Friday, October 21, 2011

Keeping the Moon (Quotes)

That first lunch, when Norman and I had stopped to pitch in, was a constant blur of people and noise and food.  Everyone was screaming at each other, Isabel and Morgan running past with orders, Norman flipping burgers and yelling things to Bick, the other cook, who stayed stonily quiet and cool the entire time.  I shoveled ice like my life depended on it, answered the phone and took orders although I knew almost nothing about the menu, and messed up the register so badly it stuck on $10,000.00 and beeped for fifteen minutes straight before Isabel, in a fit of rage, whacked it with a plastic water pitcher.  It was Us against Them, clearly, and for once I was a part of Us.  I didn't really know what I was doing; I had to go on faith.  So I just handed out my drinks and grabbed the phone when it screamed, wrapping the cord around my wrist and stabbing the pen Morgan had tossed me in my hair, the same way Isabel wore hers, and fought on.
"Last Chance," I'd shout over the din.  "Can I help you?"

- Chapter 4, page 50

This paragraph captures the essence of the description so perfectly I couldn't help but share.  Review on Monday!

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