Monday, August 15, 2011

Tiger's Quest by Colleen Houck (Tiger Saga #2)

To read my review for the first book in this Saga, click on the link below.  There is one small spoiler to the first book in the summary; no spoilers for this book or the previous book in the actual review.

Tiger's Curse  (my review)

Kelsey Hayes has just gotten through with the adventure of a lifetime.  She has broken 1/4th of a curse, given two tiger men back a quarter of their lives, and has fallen madly in love with one of them.  He claimed he loved her back, but he's so beautiful...he could have any woman he wants.  Back in Oregon, Kelsey is trying to forget about her Indian princes and why the heck did she leave them?...when Ren ends up moving in next door and properly asking her to date him.  It is then that she realizes they truly love each other.  Their time is cut short, however, when Ren is captured by Lokesh's men.  Kelsey and Kishan, Ren's brother, are left to break the next part of the curse and save Ren.  But with Kishan harboring dark haunts and hurts, and Kelsey missing Ren, it may be harder to get through then they thought.  And nothing will ever prepare them for what lies after...

My thoughts -
November better get its butt over here, and fast, because I need more of the Tiger Saga!  (Insert interesting fact:  Book 3, Tiger's Voyage, is released November 1st, 2011, which happens to be my 18th birthday!  Happy dance!)
I seriously love this series.  I loved the first book, and Tiger's Quest just added  to that love.  Golly, I was so sad it was over!  I need to know what happens, and FAST!  It's like...a medical emergency or something.  Just kidding...sort of. ;)
And while I absolutely loved this book with a passion, this is not a perfect book.  I really like Houck's writing, especially now that it has become Kelsey's voice so absolutely, but it's just not a favorite.  Sometimes I feel like the sentences are a bit short/choppy, or that scenes go a little too fast.  There was also one part of the book toward the middle (see story notes for more) that I found quite boring...

Character notes -
Ok, really?  First Colleen Houck makes me fall for Ren, and I'm perfectly happy loving him and not actually liking Kishan at all.  And then - WHAM!  I'm hit by the full awesomeness of Kishan's character - and suddenly I could marry them both.  Part of me still prefers the first brother; another part, the second.  They're both wonderfully crated, deep into the story, with so much heritage and personality.  It's killing me not to know what's going to happen to them/between them/with Kelsey.  (Oh gosh, the part with the baby...the dream...I just want to know!)  (That was the scene that made me fall completely for Kishan...)
Kelsey is so simple...and yet she's smart, brave, funny, and totally genuine.  Very likable, very relatable, very real.  I love her faithfulness to Ren, even when she could totally ditch him for his also smoking hot brother.  But she's not thinking about that; she's thinking about Ren and who he is as a person and his safety and how much she loves him and can't wait to see him again.  He is what keeps her going, alive.  It just makes my heart melt and butterflies do flips in my stomach. :D

Story notes -
Ahem.  If I could run around my house making absurd, loud noises to get out my intense emotions upon finishing this book, I would do it in a heartbeat.  But as that would most likely brand me as a person in need of immediate mental help, I will restrain myself.
But seriously - emotions.  running.  WILD!  This story was crazy.  Crazy good.
I really liked the beginning as it developed Ren and Kelsey's relationship more.  They had such a bumpy start, so it was a nice change to see them in a normal environment.  After that, the story got intense after Ren's capture (insert saddest face ever) right up until Kelsey, Mr. Kadam, and Kishan start traveling.  Then, for about fifty pages, the story took a slow, and (to me) boring dip, all about traveling and strange religions.  I was really worried for about twenty pages if this was going to be as good as Tiger's Curse...  However, my fears were quickly put to rest.  The quest was incredible, even better and more intense than the last.  It had a fast pace, lots of humor, and a touch of sadness.  And TONS of action.  The feel of the story line was different from Curse, and I was amazed at how original everything was.  I seriously have no expectations for Voyage; I just know it'll be good!
And then the end of the Quest...  GAH!  It broke my heart.  I got all melancholy...for a good while.  Then at the bookstore, when I saw the blue and orange colors of this lovely Saga, I melted.  Need. TO. KNOW!
I just love the romance.  In fact, it has become one of my all-time favorite love stories.  The way Ren loves Kelsey is just so real and refreshing.  And Kishan - I just want him to be happy!

Summing it up -
Emotionally gripping!!!  Goodness, can I say it again?  I'm so excited for Tiger's Voyage!  This had me angry, happy, sad, shocked, and hungry for more.

For the parents -
A few kisses; focused on the emotional more than the physical.  The kisses are very passionate, though.  Sometimes Kelsey sits in Ren's lap during a kiss, but not always.  They talk about being "together" together, without details.  They talk about waiting until marriage.  Kelsey and Kishan kiss.  Recommended 15+.


  1. Love, love, love this series and am so wanting Tiger's Voyage to see what will happen next. Great review.

  2. Awww I see these books everywhere! But I just never seem to buy them. A few of my friends are forcing me to read them soon!
    Awesome book review, can't wait to see what you think about the third book(: