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The Dragon's Tooth (Quotes)

Now that you've read the interview with Wilson and my rave review, I decided that today I would share with you a few quotes from the fantastical book above...  Each displays a certain aspect of the book and of Wilson's writing that I loved.

The original architect of the Archer Motel had blueprinted a full dining room and an enormous kitchen capable of producing three spectacular roadside buffets per day.  Where the architect had dreamed his kitchen, the builders had put a broom closet.  Where they had drawn his expansive dining room, they had put a small square with green carpet and fake wood paneling.  There was enough space for one round table, one giggling refrigerator, and one pink Formica counter bolted into the wall.  The counter held a chrome four-slot toaster and an oversize waffle iron built like an antique printing press.

- Chapter 1, page 12

Character development:
He was wearing a tight white tank top tucked into a pair of army-green, much-too-large, much-too-pocketed fatigues, cinched around his waist with a rope.  His paper-pale arms were knotted with muscle and tied with blue popping veins.  His short hair was the color of dust and unevenly cropped around his skull.  His face was smooth and young and unsunned, but somehow it didn't match his eyes. 
Cyrus stared into the boy's eyes, and the boy's eyes stared into his.  What Cyrus saw, he didn't know.  What he felt was layer upon layer of ancient.  The boy's faint green irises looked like they had been beaten and polished more than the smoothest river rock, like they could see by nothing more than starlight - and they no longer cared to see at all.

- Chapter 8, page 166

Bantering between siblings:
Antigone looked away.  "Those girls with the guns were even younger than you.  Like that's safe." 
Cyrus grinned.  "Dad gave me a BB fun when I was six." 
"And then took it away when you shot yourself in the forehead." 
"Nope.  Wrong.  Try again.  He took it away when I tried to shoot the neighbor's cat." 
"And that's better?" 
"And," Cyrus said, "he gave it back one month later.  I didn't lose it until I fell off the cliff when I was nine."

- Chapter 8, page 156

Action and danger galore:
Maximilien laughed.  The scar around his pale neck flushed red.  "No," he said.  "No.  You cannot.  The keys, Smith boy.  Give them to me.  Now.  Before you die." 
Cyrus felt a shadow move above him, and the window exploded with a roar. 
Maxi staggered backward and fell.  Glass rained down on Cyrus's face and neck and chest, bouncing like crystal hail on the table.  Above him, Cyrus saw a long gun barrel fire again and again, spitting wide flame, but he heard nothing. 
And then Horace dove over him and out the window.  Antigone pulled him up and drove him out the gaping window hold.  His knee caught the sill, singing with pain, and the two of them were falling together, tumbling onto an old bicycle, through tall grass, and onto gravel.

- Chapter 6, page 108

If that's not enough to do you in, then I don't know what is... Want to win this book? I've got three copies (2 US, 1 INT) just waiting to be won!!

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The Dragon's Tooth (Ashtown Burials #1) by N. D. Wilson

The Dragon's Tooth by N. D. Wilson (Ashtown Burials #1)
Pages:  496
Release Date:  August 23rd, 2011
Date Read:  2011, September 6th-14th
Received: Own
Rating:  5/5 stars
Recommended to:  12+

Summary -
The Archer Motel is a place where waffles are made every day and the dried up pool outside is full of rubber tires.  It is the place where Cyrus Lawrence Smith lives, with his sister Antigone and his brother Daniel, and an elderly woman named Mrs. Eldridge.  It's nothing special, until a strange man calls.  He knows Cyrus' full name and is vehemently requesting a certain room - a room that happens to belong to Cyrus.  But it's not the Motel he's after.  It's Cyrus and Antigone that he wants, and this might just be the most terrifying and fascinating thing that has ever happened to them.  Cyrus and his siblings are thrown into a whirlwind of adventures and dangers bigger than anything they could have imagined...

