Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Water Wars (Quotes)

Will and I talked until the power grid shut down and the lights flickered, then went dark.  He had a small glow light, but it wasn't fully charged or bright enough for both of us to read by.  The darkness settled.  I felt myself growing weightless, thoughts flitting half-formed through my mind, pieces of one thing replaced by endings of another.  I knew sleep was coming.  In my dreams Kai offered me plastene cups filled with water, but I couldn't drink them fast enough.  The water tasted like graphite and made my mouth dry.  I tried to tell him to stop, but he kept offering them and spilling what I couldn't drink on the ground.

- Chapter 2, page 9

I must say, this passage frightened and fascinated me, all at once.  I could totally feel myself there and trying to drink but not able to do so fast enough and watching such a precious substance fall to the ground, wasted, and I could do nothing about it.  It really does make you think.

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