Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Hangman in the Mirror (Quotes)

The door, shut.  The key, turning in the lock. 
In prison, the world is smaller than I can imagine.  There is nothing here.  A bed of dirty straw, a bowl of stale water, a thin gray light moving across the floor of my cell.  A young girl, myself, sixteen years of nerves and bones and blood, luck and will, determined breath and a still-beating heart. 
They will hang me in the winter and I will hang dead in the snow.  My face swollen, my spine broken, I will swing in the wind, in the wide open spaces of New France, and I will stand as a warning for all those who are born with nothing and wish for more.

- Prologue, page 1

What a way to begin a story.  It drew me in quite easily.  Review on Wednesday!

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