Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Juliet Club by Suzanne Harper

The Juliet Club by Suzanne Harper
Pages:  416
Release Date:  June 1st, 2008
Date Read:  2011, October 30th-31st
Received: Giving away!
Rating:  3/5 stars
Recommended to:  12+

Summary -
Kate is done with love. She has given it up - no more will she fall into its clutches. Jerome broke her heart and crushed her soul. Never again. When she wins a contest - and a trip to Italy with the other winning teens - Kate wants to spend her time properly examining the ridiculousness of Romeo and Juliet, instead of prancing around falling in love. And when the chance comes to turn the tables and play a prank on the girl who's trying to prank Kate, she more than happily seizes her chance, never expecting the snare that awaits her.

My thoughts -
I'm not too much of a Romeo and Juliet fan.  To be honest, even with my ridiculous romanticism, I've had my own practical statements and refutes and arguments about their love story.  So while Kate was, for the most part, ridiculously practical, I admit freely that I, for the most part, agreed with her.

But anyways - apart from that...

This book was fun, but nothing special or extraordinary.  I actually think it fell below the mark of ordinary or good.  It had lots of issues - the writing was fun and dramatic but lacking the good stuff; the characters were all fluff and there was no personal connection; the story line had holes; the POV shifted weirdly.  I wasn't expecting much, however, so I wasn't disappointed.  But neither was I excited, and that is the problem.

Character notes -
I really wish this book had been more personal.  There were POV shifts that made no sense; but not only that, the characters themselves were choppy and inconsistent.  For the most part, I saw these 16-17 year olds as 11-13 year olds.  They had major maturity issues - issues usually overcome by the time you turn 13.  It was awkward.

The best character was Giacomo, but even he lacked consistency.  I thought of him as 14 years old for the majority of the book.  He had a nice back story to add depth to his character but I thought him making up conversations between himself and a saint at the Catholic church, and then running around with a ladies' man reputation was such a strange combo.  I think the author may have been trying to show the reader that he really was a great guy underneath?

I really liked Kate, but she was so poorly crafted that I didn't really get to know her, and that made me sad.

And to add to matters, at the end of the story, in the last 15 pages, all the characters just suddenly acted their ages.


Story notes -
Overall, I really liked this story.  It made me laugh and had a nice ring to it.  The story-line twisted and turned with hilarious events and complication.  However, I felt that it was poorly done and as a reviewer I must be honest...

What really bugged me was that it held no personal connection between characters or me and the book.  For example - Kate and Giacomo are trying to make everyone believe they've fallen in love.  They are about to kiss for the first time to throw off the spies following them - and it suddenly cuts to the POV of the spy!  Therefore leaving me, the reader, with no idea of how Giacomo or Kate felt about the kiss that was supposed to be a farce.  Basically, there was very little progression of feelings.

Summing it up -
Playful!  For the most part, this book had very little to offer when it comes to being a good book, but I did enjoy it all the same.  A quick and fun summer read and it'll make you want to travel to Italy! :D

Nothing for the parents - 12+

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  1. Oh no, no emotional connection and inconsistent characters are deal breakers for me. I'm glad I read your review first.

    (I am also not a fan of Romeo and Juliet!)

  2. Yah.  It's preeeeety lame.  Hard to get through.  I'm glad you read my review first, too. haha! ;)
    Oh yay!  I'm glad to hear someone else feels the same about that stupid play.  I mean, I can appreciate a LOT of dramatic romances, but when there seems to be absolutely NO point to the deaths, then I'm out.  For sure.

  3. This looks good but unfortunately sounds pretty mediocre. Thanks for your review, it was insightful!

  4. Thanks for reading! :)

  5. This sounds just like the type of book I usually stay away from. o.O It was great of you to finish reading the book despite its minuses.

  6. I loved The Secret Life of Sparrow DeLaney by Suzanne Harper, so I started looking around to see what else she had to offer. I saw this book, but I had a feeling it wouldn't exactly be my kind of book. Thanks for the review!