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September Summary


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OMGEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I kind of liked this book a, a ton...Iloved it!!!  To be completely honest...I mean, seriously!  This book held so much more than the first book.  I came in with lower expectations than I had with the first - and suddenly I was shocked!  Cascade became a favorite about half-way through.  The battle scenes, the escapes, the characters - they were much more real and memorable.  I look back at my favorite scenes and I realize that they amount to pretty much the entire book.  And now I'm thinking the release of Torrent can't come fast enough!...

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Once again, these books are great.  I loved the action and the connection between characters, as well as the outstanding scenery.  But there are two things I didn't love...or even like.
1.  The new bad guys.
2.  The sudden, cheese-ball homage to global warming.  BAM!  Out of nowhere?  Maybe if the series had led up to this, it would've made more sense....

I found this story surprisingly dark.  The kind of dark that involves heartbreak, illness, death, war, and suffering.  No matter which way you look at it, Joan's life was sad.  I also found this book surprisingly good. No the greatest book ever, just solid and secure.  I don't often read historical fiction, and usually when I do it's for the story, not the history.  But this one was different; I came in with no expectations and enjoyed everything about it, including the history parts...

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Some things I liked.  Some things I did not.  I tried terribly hard to enjoy the book with effortless ease, not prying into random details and picking at the story too much.  Btu I just couldn't do it.  There were quite a few things that just would not stop bugging me, and I feel compelled, as an honest reviewer, to share them with you.  Yes, the story was cute; yes, I laughed, smiled, and even got caught up in emotion (although, only toward the end); yes, I was once more inspired by the characters, mostly Beth and Jo.  But there are issues to be addressed....

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This is one of those books that I can totally see being a great action film.  While I was reading it, I got all these crazy cool ideas of how it could be filmed or who could be in it and the like.  It was really cool.  Definitely a movie I'd like to see.

I didn't really think I'd like the book when I started it (I was coming out of a 4-5 day reading funk) and I had a hard time easing into it.  The writing wasn't (and isn't) the best, but it's clear and gets across a nice picture.  The story was good enough and already packed with interesting stuff and some action in the twenty pages, but I was skeptical.  I almost gave up.  I don't know why, because I was enjoying it at that time....

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At first, it was hard not to compare this book to the movie, which I've seen about ten times.  I still watch it every so often with my sisters to laugh and relive childhood memories, as silly as the movie is.  I wanted the book to be different but...the same.  Same characters, same order of events, same climax and turnout.
I got something completely different, and was at first surprised by this.  I wasn't sure how much I liked it - it lacked the action and intensity I was expecting.  But I soon got over this and found myself in a fluffy, light, floating fairy-tale that involves more silly magic and character development than action....

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I hope everyone's month has been lovely!  I know my September has been full of great laughs and good times.  Looking forward to October - only 1 month left until I turn 18!!  Craziness! :D
Happy reading!

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  1. Looks like September was a great month with loads of awesome reads. I really need to get Waterfall and Cascade.