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(The Unorthodox) Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J. K. Rowling (book 7)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J. K. Rowling (book 7)
Pages:  759
Release Date:  July 21st, 2007
Date Read:  2011, December 6th-12th
Received:  OWN
Rating:  5/5 stars and infinity x infinity x infinity lovelovelove
Recommended to:  15+

Harry Potter is on the run.  Since death of Dumbledore he has not been safe anywhere except at the Dursleys.  But when his 17th birthday arrives, that protection will be gone.  Harry and his friends (disguised as six more Harrys) barely escape the clutches of Voldemort, sending Harry, Hermione, and Ron on a fugitive's journey to destroy the Horcruxes, find the Deathly Hallows, and defeat Voldemort once and for all.  Friendships will be tried, dangers will be faced - and soon Harry will have to make a decision that will change the course of everything.


Once upon a time, there was a girl who finally finished Harry Potter. Her life was finally complete and she lived Happily Ever After. The end.


Excuse my lack of structure for this review.  There will be no formula - this is not a standardized review.  How could I write such a review when the book in question has exceeded all standards of greatness and could never be contained by a set formula or structure?

So excuse the blubbering, the fangirling, the squealing, and the jumping up and down.  I shall try to control myself (but I can guarantee it won't work).  I also apologize for the length.... :/

What the HECK!!!!!!!!!!!

MY MIND IS BLOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

People kept telling me - it's shocking, it's mad, it's beautiful, it's so good it can't be true!!!  I thought, surely, they're exaggerating.  The review that said the reader hadn't expected her to be that clever - I dismissed it with a nervous giggle.  "No, it can't be..."

I'm so stupid.  SO stupid.  How could I have ever doubted Rowling's pure genius?  HOW?  Oh, there's really no telling, but now I know.  Now, I understand.  Now, I'm a believer, and I couldn't leave her if I tried.

There are so many things....SO many things that I could go on about.  SO. MANY!

For one, I loved the impact that love, family and having a home had on this story.  These things affect us in real life, so adding them into a fantasy story and making them magical is just...perfect.  It helps the reader to relate to the story/characters even more.

Once more, Harry has grown up a little bit more, like in every book.  In my opinion, he is a man in this book.  His courage and bravery and the love in his heart, as well as his strength as a wizard, make him a hero and a man and a best friend.  Throughout the story I wanted to yell, "GOSH!  How much more sadness will he have to endure?!"  It was soooo sad what he had to go through.  I mean, how hard would it be to know that hundreds of people are fighting and risking their lives for you?  And some did die.  For the Ministry, for Hogwards, for Harry.

And that leads me to yet another geniusly wonderful thing about this book - the amount of sacrifice and selflessness that it holds.  In such dire situations, the stranger next to you becomes your brother; you will do anything to protect your comrades.  Every character exhibited this trait in his or her own way.  Some went so far, as I was saying, as to give his/her life.  And I'm telling you - every new death had me bawling.  Not as much as that one particular death - you know the one I'm talking about.  It was the first of the leads to die at Hogwarts, I think.  I cried SO. HARD.  For a llllooonnnngggg time.  Then the other two, lying there, side by side, just brought back the tears with a vengeance.  UGH.  So sad.  So good.  What heroes...

I've never read a book quite like this one.  I mean, honestly, who has?  It has themes that lots of others have but it's what Rowling did with those themes that makes this book brilliant.  Bravery - I've seen it before, but never like this.  Honesty, coming-of-age, love family - all totally unique.  The themes displayed in Voldemort's evil ventures - selfishness, pride, anger, and self-reliance - these are all portrayed in a way quite unusual to the world of villains.  Rowling even went so far as to invoke pity and sadness in the reader towards Voldemort, along with the usual frustration and absolute loathing.  At least, I felt something toward Tom Riddle other than hatred.  Yes, he was all the things mentioned above, and more, but I pitied him and his plans to take power and rule.  By the end, he was the most frightening he had ever been, but also the most pitiful.  Does that make sense?

Snape - AH.  I was quite amazed by his story.  I didn't cry, I wasn't shocked (my dear friends who so sweetly assumed that I had read all the books quickly put an end to any possible shock) - I felt instead a great need to contemplate what had happened.  It was really amazing the way Rowling wove that into the story and the impact it had.  So awesome.

The tension between the three best friends really struck me as an excellent development.  The whole thing with Ron and the Horcrux and everything - it had me on the edge - the very tip - of my seat.  Voldemort created discord and the way that, too, played out made a huge and powerful impact on everyone and everything.  I thought, Oh, if Harry loses Ron, too, I don't know what I'll do!  Godric's Hollow had me bawling - that was something I'd wanted to see for a long time but when it finally, it was hard.

Neville's role in this story was so sweet and adorable and brave, I couldn't help but pay close attention to him and my new-found respect for him.  I was soooo excited that he got to do what he did!  Ron and Hermione - oh, their first kiss had me laughing out loud!  And Draco...well, he just surprised me, that's all.  I don't like him, even now, but that doesn't mean I wasn't fascinated by him (and his parents)!

And goodness me.  The climax.  Who would've thought - with the Resurrection Stone - the wand - Harry's final explanation - what.the.heck.I.couldn'!!!  It's amazing how detailed and articulate - how perfect- how planned it all was!  To think she knew all along and was slowly dropping hints and revealing things at perfect times...  OHmygosh.

I honestly thought there was a huge chance Harry could actually die (and stay dead- haha!) in the end.  1.  The books are written in 3rd person - for some reason that always makes me think the lead hero might die.  And 2.  Rowling has displayed a fair share of tragic deaths.  Also, 3.  I heard before I finished the series that almost everybody dies... Well, what would you expect me to think?!  I wouldn't have been surprised if he actually had...  Did anyone else feel that way?  Don't leave spoilers in the comments!!

I feel like there's so much more to say.  like I should never be done with this review.  It should go on and on and on.  Because this will always be a favorite book.  My love for it will always be fresh.

So mark your calendars - December 12th.  Every year, celebrate.  Make it a holiday for all I care.  But December 12th - that was the day I, Sierra, finally finished Harry Potter.  And January 2nd - the day I reviewed it.

It's time for me to say goodbye to my first journey through the world of Harry Potter.  But, as we usher in a new year, I also say hello to the second journey, beginning, hopefully, very soon.  I have been inspired and blessed by this series more than I can say!!  Thank you, Rowling, for gifting us with your raw talent and pure art in the form of The Boy Who Lived.

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  1. Great review! I just finally got around to reading all the Harry Potter books last year and really fell in love with them.
    I found your link on BookBlogs and am now a follower! I hope you consider following my blog!

  2. I just finished this last week, and I, too, was amazed at Rowling's brilliance. I was so surprised at the conclusion the first time I read it! It's an amazing end to an amazing series.

  3. I also loved the book! I finished it within 2 days, for my powers couldn't finish it within a day. AND GOSH. Did I cry so much! And I was really thankful of my bestfriend  because she was the one who convinced me to read this most epic series ever! And thanks for the review, we share the same feelings. :)

  4. I'm so glad we agree!  It's true - I cried a ton and finished it quicker than I expected! ;)  IT'S AMAZING!! haha ;)