My thoughts -
Ummm... Favorite?  Ever?  In the whole world?  Equal to Wilson's other books?  The only book equal to Wilson's other books because only Wilson can match Wilson?  Yes.  To all of it.  Say yes to this book.  Say yes to Wilson.  YES!  You thought I loved all those other books?  Wilson squashes it all with his pure amazingness.

Now.  Moving on.  When I was in the process of slowly picking my way through this book (I had no intention of reading fast because then it would be over...), there were quite a few times when I would just stop and stare at the book.  Or more frequently, I'd jump up and start pacing, murmuring things like an idiot, saying, "Red, flying vipers.  White wings.  Genius.  Red.  Vipers.  Flying."  And then I'd turn to my family and say, "Do you even understand?!"  I was a bit of a mess, lemme tell you.  A shocked, amazed, and totally engrossed mess.

Before I head to the next thing I must say something about his writing.  It is so his own style, the way he words and places his sentences.  I'm pretty sure that if I opened a random book in the store without seeing the cover or any names, and read a few sentences, and it was him, that I could guess - he's that unique, that irreplaceable.  There are few who equal his skill in writing, in my opinion.

In any case...

Character notes -
I would write out every character and go through the list of why they're all amazing and how evil one is compared to the other, or how great and noble, and how perfectly imperfectly human they all are, and how you don't really find characters this developed in the industry very often, and it is a delicious treat to have a copy of this book on my shelf, just for the characters alone, not to mention everything else.

I would do that, and it would bore you all to pieces.

So let me use one specific example - without ruining anything for you as the reader.  As my sister and I read this book together (well, she finished it way before me), we were constantly talking about the book and how amazing it is and totally going fangirly all over our dear sweet copies (we had to buy one for each - no way we're sharing these books!!).  In our discussion one day, one of the aspects of the book caught us by surprise.  One of the characters, a lead role, is a bit on the serious side, kind of hardened because life has not treated this character too well; sometimes this character may seem a bit "holier than thou".  Not in an I-don't-want-to-read-about-this-snob kind of way, but in a very human way.  However, slowly, over the course of the book, something happens: this character morphs and changes into a softer, more refined character - and all without us knowing it's happening!!  By the end of the book my sister and I were both shocked, saying that the change in this character was so smooth and perfect that it was like a slow drip, each one right after the next, until you have a full pool below.

That is the extent of the character development in this book - no telling, only showing.  And that's how it should be.  But Wilson has mastered it.  Well done!

And as for the bad guy - holy poop I've NEVER read about a bad guy like this.  NEVER.  He's like serial-killer-thinks-he's-a-saint type villain, and I loved it.  I loved every chilling aspect that he brought to this book.  What the heck.

Story notes -
How can I even wait?  This story is not over - and obviously, as a hook (though I'd be hooked no matter what) it ends at a very crucial part in the story, which made me gape at the page for about ten minutes.

I know, I'm dramatic.  Moving on.

From the first pages there are creepy moments, fires, explosions, rather quirky characters, undying men, car chases and bullets, secret passageways, new societies, strange inventions, exploring, mysteries, etc, etc.  The list goes on.  And this is only 200 pages into the story - I swear.  It's packed.  It's a roller-coaster, always exhilarating, never stopping.  It has perfect pacing, just enough to keep you drawn in for the whole 500 pages, and it still allows you the leisure of choosing how long you want to take to read it.  I chose ten days, my sister chose about five.  Take your pick - you won't be sorry either way.  I mean, who has the ability to write a book that has it all - and still makes it so that you can personalize the pace (a pace that's still fast, no matter how long you take)?

Only Wilson, DUH.

Apart from being extremely intense and crazy and amazing, this story is really emotional.  Cyrus and Antigone are exceptional characters, not only for their ability to be human, but also because they and their story creates intense emotion.  Wilson's other books are all very emotional in a sense, but not "I want to cry" emotional.  But The Dragon's Tooth had me shedding a few tears in some of the crucial scenes.  Very sweet and sad.

Oh, and one last thing - it has X-Men like qualities.  Crazy cool, huh?  Don't ask - just go read.

