Friday, January 6, 2012

Torrent (Quotes)

I closed my eyes in pain at his words and then turned, half wanting to break away, half wanting to reach up and invite him in for a kiss, an unbridled kiss.  To give in to the madness, the desire, forget what was behind me.  To stop fighting.  I was so tired.  So very tired of fighting, fighting, fighting.  Would it not be easier in some way?  To give in to this marriage?  Maybe they were right.  Maybe it'd force Siena to establish peace again with Firenze.  Bring peace to the land... 
And then what?  Where did that leave my family?  And Marcello.  Marcello.

- Chapter 13, page 162

Much love?  I think yes yes yes yes yes.

Can You make this a tad easier, Lord? I prayed.  Uhh, hello?  If You're there?  My doubts about God's presence - about Him being little more than a figment of our imaginations - came crashing in.  But I quickly decided I'd rather believe in Him than not.  I needed Him.  Needed Him bad, especially right now.  Be with Tomas.  Help him...make it, Father, I finished awkwardly. 
Captain Ruisi gestured for a couple of men to bring the semiconscious priest along, and we moved south, toward Roma.  Twenty-three knights.  A half-dead priest.  And one filthy, dirty girl.

- Chapter 16, page 202

Powerful. That's the word.

Review and Interview with the author on Monday!!  I'm so excited.  Are you excited?  I'm excited!!  :D

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