Friday, October 28, 2011

Wildwood (Quotes)

"Darn, darn, darn," he repeated incessantly.
The dried leaves quickly crumbled beneath his shoes, and the fire was extinguished.  The tip of the lit slow match glowed in his hand.  He stood for a moment, paralyzed by the action around him, and then looked over at the abandoned cannon, its tenders still blade-to-blade with their bandit foes.
"Might as well...," his internal voice decided.
He ran to the cannon and held the lit match to the wick.  In an instant, the fuse caught, the cannon fired, and Curtis was thrown as the gun mule-kicked backward and a shower of smoke and sparks filled the air and the world around him was silenced save for a slight, distant high-pitched ring.
"Wow," he felt himself whisper, though he couldn't hear a thing.

- Chapter 10, page 157

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