Summing it up -
Why would I even dare try to write a single word to compact this book?  Such a great feat is impossible.  There is no containing this story.  You must feast upon it.  That is the only way to understand why I love Wilson's books so much.  But, granted, there will be those who dislike this book.  So while I hope you will all find Wilson's books as incredibly beautiful as I do, you might not.  All one can do is hope - and recommend - and push a little bit.  Okay, okay, I'll stop with the book-pushing.

Recommended 12+  for some very intense scenes.

Read my other reviews!


Monday, November 28, 2011

An Interview With: N. D. Wilson

Hello everyone!  In honor of my giveaway and in an effort to promote as many great authors as I can, I'd like to start out this week by introducing to you my favorite author - N. D. WILSON!!!!

You can find N. D. Wilson at the following places:

Hi Nathan!  Thanks for joining us here at Yearning to Read!
To start off, can you give us five fun facts about yourself?
Can I go with plain facts, or do they all have to be fun? Let's see... 
Uno) I'm 6' 4". 
Dos) I have five (yes, five) kids.
Tres) For our honeymoon, my wife and I foolishly (though enjoyably) ended up on Bogota, Colombia.
Cuatro) I've been sneezed on by a hippo.
Cinco) I once grabbed a hammerhead shark.

What are five books you think everyone should read?
Well, the Narnia Chronicles count for 7, and they're definite must-reads.

How has writing and being published affected your life?
When something has so massively affected you, it's tough to describe. Stories are what I do. They're my focus when I get up in the morning, and they're even what my subconscious works on while I dream. Of course, that was true of me before I was published, but now when I drift off into some imaginary world or start shaping a fictional character, I'm actually doing my job, not being distracted from it. Being able to write and publish has also settled my life down a little. I wasn't able to get a full-time teaching job out of grad school (my plan at the time), so I pieced part-time jobs together to make ends meet while I worked on my first couple novels. Now, when I teach, it's for fun (and so that I'll get out of the house).

Who is your favorite character that you have created and why?
Trick question. I love Cyrus Smith, because I know him so well right now (and he's easy for me to connect to). But I love Antigone at least as much. And Tom Hammond in Leepike Ridge. And Henry York in 100 Cupboards. And Henrietta. And Anastasia. And Uncle Frank for sure. And I desperately want to sit in Aunt Dotty's kitchen while she's baking. How's that for a non-answer?
I find that you often incorporate legend and myth into your works.  What inspires you to do so?
The legends and myths themselves. But I'm especially prone to grab things that I believe were real. For example, the jaculus vipers (winged vipers) in The Dragon's Tooth are described independently by multiple ancient historians. I think they really existed. Other times, I simply shoplift something from the myths that I find creatively compelling or that resonates (on a fundamental level) with human stories in all times and all places (the struggle against mortality, for example).
As he is one of the most chilling villains I've ever come across in literature, I have to ask:  What (or who) was the inspiration behind Dr. Phoenix?
A mix of influences pushed me into creating Dr. Phoenix (real name, Edwin Laughlin). When I was first imagining him (before the writing phase), I started with a little chilling reality. I made Edwin's father a real guy who pioneered the eugenics movement in the US pre-Hitler, a guy who actually helped get an appalling number of people forcibly sterilized. Then I drew on an idea that C.S. Lewis develops in his Space Trilogy. He says (and demonstrates in his fiction), that the pursuit of power through raw (morally unfettered) science, always devolves into dark devilry. It can't stay theoretical in a laboratory. Then, to tip my hat to my literary predecessors, I looked at Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (by Stevenson -- I'd already borrowed from Treasure Island) and The Island of Dr. Moreau (by H.G. Wells). Of course, that kind of inspiration/research will only take you so far. Ultimately, I had to put all of that away and study Dr. Phoenix on the page until I knew what made him tick, what he feared, how he moved, and the cadences of his speech. Now, he simply is himself, and I sneak around behind him describing what I see.

