Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Six Reasons Why You Should Read "Septimus Heap"

Because the 6th book in this series, Darke, has recently come out, I've been thinking an awfully lot about this series lately. Why I like it. Why it's so freaking adorable. Why it makes me giggle and excited. Why you all should give it a go.

Things like that.

And so here I am, doing a little something to change up the atmosphere, and giving you six reasons - one for each book - why you should read this series.

1.  The amazing characters.  Yep, they're some of the very best.  So perfectly described and developed, they bring life to the book and create friendships and enemies that you'll seriously never forget.  It's been over a year since I read Syren, book 5, and still, to this day, I can remember every single character with the exact emotions that should be associated with them.  It's truly amazing.

2.  The atmosphere.  Dang, these books exude a really original and distinct air that is the same every time.  I wouldn't want it to change; it's perfect as it is, and it makes me giggle with delight because it is so fresh.

3.  The action.  I love the action in these books!  Every second is filled with adventure, intensity, and even creepy.  There are so many ways that Angie Sage makes the reader charge ahead through the pages in excitement, and the action is definitely one of them.

4. The magic.  Yes, the magic.  Or, magyk.  All the cute little spells - and not-so-cute-but-highly-dangerous spells - make this book original and add quite a bit of humor (and danger) to the story.  As Septimus trains under Marcia Overstrand, the reader is swept away by hilarious mistakes, bossy Marcia using spells to clean her room, and Simon using darke magyk to get his way.

5.  The wit and humor.  Ah, yes, so witty.  The dialogue is filled with jokes and sarcasm, keeping the reader laughing and just having a good time.  The characters always find a way to be hilarious, even in the midst of hard times.  And Angie Sage knows exactly how to draw the reader in with her very simple, yet perfect descriptions that are so full of "wit and humor".

6.  The lessons learned.  Seriously, what would a story be if the characters didn't learn and grow?  These books show the growth of the characters so well; they become more mature with every book.  Actions have consequences, and learning to help someone out of a bad situation, muster up courage in the face of the enemy, and be a good friend are all a part of these books and the characters that fill their pages.

So basically, if you haven't read this series yet, I suggest you give it a try.  You truly won't be sorry - and you'll be hoping for more in the end.


  1. I so want to have a copy of these. >.<

  2. You just hit on everything I want out of a book! I have one of these, and I really need to get to reading them already.