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August Summary

So, August has come and gone, taking with it the Summer.  Really, has time gone by so fast that seemingly just yesterday I was publishing my May Summary?  WOW.  Fast.  Really fast.

This summer I graduated high school, got my driver's license, and moved 10 miles up the freeway.  I got a new room and therefore, my bookshelf situation is a little different.  Well, it's a lot different, actually.  I plan on doing a post about it later on, once everything's put together... But let me just say this - I don't actually have a bookshelf anymore!  Crazy, huh?

Moving on...  This summer I also found the most ridiculously amazing paperback book exchange store...  Seriously, amazing.  The books are almost all in great condition, for half off.  If you have a book that has a list price of $14.99, you could trade it in and get approximately $4.00 in credit to their store.  The credit lasts for a year unless you renew it.  Then they put the book on their shelves and will probably sell it for around $8.00.  Everyone's happy, you have money toward a new book, and they are making money.  I bought a ton of stuff there this last month and am loving it.  Too bad I now live 15 minutes from it, whereas before I was only 3 minutes.  Oh, well.  I'll still make the effort. ;)

So, what have I reviewed this month?  Here's the list!

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Because the 6th book in this series, Darke, has recently come out, I've been thinking an awfully lot about this series lately. Why I like it. Why it's so freaking adorable. Why it makes me giggle and excited. Why you all should give it a go.
Things like that.
 And so here I am, doing a little something to change up the atmosphere, and giving you six reasons - one for each book - why you should read this series....

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Dear Lauren,
Your books make me bawl.
Sincerely, Sierra
It's ridiculous.  You should have seen me.  Sitting on the ground, head in my hands, bawling.
My thoughts?  Want to hear them?  How about, "How in the heck am I ever going to find the words to write this review?!"
So, as my brain is in a fuzz of "I love this book so flipping much!", I sit here with my notepad, and the book for reference, and I start my review....

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I would have killed him, too.
I've never felt that way about a murder mystery before, but it's true.  You would have.  Your mother would have.  Almost anyone would have.
I guess you'll just have to read the book. ;)
Basically, this book made me cry.  If I hadn't been so dehydrated from my stupid sunburn, I would have sobbed.  I never thought a trial could be so moving....

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November better get its butt over here, and fast, because I need more of the Tiger Saga!  (Insert interesting fact:  Book 3, Tiger's Voyage, is released November 1st, 2011, which happens to be my 18th birthday!  Happy dance!)
I seriously love this series.  I loved the first book, and Tiger's Quest just added  to that love.  Golly, I was so sad it was over!  I need to know what happens, and FAST!  It's like...a medical emergency or something.  Just kidding...sort of. ;)...

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Yeeeee!!!  Fast fast fast fast!!  That’s how I feel every time I read these books, and this one is no exception.  So much actions, all the time, and yet there are still so many personal aspects that draw in the readers and connect them to the characters.  Saving the World was still not as good as the first book, but it was definitely better than the second.  Thoroughly enjoyable!...

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Everything about this book caught me by surprise, swept me off my feet, and I fell in love...  Kind of Prince-Charming-Disney-Style.  Except, this much much more serious stuff than Disney.
And you know, while this book was so freaking amazing and I would like to tell everyone about it and have them go read it asap, I don't really feel like I have to write a "SQUEEEEEE" kind of review.  This book has a startling confidence about it.  Like, "So what?  You don't want to read me?  You don't like alien stories?  Well think again."  I know that me talking from a book's perspective marks my downfall into insanity, but it's so true.  If this book could talk, that's what it would say....

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I love Kat Falls.  I love the way she writes.  I love how she creates her stories and shapes her characters and makes me shiver with anticipation or giggle with delight.  So, basically, I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  It was everything I was hoping for and more.  I pre-ordered it and started it the day after it arrived, I was so stoked....
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If this book hadn't been so short, I would have put it down half way through.  Or maybe, if it had been longer, it would have been better, with more meat and substance and intrigue.  But the fact of the matter is: it was short, underdeveloped, and even stupid....


Now onto the little things! :)

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