Is there a specific place (city, town, or building) that sparked the idea of or the layout for Ashtown?
A couple, actually. St. John's College in Annapolis, MD. Blenheim Palace in the UK. And a skootch of Christ Church, Oxford.

Where do you come up with such great and unusual names for your characters?
Ha! I start by finding names I consider interesting, and then I chew on them. If I like how they taste (rhythm and texture), and I like how they shorten, and I like what they mean and imply about the character, then I go with them.

What about Cyrus and Antigone made you want to write their story?
Honestly, it was about the two of them. I love their relationship, and how they've survived hardship through hanging onto each other, and the fact that they can still dish out humor. Their banter is how they assure each other that they are both still there, and they are both still strong.

How many more books do you plan to write about Cyrus and Antigone and their adventures in Ashtown?
I have five planned. And I'm wrapping up the second soon. So only three more...

Is there anything else you would like to add?
Watch out for Big Ben Sterling.


Again, thank you tremendously for joining us!  So looking forward to whatever you have in store for your readers!! :D

Want to win a copy of his newest book, The Dragon's Tooth?  Well, I'm giving away three - that's right, THREE - copies!!  2 US, 1 INT!!

(Review coming tomorrow!!!  Be on the lookout!)

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2012 TBR pile reading challenge!! :D

So, I've decided to join in on the fun!! :)  This challenge will hopefully do a lot of good for all of us crazy bloggers...I mean, I know all of us have at least a small pile of 2011 and earlier book that are just glaring at us...waiting to be read...waiting to be loved.  How could we leave them all alone like that?!  SO.  The goal - reading those sad, lonely books on your nightstand or bookshelf or floor that are just wanting to be read...

Want to sign up?  Read the rules, write your post, and add yourself to the linky.  There will be mini-challenges, places to link your reviews, and contests and giveaways!!  It'll be loads of fun!

Click here!!

Our lovely and delightful hosts are:
Evie from Bookish - @SeoEvie
Nicole from All I Ever Read - @Nicoleabouttown
Bonnie from Hands and Home - @HandsHomeBlog
Donna from Book Passion For Life @BookPforLife
Caitlin from WatchYA Reading @caitlingss
Rie from Mission To Read @missiontoread
Vicky from Books, Biscuits & Tea - @alouetteuette 
Christa from Hooked On Books @ChristasBooks
Jenna from Fans Of Fiction @fansoffiction
Angel from Mermaids Vision @mermaidvisions

I am going to stick with level #3, A Sweet Kiss (21-30 books).  I may up my level one or two as time goes on, I just need to start low - you never know what next year will bring!  But I'm sure I'll up it.  Most likely. :)

On my list:
The Help
The Last Sin Eater
Crossed (Matched #2)
Lock and Key
House of Dark Shadows (Dreamhouse Kings #1)
Tunnels (Tunnels #1)
Chains (Seeds of America #1)
Artemis Fowl (#1)
Wildwood Dancing (Wildwood #1)
Miss Spitfire
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
A Sudden Fearful Death (William Monk #4)
Summer of My German Soldier
Spindle's End
Uglies (Uglies #1)
The Fairy-Tale Detectives (Sisters Grimm #1)
Master and Commander (Aubrey/Maturin #1)
Fablehaven (Fablehaven #1)
The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
The Eye of the World (The Wheel of Time #1)
and a few classics...  (Wuthering Heights, maybe, or Dracula, or War and Peace.  Or maybe all three. Haha!)

In any matter which books I read and in what order, I'm very excited about this year-long-awesome-event and I hope you all sign up!! :D

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Friday Buys 10/14/11 - 11/25/11

Hello everyone!  It's been over a month since I posted a Friday Buys, so here's an update of what's new to my shelf for you! :)

The Help by Kathryn Stockett
Well, since I LOVED the movie, I seriously canNOT wait to read this!  I was going to buy it, but kept feeling the urge to wait every time I'd see it at the store... And then, on vacation, some friends of ours were like, "Oh, we read it and loved it and want to pass it along.  Here you go!"  It's in near-perfect condition! :D

The Frenchman's Creek by Daphe du Maurier
I dearly love du Maurier, so I bought this copy for $7.00 at the book exchange - but in actuality it was free since I traded it! :)

A Sudden, Fearful Death by Anne Perry
If you don't yet know how much I love Perry's work, read this and this and this.  Then you'll know, and then you'll know why I had to buy this 4th book in one of my favorite series ever!!

