Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Final Warning by James Patterson (Maximum Ride book 4)

The Flock has just said goodbye to Ari, Max's half brother...the one who tried to kill them all in the past, but changed his ways and got killed.  Now the Flock has to move on without him.  They're all developing new, crazy powers on their own, all getting stronger and ready to take on the world.  When Mrs. Martinez, Ella and Max's mom, recommends the Flock to a team headed toward Antarctica, the Flock are hoping to use their new skills to help save the world.  But what is this new mission in this freezing cold place?  Will they be safe like the scientists claim?

My thoughts -
Once again, these books are great.  I loved the action and the connection between characters, as well as the outstanding scenery.  But there are two things I didn't love...or even like.
1.  The new bad guys.
2.  The sudden, cheese-ball homage to global warming.  BAM!  Out of nowhere?  Maybe if the series had led up to this, it would've made more sense.

Character notes -
I'll start with the bad guys.  Ok...what?  Where did THAT come from?  It was strange.  And choppy.  And just plain weird.  I wanted to to snort in disbelief.  Definitely cheesy...not the cheesy I love about the Flock, but "Are you freaking kidding me?!" cheesy.

However, despite the stupidity of James Patterson's newest destroy-the-world freaks, the good guys were great.  Max continues to be amazing, along with the rest of the Flock.  The crew of the ship was a great addition, especially Brigid.  She caused tension between Max...and FANG!

Ok, so Fang grows up a little bit with each book.  It's seriously super attractive.  Like, him lacing up his manly snow boots while giving Max this business...or uncoiling rope to save someone's life.  Or the way he works so well with Max.  He's becoming a man and it's extremely appealing and worthy of the butterflies that float around inside of me whenever I read or hear his name.

Story notes -
Like I sad.  Global warming.  Outta nowhere.  Like the bad guys or the weird random hurricane at the end.  There wasn't enough intro to it, any of it.  Maybe if the last book had somehow led up to it, I would have found it enjoyable.  But as far as I know, this is a one-book thing.  Which kind of irked me.

Besides that, I liked the story.  The new setting of Antarctica, complete with blinding snow and penguins, was really fascinating and held my interest.  It was a great way to add originality to the series.  The fight scenes and rescue scenes were good, written well.  And, my favorite, the romance.  It's blossoming, another reason why I love Fang and how stinking manly he is.

Summing it up -
A cool ride.  Like, if Disney gave the Matterhorn real snow and some penguins to waddling about, and maybe a few bird kids to fly around it, that's what it'd be like.  Despite the random holes and sudden appearances in the story, I was highly entertained and am looking forward to book #5, Max.
Extremely clean, nothing for the parents.

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