fun seeing your updates as you get more and more books! :) <3

  5. Hahaha oh man Mimi, you don't even know how perfectly you just described my problem.  My favorites and my other unread books and my other random books are all stacked up by my bed on the floor!!! gasp!  That will come along in a post soon, for sure :)  So glad you got a shelf though!  Congrats!  I'm just waiting for the right one to come along...  (I mean, he's like a boyfriend, right? He's got to accept who you are...aka my books, right? hahahaha there is nooo end to the cheesiness!)

    Thanks so much for commenting!  So glad you like the meme! :D  And yes - there will always be more and more books... :O  :D  <3

  6. Thanks for the comment Amanda! :)  Yay!!  So glad I'm not the only one!  Hahaha!  You'll be happy to hear that I'm taking like three of those library books back without even reading them... As much as I want to, I just HAVE to get to the ones I own!  Sigh...  I like the fact that my biggest issue during the day is the fact that I have to take library books so that I can get to all the 300+ that I own. Hahaha!

    So glad you liked the post!  Check back for more! :)