Crossed by Ally Condie
As I really enjoyed Ally's first book in this series, Matched, I decided that $9.00 for a preorder hardcover was too good to pass up!

The Water Wars by Cameron Stracher
A good book, but not a favorite.  I'm actually giving it away in this giveaway.

The Last Sin Eater by Francine Rivers
This was a birthday present and I'm sooo excited to read it!

Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen
I'm officially a Sarah Dessen fan, and I found this beauty almost brand new and half off the list price - no going wrong there! :D

The Princetta by Anne-Laure Bondoux
One of my favorite books EVER.  I had a paperback for a long time, but the hardcover is more durable and way more beautiful.  But just to spread the word and the love, I'm giving away my paperback copy here!

And here they all are:

How much did I spend?
$48.00 for 8 brand new or nearly brand new books.

For review from NETGALLEY (yes, I'm finally a member!!) I received:

Very excited about being a part of Netgalley - now I just need to find the time to read these...on the computer...since I don't have a Kindle.  Yet.  I'm considering getting one.  ;)

What have you all been buying lately?  Or getting for review?  Or from Netgalley? :)

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Top Ten Tuesdays: Authors I'd Love To Have At My Thanksgiving Feast

This weekly meme is hosted by the Broke and the Bookish!  Enjoy!! :D

1.  N. D. Wilson - DUH.  FAVORITE.  This guy is witty, extremely talented in everything he does (or, at least everything I know that he does, which is speak, teach, make documentaries, film, edit, write, and I'm pretty sure there's more), and the way he brings his point across in a debate is just...epic.  Definitely my #1 choice!

2.  Catherine Fisher - this woman has one fantastic mind, and I'd like to get inside it.  Seriously, she blows  me away with her phenomenal, mind-boggling ideas.  Incarceron?  Sapphique?  Freaking fantastically crazy.  To have a conversation with this woman would be so exciting - but to have her for Thanksgiving?  Even better!

3.  Anne Perry - MAN oh MAN.  When I ever need advice on character depth and development and crazy awesomeness, this is who I DREAM of talking to.  Her books, the William Monk mystery novels, are some of my all-time favorite books in the history of the world.  Character depth in these books is like raw beauty.  It's like - Anne Perry and Fyodor Dostoevsky.  They go hand in hand.

4.  Fyodor Dostoevsky - Speaking of which.  Yes, if he were still alive, he'd be at the top of my guest list.  He's dead, and he's STILL at the top of my list.  I just want to be in the same room as him - alive, of course.

5.  Cornelia Funke - If Cornelia was at my Thanksgiving Feast, I'd want to talk to her about Dustfinger, Mo, Dustfinger, the possibility of me becoming Roxanne, Dustfinger, her new books, more Inkbooks, Dustfinger, that we are thankful for Dustfinger, that I want Dustfinger for Christmas, and more Dustfinger.  Ok, and other things.  But, I just can't help myself. ;)

6.  Lauren Oliver - If there ever was a writer so gifted at making people feel every emotion possible at one time, it's this fantastic gal.  WOAH.

7.  Lauren Brooke - childhood favorite.  What can I say?  She inspired me to write.  Heartland was my first romance.  How could I not add her?

8.  J. K. Rowling - HA!  I'm sure you were all wondering where this name was and when it was going to pop up and what was taking me so long?  Rowling is in her own class.  I don't even know what I would do if I had an opportunity to have her at my Thanksgiving Feast.  I'd have so many stinking questions I wouldn't know where to start!!

9.  Anne-Laure Bondoux - We could speak in French together about Orpheus and Malva and whether or not Bondoux would consider writing a sequel for La Princetta et Le Capitaine...because I could really use some more story from her.  She really is fantastical!

