Monday, February 6, 2012

An Interview With: Jamie Carie

Today I have a wonderful surprise for you all - another interview!!  And with one fantabulous lady, lemme tell you that! :D

You can find Jamie at the following places:

To start off, can you give us five fun facts about yourself?
1) I have three boys – two in college – but they still live at home and I’m so glad. Not ready to let go of my guys just yet.
2) I’m inventive with food – such as getting a half pound of pasta salad from the deli and then finely chopping a bunch of veggies and adding it in for several days worth of lunches. It’s healthier and they always put too much oil/mayo etc. in those salads. Or if we go out for Mexican, I will get a side order of rice to go and then add salsa/fresh avocado/lots of veggies to it for more lunches. Things like that to save me time! :)
3) I like to sing harmony parts.
4) I would like to get into acting – local theatre or something. And I’m very interested in film making.
5) I enjoy making videos of friends/relatives’ lives for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, etc.

What are five books you think everyone should read?
1) The Bible!
2) Jesus Calling by Sarah Young
3) Flowers from the Storm by Laura Kinsale
4) Breaking Free by Beth Moore
5) Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

How has writing and being published affected your life?
It has changed everything. Going from being a stay-at- home mom to having a full-time career has had its challenges but I love it! I’m currently looking forward to getting out of the writer’s cave for a bit to promote The Forgotten Castles series!

Who is your favorite character that you have created and why?
Oh, that’s a tough one! Like asking which child is my favorite. I guess, right now, I would have to say Gabriel Ravenwood, the Duke of St. Easton and hero in the Forgotten Castles series.  He goes through so much to find love and peace but whoa! I was blown away what all God had in store from him and the ending of book three is my favorite thing I’ve ever written! 

Here’s a photo of the guy I found that looks like Gabriel:’

You've written about many different settings and eras, such as voyages on the high seas and the French Revolution.  With that kind of experience, what was it like writing about a Regency-era England?
Regency era books are some of my favorites because I grew up reading them. I devoured Georgette Heyer’s regencies. And I’ve always loved stories about the peers of England – dukes and duchesses, prince and princesses, lord and ladies. Sigh. So writing a regency trilogy felt like coming home.

What was your experience writing from the perspective of a man who has suddenly gone deaf?
I really had to take some time and imagine what it would be like, especially happening suddenly and after years of normal hearing. I hope I was able to convey the devastation as he comes to terms with it. And the struggle with his faith and why God would allow this to happen to him. So many people have really hard and terrible things happen in their lives. I am always amazed how God makes beauty from ashes, both in real life and in the lives of my characters.

When you wrote The Guardian Duke's amazing cliffhanger ending, did you want to stop and relish the moment or did you want to immediately write more?
Ha! Both! I did relish the moment, for a minute, and then I had to dive back in and write the second book. My deadlines were tight on this series because we wanted them to come out close together. I found that with a continuous series it helped to write them so close together. It helped me to keep that continuous flow going and I didn’t have time to forget important details. 

What is one place in Ireland that you haven't been to but would love to visit?
Killyleagh and Killyleagh Castle! While researching for The Guardian Duke I contacted the owners of Killyleagh Castle to ask some questions about the castle. They were kind enough to help and introduced me to a local historian, Clive Scoular. Mr. Scoular was such a find! I was so thankful that he read the manuscript and checked it for historical accuracy and all things Irish. It’s a dream to go there and meet these wonderful people in person some day!

Is there anything else you would like to add? 
Thanks so much for a wonderful interview, Sierra! I love your blog and appreciate the people who help spread the word about my books so much!

Isn't Jamie just fantastic to stop by?!  And this interview isn't all you get from her - Jamie has kindly offered a signed, finished copy of The Guardian Duke to one very lucky winner! :D  Click here to read the review and enter the giveaway!

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