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An Interview With Elisa Ludwig

Today I have an AWESOME interview to share with you all:  Please welcome...ELISA LUDWIG!!!

You can find Elisa at the following places:

Why she's here:

To start off, can you give us five fun facts about yourself?
1. My parents spelled my name wrong but I will answer to all the mispronounced versions.
2. I love to make ice cream.
3. My first car, when I was 16, was a station wagon that once transported Public Enemy from the airport. (I did not drive them but my sister did.)
4. I can bench press 125 pounds.
5. I still have my first pair of Doc Martens. They're purple and I'll still wear them every now and again.

What are five books you think everyone should read?
Feed by MT Anderson
The Beggar Maid by Alice Munro
Beloved by Toni Morrison
Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi
Please Ignore Vera Dietz by A.S. King

How has writing and being published affected your life?
I have been a freelance writer for many years, but finally being published and getting to write fiction professionally has been an exhilarating experience. Every day is an adventure, and as I inch closer to publication it gets more and more exciting. New people, new firsts, new things to learn. The main thing is that my dreams and my reality have finally merged, which sounds obvious, I guess, but it feels like finally being home in a way. And connecting with other authors and bloggers has been even more rewarding. I feel extremely lucky!

Who is your favorite character that you have created and why?
As far as Pretty Crooked goes, I would say Tre is my favorite character. He's just really intriguing to me, full of interesting contradictions, and he's a great friend to Willa.

I seriously love the title Pretty Crooked!  What was the inspiring idea behind it?
I'm so glad you love it but I can't take credit since I didn't think of the title! Originally it had a different name but the brilliant folks at HarperCollins came up with Pretty Crooked.

Was the connection between Willa's full name and nickname (Willa Fox and Sly Fox) planned, or did it surprise you?
She actually had a different last name to begin with but Sly Fox was such a fun nickname that my editor and I decided to go back and change it.

Is there anything about Willa that reminds you of yourself?
I think we probably have the same sense of humor! Otherwise, we're pretty different and that makes it really fun to write from her point of view. When I write characters who are more like me, I tend to get a little sick of them.

What is one thing you love about Aidan and one thing you love about Tre?
I love Aidan's rebellion against his father. To me, this is what gives him some texture. He's got some issues going on that are not fully explored in this first book but which I hope will become a little clearer in the other books.  I already gushed about Tre above, but I'll add that I love his quiet intelligence. In his own way, he's got everything figured out. 

What was the biggest adventure (and/or the most fun) to write about:  Car theft, pickpocketing, or house robbery?
Well, I loved writing all of those scenes! I think I probably had a huge mischievous grin on my face as I was working on them. But I guess I would say the scene in French class is my favorite of the bunch. It was very vivid to me. I remember my heart quickening just thinking about doing what Willa does.

Because I'm an excited fangirl....  How many books about Willa do you have planned to write?
Aw. This made me smile! So far there are only three books in the series. Book 2 is finished, and I'm about to start Book 3. Very excited to see where Willa goes next!

Is there anything else you would like to add?
I just want to say thank you so much for having me, Sierra!


Isn't she fantastic, everyone?!  Leave her some comment love and please check out the review and giveaway of Pretty Crooked!!

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