10.  Rick Riordan - this guy is FUNNY.  And he writes good books.  He is funny in his good books.  No, actually, they are GREAT books.  I'd want to hear more about Greek/Roman mythology and how he knows all this seems as though you'd have to be a walking book in order to retain all this knowledge.  I admire him.

And that's my list!
Link me directly to yours - I'd love to read it! :D

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(CLOSED!) Birthday GIVEAWAY!! - US and INT, 11/20 - 12/26


Well, the time for me to turn 18 has come and gone, and now I am officially 18 years and 3 weeks old.  Totally and completely bizarre - I'm a 12-year-old at heart, so I don't really notice the age difference. ;P  JUST KIDDING.....  (Well, sort of.)

In any case, I'd like to celebrate this momentous occasion with a very amazing and special giveaway.  Not only will there be 8 winners (7 US; 1 INT), but if I reach 200 followers I will add another INT winner.  Here are the prizes:

The Main Event -

The Dragon's Tooth by N. D. Wilson
When I ordered a copy of this book for me and a copy for my sister, I had no idea that amazon would give me a refund for sending it to the wrong address (it was actually my fault), allow me to buy these books again, and then deliver both packages!!  So I ended up with four of the same book (one of my favorite books ever!!!) and thus came the idea for this giveaway.

Here they are -

One each for two US winners!

However, when I thought about this, I realized my International followers and friends needed a chance to win this incredible book...  So here it is -

One INT winner will receive a hardcover copy of this book, shipped from The Book Depository (make sure it ships to you!).
But there's more!
Like I said, there's more to this Giveaway!!  (These are US only giveaways!!)
The first four books are all books I liked but won't read again.
The fifth book is one of my favorite books that I just got in hardcover for my now someone needs my paperback copy!
All copies are in (almost) bookstore condition!! :D
(Titles lead to my reviews...  If there isn't a review linked, it means I'm posting the review in the next couple of weeks in honor of the giveaway, so be on the lookout!)

Wildwood by Colin Meloy (Wildwood #1)

The Juliet Club by Suzanne Harper

Dormia by Jake Halpern and Peter Kujawinski (Dormia #1)

The Water Wars by Cameron Stracher

The Princetta by Anne-Laure Bondoux

If I reach 200 followers, yet ANOTHER giveaway will be added to this!!
The prize?
One INTERNATIONAL winner will get to choose a book from a list of my favorite books that I will put together!! :D
So, if you want to win this - start following! :)

  • You must be 13 years or older to enter this giveaway.
  • You do not need to be a follower of this blog to enter; however, it is much appreciated!! ;)
  • Giveaway ends at midnight on December 26th, 2011.
  • At the top of the Giveaway form are a few survey questions...  I would love to get some feedback but it is not required.
  • I will pick the winner within a few days of December 26th.  Once I email you with a notification,  you have 48 hours to reply with your address or I will pick another winner!
  • HAVE FUN! :D

Want more than one entry?
  • New GFC follower?  (check sidebar) +1
  • Old GFC follower?  (check sidebar) +3
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  • Comment on any of my reviews?  (A thoughtful comment!)  +3 per review  My reviews here...
  • Post my blog button to your sidebar?  +1

Thanks so much for entering!! :D

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A little break...and a big surprise. :D

So.  I'm taking a break from blogging.  I know, I know, you are all wiping tears away from your eyes, wondering how you're going to live without my reviews for two and a half weeks.  (Ok, my imagination is wild.  At least, I hope you'll be joyously awaiting my return to the blogosphere.) ;)

Yes, from tomorrow (November 3rd) to November 21st, I will not be posting, but instead planning...for I have a great, wonderful, delightful surprise for you all when I get back.  I'm so excited to show you all what I have in store - it will be great fun!! :D

For now, sit tight, and enjoy some good reads.  I will be back with lots of reviews - and I will finally start accomplishing my goal of finishing the Harry Potter series within the year of 2011 (three more books!)!! :D


For now, enjoy some photography from my newest published photoshoot - Torrey. :)  (Click on the picture!)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Had VERY Strong Emotions About (cry, laugh, hurl across the room, etc.)

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week's topic is SO fun!  Here's my list, no particular order...

1.  The Bible.  Best. Book. EVER.

2.  Anything by N. D. Wilson.  This guy seriously amazes the crap out of me.  Every stinking time I read his books I laugh hysterically, get this tingly feeling from my head to my toes, fall into the story like Alice into Wonderland, and go blank every time I think about the characters because they're so dang fantastic it hurts to try to wrap my brain around them.  (Review for Leepike Ridge.)

3.  Delirium by Lauren Oliver.  I cannot begin to say how much I freaking love this book.  I bawled my eyes out like nothing else.  This is seriously the hardest I've ever cried reading a book, and the 2nd hardest I've ever cried over anything media related (the first being the movie "The Boy in Striped Pajamas", where I cried like I'd lost my mother, and still *almost* cry like an idiot every time I so much as think about it).  It blew me out of the water and I am dying for more.  Come, Pandemonium!!

4.  Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver.  Well, here's another.  By Lauren Oliver.  I didn't cry nearly as hard, but boy did I bawl, completely and utterly in shock and awe at how things happened.  There are no words for the amazingness of her books.

5.  Are You Going to Kiss Me Now? by Sloane Tanen.  This book was stupid and disgusting throughout.  I almost barfed.  Period, end of story.  I think I need therapy.

6.  Incarceron and Sapphique by Catherine Fisher.  These books are on here because, well, they blessed me and inspired me beyond almost anything.  BLOW. MY. MIND.  Like, full on EXPLOSION.  MindbogglingbeautyJARED.  Ok, so I get a little bit fangirly when I talk about these books.  Genius writing.  Genius story. INCREDIBLE cliff-hangers and endings and CLIMAX.  OMG.  Like, these two tie as one in my top five favorite books ever cannot be kicked out by other almost as awesome books.

  7.  The Mark of the Lion Trilogy by Francine Rivers.  I'm typically a loud person.  Usually, it's my loud laugh.  Sometimes it's a loud squeal of delight.  Rarely it's an obnoxious scream of terror.  And hardly ever is it a scream of frustration-anger-hatred-love-madness-terror-and-pure-adrenaline.  I guess I've only done that once.  When I read this trilogy.  Specifically the first book, A Voice in the Wind.  The end made me jump up, run around my room, fling open my door, run around the house, yelling, "WHYYYYY?!!!!"  And then I immediately settled into reading book #2.  I can't help it.  I swear it almost killed me.  Craziest cliff-hanger I've ever read.  And the books are, in general, freaking awesome.

  8.  Inkspell and Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke.  Well, since I've already flooded     you all with my intense love for these books, I'll just say...  I cry every time I read these books.  Like, SOB.  But not only that, they're just so beautiful and wonderful and fairy-tale-like and they make me dream and want to marry Dustfinger. :D

9.  Black, Red, and White by Ted Dekker.  These books literally changed my life.  My perspective, the way I view the world.  How I live my life.  How my relationship with God effects my life and others'.  How powerful Christ is.  How incredibly perfect He is.  Things like that.  Strong emotion:  tears, for sure, and just pure joy and happiness.

10.  Green by Ted Dekker.  So, this is obviously a part of the Black/Red/White trilogy/series thingy.  So why isn't it up there with them?  Well, it's because my feelings for this book were on the opposite side of the spectrum as the first three.  I felt that it was very disturbing (and slightly stupid...I mean, vampire bats? really?).  I really really disagreed with the doctrine and found "God's" decision in the end totally and competely unrealistic and unlike Him.  Not His unchanging Character.  Stupid stupid stupid stupid.  I was totally depressed at the end.  My advice:  stick with the first three.

There's my Top Ten!  Link me to your Top Ten posts! :)  Happy reading!